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The Puncheon Run Connector is a freeway linking SR 1 (Korean War Veterans Memorial Highway) with Dupont Highway south of Dover. The limited access highway allows travelers bound for southern Delaware, Salisbury, Maryland, and Norfolk, Virginia convenient access from the SR 1 toll road to U.S. 13 south. The 2.6 mile long road is named after the parallel Puncheon Run, a tributary of the St. Jones River.

Dover Map created in 2007
Interchanges along the Puncheon Run Connector are numbered independent of the SR 1 mainline.

Construction on the Puncheon Run Connector got underway in December 1998. Completed on December 19, 2000, the $26.7 million project was last section built for SR 1 in Kent County.1

Puncheon Run Connector east
Since the Puncheon Run Connector is unnumbered, trailblazers instead direct motorists to SR 1 along eastbound and U.S. 13 on westbound. This set of signs precedes the South State Street underpass. Photo taken 04/13/04.
A parclo interchange (Exits 2A/B) joins the Puncheon Run Connector with Bay Road in one mile. Photo taken 08/05/07.
Traffic shifts southward ahead of the St. Jones River on the half mile approach to Exit 2A for Bay Road (old U.S. 113) south to Dover Air Force Base. Photo taken 08/05/07.
A second set of trailblazers on the Puncheon Run Connector east partition traffic bound for SR 1 south onto the Bay Road southbound off-ramp. An adjacent on-ramp from Bay Road leads motorists onto SR 1 south to Milford and Sussex County. Photo taken 08/05/07.
Exit 2A departs the Puncheon Run Connector eastbound for Bay Road south to both the DAFB North Gate and SR 10 (Lebanon Road) west to Camden. Photo taken 08/05/07.
A loop ramp (Exit 2B) follows onto Bay Road north to Blue Hen Corporate Center, MLK, Jr. Boulevard west to the Capitol Complex and U.S. 13 (Dupont Highway) north toward Dover Downs. Photo taken 08/05/07.
A wye interchange concludes the Puncheon Run Connector along SR 1 north ahead of the Dover main line toll plaza. Photo taken 08/05/07.
Puncheon Run Connector west
Spanning the St. Jones River along the Puncheon Connector westbound. Photo taken 08/05/07.
The Puncheon Connector advances one mile west of the St. Jones River to U.S. 13 (Dupont Highway). Photo taken 08/05/07.
One half mile from the signalized end of the Puncheon Run Connector. There are no westbound off-ramps from the Puncheon Run Connector. An entrance ramp adds traffic from Bay Road (old U.S. 113) otherwise. Photo taken 08/05/07.
A right turn lane follows for U.S. 13 (Dupont Highway) north back into Dover. Photo taken 08/05/07.
The Puncheon Run Connector is the last freeway segment for long distance travelers bound for Salisbury, Maryland. U.S. 13 varies through rural areas with a 55 mph speed limit, while towns and cities along way the way slow traffic to 35 mph with numerous businesses lining the route. Photo taken 08/05/07.
Drivers pass over South State Street (old U.S. 113 Alternate) just prior to the freeway end. Photo taken 08/05/07.
Two lanes join U.S. 13 (Dupont Highway) south ahead of Camden. Photo taken 08/05/07.
Norfolk, Virginia is 190 miles to the south via U.S. 13 across the Chesapeake Bay Bridge Tunnel. The trailblazer for the toll bridge here was removed by 2009. Photo taken 08/05/07.

  1. "Puncheon Run Connector Complete." Delaware Department of Transportation, press release. December 19, 2000.

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04/13/04, 08/05/07 by AARoads

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U.S. 13
State Route 1
Bay Road (old U.S. 113)

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