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Rhode Island Route 4 travels north-south between U.S. 1 at Allenton in the Town of North Kingstown to Interstate 95 in the Town of Warwick. The state route is a full freeway from Oak Hill Road north to I-95.

Route 4 North
Reassurance marker for Rhode Island 4 posted ahead of Scrabbletown Brook and beyond the on-ramp from Rhode Island 2 and 102. Photo taken 07/28/07.
Rhode Island 2 (Quaker Lane) parallels R.I. 4 northbound and crosses paths with the freeway again at a parclo interchange (Exit 6) in one mile. Photo taken 07/28/07.
Entering Kent County, northbound motorists approach the South Road overpass. Forthcoming Exit 6 serves the Town of East Greenwich via Rhode Island 2 at Briggs Corner. Photo taken 07/28/07.
Exit 6 departs Rhode Island 4 north for Rhode Island 2 (South County Trail). The Rhode Island 4 freeway originally began from R.I. 2 via a wye interchange. Photo taken 07/28/07.
Exit 7 was originally a southbound only exit for Rhode Island 4 south to Davisville Road (old Rhode Island 403) and Rhode Island 402 (Frenchtown Road) east and west. Construction underway in 2007 wrapped up December 2008 on a new alignment for Rhode Island 403, the Quonset Freeway, with a trumpet interchange providing full access with R.I. 4. Photo taken 07/28/07.
A view of construction for the new R.I. 403 freeway. Exit 7 now branches away from Rhode Island 4 northbound to pass underneath R.I. 402 and join the Quonset Freeway southeast. Rhode Island 403 spurs southeast as a limited access highway to Davisville and Quonset Davisville Business Park (former Quonset Point Naval Air Station). Photo taken 07/28/07.
Continuing north, Rhode Island 4 next meets Rhode Island 401 (Division Street) at the East Greenwich and West Warwick Town line. Photo taken 07/28/07.
Reassurance marker posted between Rhode Island 403 and the Middle Road overpass. The original Rhode Island 4 freeway fully opened between Exit 6 and Interstate 95 in 1988.1 Photo taken 07/28/07.
Exit 8 consists of ramps to Rhode Island 401 (Division Street) east to U.S. 1 and Warwick and west to adjacent Rhode Island 2 (South County Trail) and West Greenwich. Photo taken 07/28/07.
A seemingly temporary style sign displays the formal name of Rhode Island 401 (Division Street) for Exits 8A/B. R.I. 401 travels just 2.2 miles overall between Rhode Island 2 and U.S. 1 (Main Street) in East Greenwich. The Rhode Island Official 2011 Highway Map however indicates the state route continuing west along Division Road to junction R.I. 3 in the Town of West Greenwich. Photo taken 07/28/07.
A parclo interchange joins Rhode Island 4 with Division Street in one quarter mile. Photo taken 07/28/07.
Motorists not taking ramps to Rhode Island 401 (Exits 8A/B) default onto Interstate 95 north at a wye interchange. Photo taken 07/28/07.
Access to Interstate 95 south from Rhode Island 4 north requires drivers to take Rhode Island 401 (Division Street) west to Rhode Island 2 (Quaker Lane) north to its interchange with Interstate 95 south. Photo taken 07/28/07.
Merging with Interstate 95 northbound from the conclusion of Rhode Island 4 north. I-95 crosses the Maskerchugg River to Apponaug within the Town of Warwick. Photo taken 07/28/07.
Route 4 South
Immediately after beginning, southbound motorists along Rhode Island 4 pass under the northbound lanes of I-95 and see an advance sign for the Exit 8 parclo interchange with Rhode Island 401 (Division Street). The left side ramp to R.I. 4 from I-95 south might capture a few motorists unwillingly, so an I-95 trailblazer directs errant drivers onto Division Street west to Rhode Island 2 (Quaker Lane) north and its interchange with Interstate 95. Photo taken 04/21/11.
Exit 8 loops away from Rhode Island 4 south to Rhode Island 401 at the East Greenwich town line. Rhode Island 401 travels west to parallel Rhode Island 2 (South County Trail) and east to U.S. 1 near Warwick. Photo taken 04/21/11.

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    07/28/07 by AARoads. 04/21/11 by I.C. Ligget.

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