OR 126 west
Looking at the westbound beginning of the OR 126 freeway through Springfield from beyond the intersection with 52nd Street. 04/01/05
OR 126 parallels the McKenzie River closely north of Log Pond. Intersecting the freeway ahead is 42nd Street, a north-south street between Marcola Road and Jasper Road. Marcola Road enters Springfield from ten miles south of Marcola. 04/01/05
Westbound OR 126 on the approach to the Mohawk Boulevard diamond interchange. Marcola Road continues west from 42nd Street to 28th Street and a name change to Mohawk Boulevard. Mohawk Boulevard heads west from there to 19th Street and south to OR 126. 04/01/05
Mohawk Boulevard serves interests to DMV and DOT facilities. The surface street travels southwest from 19th Street to Olympic Street, Centennial Boulevard, and its end at the intersection of G and 14th Streets. 04/01/05
Q Street parallels OR 126 closely as a frontage street between Mohawk Boulevard and Laura Street. 04/01/05
An off-ramp to Q Street serves traffic interests to downtown Springfield via Pioneer Parkway southbound. Pioneer Parkway provides the main north-south route between OR 126 Business (Main Street), Centennial Boulevard, and Hayden Bridge Road. 04/01/05
OR 126 westbound passes over 5th Street ahead of the modified-diamond interchange with Q Street and Pioneer Parkway. Pioneer Parkway ends at the intersection with OR 126 Business (Main Street) and 2nd Street 1.2 miles to the south. 04/01/05
Westbound at the Q Street and Pioneer Parkway off-ramp on OR 126. Q Street intersects Pioneer Parkway nearby before turning north onto Laura Street. The OR 126 freeway was built in two stages. From Laura Street west to Interstate 5 opened in 1966. OR 126 east of Laura Street opened in 1971. 04/01/05
The Q & Laura Street on-ramp forms an auxiliary lane for Interstate 5 northbound (Exit 4B) on OR 126 west. Interstate 5 northbound heads to the Gateway Mall area and Belt Line Highway north of Interstate 105 & OR 126. 04/01/05
Drivers bound for Interstate 5 southbound to Roseburg departs OR 126 westbound in one half mile via Exit 4A. Interstate 5 crosses the Willamette River into east Eugene south of Interstate 105 & OR 126. 04/01/05
Interstate 105 appears for the first time at the Exit 4B sign bridge for Interstate 5 north. Interstate 5 journeys 39 miles north to Albany, 60 miles to the capital city of Salem, and 100 miles to the Portland city limits. 04/01/05
A left side off-ramp departs Interstate 105 & OR 126 westbound for Interstate 5 south. Interstate 5 meets OR 58 (Willamette Highway) six miles to the south at Goshen on the 70 mile drive to Roseburg. OR 58 joins the Eugene-Springfield metropolitan area with Klamath Falls and the U.S. 97 corridor in south central Oregon. 04/01/05
Interstate 105 Oregon Route 126 West
Interstate 105 & OR 126 leave the directional cloverleaf interchange with Interstate 5 (Exit 4) en route toward downtown Eugene. The first interchange of the Interstate provides access to Coburg Road, Oakway Road, Southwood Lane and Centennial (Martin Luther King Jr.) Boulevard. Coburg Road provides direct access into the central business district of Eugene. 04/01/05
Football traffic bound for Autzen Stadium, home of the University of Oregon Ducks, should take Exit 2 onto Coburg Road south to Martin Luther King Jr. Boulevard east. Named after Thomas J. Autzen, founder of an organization that donated $250,000 toward construction of the venue, the stadium resides between the boulevard and the Willamette River south of Interstate 105. The venue seats 54,000. 04/01/05
Exit 2 departs Interstate 105 & OR 126 westbound for Coburg Road. Coburg Road travels south from Coburg and the McKenzie section of Eugene to the Willamette River and downtown Eugene. The four lane arterial spurs into downtown along an elevated viaduct with ramps to OR 99 & 126 (Business) and 3rd Avenue. MLK Boulevard travels west from Springfield to Autzen Stadium and Country Club Road. Southwood Lane provides a westbound side frontage road between Coburg Road and Country Club Road and Oakwood Drive stems north from the area to Cal Young Road. 04/01/05
A pull through panel posted at the Exit 2 split-diamond interchange references Lane County Fairgrounds and Florence. The fairgrounds reside southwest of downtown Eugene along 13th Avenue west of Jefferson Street. Florence is the westbound control point for OR 126 as it leaves the Eugene metropolitan area. OR 126 ends at U.S. 101 near the Pacific Ocean. 04/01/05
Exit 2 partitions into ramps for Coburg Road north, Southwind Lane west to Country Club Road, and Oakway Road north from a directional ramp onto Coburg Road south ahead of the Willamette River crossing into downtown Eugene near the campus of the University of Oregon. 04/01/05
Interstate 105 & OR 126 pass over Country Club Road ahead of the Southwind Lane on-ramp to the freeway. Meeting the freeway ahead is the Delta Highway, a north-south freeway joining Interstate 105 & OR 126 with the Belt Line Highway, an east-west freeway. 04/01/05
Westbound at the Exit 1 trumpet interchange with Delta Highway on Interstate 105 & OR 126. Delta Highway serves the Valley River Center mall nearby on the two mile drive to the Belt Line Highway. The Belt Line Highway comprises a freeway bypass of Eugene between Interstate 5 and OR 99 (Pacific Highway). OR 99 heads northwest toward Eugene Airport and Junction City from the city of Eugene. 04/01/05
Interstate 105 & OR 126 westbound turn south to cross the Willamette River into western reaches of downtown Eugene. The freeway ends at ramps to 6th Avenue west and 7th Avenue east & Jefferson Street south. 6th & 7th Avenues carry OR 99 & OR 126 Business through the heart of Eugene. 04/01/05
OR 99 thru trucks sign directing motorists onto the 6th Avenue westbound ramp. Actually, the OR 99 mainline also follows 6th Avenue west with OR 126. OR 99 turns northwest onto the Pacific Highway away from central Eugene. 04/01/05
The right lane defaults onto the OR 99 north & 126 westbound off-ramp to 6th Avenue. OR 99 travels with OR 126 Business through Downtown Eugene. OR 126 returns to its original alignment from Interstate 105 here. OR 126 travels west to Garfield Street south and 11th Avenue west through western reaches of Eugene. From there the former U.S. 126 migrates west 58 miles to U.S. 101 at Florence. 04/01/05
The 6th Avenue off-ramp departs Interstate 105 westbound ahead of its end. Remaining traffic on the freeway defaults into the 7th Avenue intersection with Jefferson Street near the downtown mall. 04/01/05
Descending toward the intersection of 7th Avenue & Jefferson Street on Interstate 105 east. Traffic interests to downtown should follow OR 99 south & OR 126 Business (7th Avenue) east. 04/01/05
The elevated section of Interstate 105 south of the Willamette River parallels Jefferson and Washington Streets between 1st and 7th Avenues. Jefferson Street enters the scene adjacent to the Interstate 105 end ramp. A two lane ramp joins OR 99 south & 126 Business east ahead of the Eugene central business district. 04/01/05
Motorists continuing south from the Interstate 105 ramp defaults onto Jefferson Street. Jefferson and parallel Washington Streets form a one way street couplet between OR 99 & 126 and 13th Avenue. 13th Avenue heads west of Jefferson Street to the Lane County Convention Center and Fairgrounds. 04/01/05

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