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Rhode Island Route 114 stretches north from Newport to Portsmouth and across the Mt. Hope Bridge to Bristol and Warren. The state route becomes the East Shore Expressway from north Barrington into East Providence before resuming as a surface route to Pawtucket and Woonsocket. The 1929-opened Mt. Hope Bridge was considered for possible inclusion into the Interstate 895 corridor in 1971 along with the East Shore Expressway.1

Route 114 North
Northbound Rhode Island 114 (West Main Road) prepares to split with the northbound beginning of Rhode Island 24, a 7.7-mile route to Tiverton and Fall River, Massachusetts. A sign mentions that there is no exit 1 for R.I. 24 as the nearby Turnpike Avenue interchange provides southbound access only. Photo taken 07/28/07.
Rhode Island 114 enters the wye interchange with Rhode Island 24 north. Rhode Island 24 comprises a full freeway north to Interstate 195 in Massachusetts. Along the route is the Sakonnet River Bridge, which is being replaced with a toll bridge slated for completion in 2013. Photo taken 07/28/07.
Travelers bound for Providence are directed onto Rhode Island 24 north to Interstate 195 west in lieu of Rhode Island 114 north through Bristol, Warren and Barrington. Photo taken 07/28/07.
Separate directions of travel for Rhode Island 114 recombine north of R.I. 24 and south of Freeborn Street. Bristol lies three miles ahead. Photo taken 07/28/07.
Four lanes of Rhode Island 114 (West Main Road) wind northeast across Lehigh Hill in this scene. Waters of Narragansett Bay appear beyond the tree line to the west. Photo taken 07/28/07.
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2 photos
Rhode Island 114 turns left from West Main Road onto Bristol Ferry Road at Turnpike Avenue. Turnpike Avenue enters from the Portsmouth town center to the southeast. Photos taken 07/28/07.
Bristol Ferry Road carries Rhode Island 114 northbound to the foot of the Mt. Hope Bridge. R.I. 114 turns left onto the bridge at Boyds Lane. Photo taken 07/28/07.
Boyds Lane leads motorists southeast to Rhode Island 24 (Fall River Expressway) and Rhode Island 138 south into Portsmouth. Photo taken 07/28/07.
Rhode Island 114 leaves Bristol Ferry Road for the two-lane Mt. Hope Bridge across Mt. Hope Bay to the Town of Bristol. Photo taken 07/28/07.
A southbound Rhode Island 114 trailblazer posted just north of Boyds Lane directs motorists under Mt. Hope Bridge to Mussel Bed Shoal Road east from Bristol Ferry Road north. Photo taken 07/28/07.
Rhode Island 114 constitutes a surface route from Mt. Hope Bridge northward through Bristol, Warren, Barrington and East Providence to Interstate 195 west into Providence. Photo taken 07/28/07.
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4 photos
4 photos
4 photos
Traveling northbound across the Mt. Hope Bridge on Rhode Island 114. The two-lane span sees a 30 mile per hour speed and travels a distance of 6,130 feet. It is one of two crossings between Rhode (Aquidneck) Island and the mainland to the north. The suspension bridge is closed to pedestrians with a width of only 28 feet.2 Photos taken 07/28/07.
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4 photos
4 photos
4 photos
The Mt. Hope Bridge travels 285 feet above the waters of Mt. Hope Bay and opened on October 24, 1929. The span was tolled until 1998, a one-way collection at the cost of 30 cents.2 The Rhode Island Turnpike and Bridge Authority (RITBA) oversees the Mount Hope Bridge and has indicated a desire to reinstitute tolls for the two-lane bridge. Photos taken 07/28/07.
Rhode Island 114 touches down from the Mt. Hope Bridge onto Ferry Hill at the south end of Bristol Neck. Photo taken 07/28/07.
The two lane highway sees a narrow landscaped median from the bridge end to Old Ferry Road. The separation is remnant from when the Mt. Hope Bridge toll plaza collected tolls here. Photo taken 07/28/07.
Old Ferry Road spurs south through southern reaches of Roger Williams University to Bristol Point on Mount Hope Bay. Photo taken 07/28/07.
Rhode Island 114 partitions with the northbound beginning of Rhode Island 136 (Metacom Avenue) at the main entrance to Roger Williams University. Rhode Island 136 ventures 7.4 miles north through Bristol to Warren and Swansea, Massachusetts. The state route provides a direct route to Interstate 195. Photo taken 07/28/07.
Route 114 South
Rhode Island 24 southbound ends and merges from the left onto Rhode Island 114 at Turkey Hill. Rhode Island 114 (West Main Road) continues south from there to a signalized intersection with Corys Lane. Photo taken 07/28/07.

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