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Peña Boulevard is the main route from Denver to Denver International Airport (DEN). The freeway is a city-maintained highway, not part of the Interstate or Colorado State Highway System. It begins at Interstate 70 and leads northeast to the airport, intersecting E-470 just before its terminus at the DEN passenger terminal.

The 11-mile freeway is named for the mayor who presided over the authorization to construct the facility, Federico Peña. Peña later went on to be a Secretary of Transportation for President Bill Clinton in the 1990s.

Peña Boulevard north
A wye interchange provides high speed access from I-70 east to Pena Boulevard north 10 miles to Denver International Airport (DEN). Photo taken 08/11/16.
2 photos
2 photos
Pena Boulevard northbound overtakes Airport Boulevard north from 40th Avenue. A diamond interchange follows with Green Valley Ranch Road (former 48th Avenue). Photo taken 09/04/04. Second photo taken 08/11/16.
2 photos
2 photos
Green Valley Ranch Boulevard travels west toward the Parkfield and Montbello neighborhoods and east to the sprawling Green Valley Ranch community. Photo taken 09/04/04. Second photo taken 08/11/16.
After the Green Valley Ranch Boulevard off-ramp is the next in the series of signs counting down the mileage to the Denver International Airport (DEN) passenger terminal. Photo taken 09/04/04.
Pena Boulevard shifts slightly to the east to meet 56th Avenue in three quarters of a mile. Photo taken 09/04/04.
56th Avenue runs west along the north side of the Parkfield and Montbello communities to industrial ares of Stapleton in Denver. Photo taken 09/04/04.
East from the diamond interchange with Pena Boulevard, 56th Avenue continues to Green Valley Ranch and other development to the E-470 tollway. Photo taken 09/04/04.
Pena Boulevard crosses First Creek north of 56th Avenue. The DEN passenger terminal lies seven miles ahead. Photo taken 09/04/04.
Tower Road parallels Pena Boulevard north from Green Valley Ranch to cross paths with the freeway at its eastern turn away from Rocky Mountain Arsenal National Wildlife Refuge. Photo taken 09/04/04.
One half mile out from the three quarter diamond interchange with Tower Road. Photo taken 09/04/04.
Northbound at the off-ramp for Tower Road on Pena Boulevard. A cluster of hotels lines Tower Road just to the south while off site parking facilities for the airport and a landfill are to the north. Photo taken 09/04/04.
Peña Boulevard east
An auxiliary lane opens from Tower Road east to the collector distributor roadway (Exit 6) for the E-470 tollway. Photo taken 09/04/04.
E-470 is part of the Denver beltway system, which consists of C-470 between Golden and I-25 at Lone Tree, E-470 north from Lone Tree to Thornton, and Northwest Parkway from I-25 west to near U.S. 36 at Broomfield. Photo taken 09/04/04.
All signs for E-470 (Exits 6A/B) were replaced by 2016 to use Clearview font. Exit 6A leads motorists south to Interstate 70 through east Aurora. Photo taken 09/04/04.
Exit 6B loops onto E-470 north to Commerce City, Brighton and Broomfield. Photo taken 09/04/04.
Pena Boulevard transitions into Denver International Airport (DEN) just east of E-470. 75th Avenue separates from the freeway to form a south side frontage road to Gun Club Road, Jackson Gap Road and an array of car rental facilities. Photo taken 09/04/04.
Peña Boulevard west
Leaving Denver International Airport (DEN), Pena Boulevard quickly enters a cloverleaf interchange (Exits 6B/A) with the E-470 toll road.
This series of signs was changed out by 2007. Photo taken 08/25/04.
Exit 6B departs Pena Boulevard west below the RTD A-Line flyover. E-470 connects the airport with I-76 east to Sterling and Fort Morgan, U.S. 85 north to Brighton, and I-25 north to Fort Collins. Photo taken 08/25/04.
E-470 was built in stages through the 1990s and early 2000s to provide traffic relief for I-25 through Denver. The toll road was also the catalyst for rampant suburban expansion of the Denver metropolitan area to the east. Photo taken 08/25/04.
This former overhead advised motorists to remain along Pena Boulevard west for a toll free route to Interstate 70 in Denver. I-70 in turn provides the connection to Downtown Denver as well as the Denver Technology Center (DTC) via Interstate 225. Photo taken 08/25/04.
Ramps with E-470 interact with the westbound mainline of Pena Boulevard, unlike in the eastbound direction which utilizes a c/d roadway. E-470 south ventures south 7.5 miles to Interstate 70 in east Aurora. Photo taken 08/25/04.
Tower Road crosses paths with Pena Boulevard a half mile west of E-470 at Exit 5. Photo taken 08/25/04.
Planned as a full diamond interchange, the ramp from Tower Road to Pena Boulevard west was never built. Photo taken 08/25/04.
Tower Road extends north to Commerce City. Tower Road south serves lodging and other businesses catering to airport patrons as it parallels Pena Boulevard to Green Valley Ranch. Photo taken 08/25/04.
Peña Boulevard south
Pena Boulevard curves due south to run just east of Rocky Mountain Arsenal National Wildlife Refuge. The freeway ends in six miles at Interstate 70, just east of I-225. Photo taken 08/25/04.
Downtown Denver is a 15-mile drive via Pena Boulevard west to I-70 west and I-25 south. Photo taken 08/25/04.
56th Avenue crosses paths with Pena Boulevard next in one mile. Photo taken 08/25/04.
56th Avenue runs east to the Green Valley Ranch development and E-470 and west between Rocky Mountain Arsenal NWR and the Parkfield and Montbello communities. Photo taken 08/25/04.
Green Valley Ranch Boulevard (old 48th Avenue) parallels 56th Avenue 0.75 miles to the south, connecting the aforementioned communities. Photo taken 08/25/04.
Entering the diamond interchange with 56th Avenue on Pena Boulevard westbound. Photo taken 08/25/04.
Exits for Green Valley Ranch Boulevard and 40th Avenue depart over the course of one mile before Pena Boulevard turns and merges with Interstate 70 west. Photo taken 08/25/04.
The diamond interchange with Green Valley Ranch Boulevard serves Parkfield to the west and the heart of the Green Valley Ranch development to the east. Photo taken 08/25/04.
Continuing south, Pena Boulevard west meets 40th Avenue and Airport Boulevard south in a half mile. 40th Avenue serves an array of hotels and apartments to the west and distribution and warehouse facilities to the east. Photo taken 08/25/04.
Pena Boulevard leads directly to Interstate 70 west, while drivers headed to I-70 east must use Airport Boulevard to make the connection. Photo taken 08/11/16.
Airport Boulevard branches south from Pena Boulevard to the city of Aurora in Adams County. Photo taken 08/11/16.
The final stretch of Pena Boulevard winds west one mile from 40th Avenue to Interstate 70 westbound. Photo taken 08/11/16.
Traffic from Pena Boulevard joins Interstate 70 westbound just ahead of the semi-directional T interchange (Exit 282) with Interstate 225 south. I-225 is a belt route south through Aurora to Interstate 25 and U.S. 87 at the Denver Technology Center (DTC). Photo taken 08/11/16.
A collector distributor roadway separates from I-70 just west of Pena Boulevard for both I-225 south and Peoria Street. Peoria Street is an arterial that leads north into Montbello (Denver) and south into the city of Aurora near the Fitzsimons Campus (former U.S. Army Garrison). Photo taken 08/11/16.
The right lane of Pena Boulevard defaults onto the c/d roadway for Interstate 225 south in one half mile. I-225 provides the most direct route to the southern part of the metropolitan area, Castle Rock and Colorado Springs. Photo taken 08/11/16.
Pena Boulevard ends within the diamond interchange (Exit 283) connecting I-70 with Chambers Road. Photo taken 08/11/16.
Interstate 70 stays north of Downtown Denver through Globeville, then travels west toward Wheat Ridge, Arvada and Golden before ascending the Rocky Mountains. Photo taken 08/11/16.
Peña Boulevard scenes
Small guide signs direct motorists on Green Valley Ranch Boulevard to the respective on-ramps for Pena Boulevard. Photo taken 08/11/16.
Pena Boulevard doubles as a commuter route to Interstate 70 west from the Green Valley Ranch community. Photo taken 08/11/16.

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