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South Carolina 30 is 3.05-mile long route connecting Downtown Charleston with James Island in the city of Charleston. The freeway portion represents the southern extent of the planned route of Interstate 526 (Mark Clark Expressway).

South Carolina 30 East
S.C. 30 begins along an on-ramp from S.C. 171 (Folly Road). Grading remains from the planned extension of I-526 east from the Stono River. Photo taken 05/27/07.
2 photos
2 photos
A roadway stub follows along S.C. 30 east for the unbuilt I-526 extension. Photo taken 11/12/06. Second photo taken 05/27/07.
Harbor View Road stems east from S.C. 171 (Folly Road) to a parclo interchange (Exit 2) with the James Island Expressway. Harbor View Road continues east across James Island Creek to the Stiles Point neighborhood and Fort Johnson Road. Photo taken 11/12/06.
S.C. 30 elevates over marshland, Dill Creek, Wapoo Creek and the Ashley River north from Harbor View Road to Downtown Charleston along the Robert B. Scarborough Bridge. Photo taken 05/27/07.
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2 photos
The Robert B. Scarborough Bridge extends 11,297.5 feet with a maximum height of 65 feet across the Ashley River. The concrete span was completed in 1993.1 Photo taken 05/30/07. Second photo taken 11/12/06.
The Arthur Ravenel, Jr. Bridge rises beyond the Charleston skyline to the east. Photo taken 11/12/06.
The first confirming marker for S.C. 30 appears along the James Island Expressway ahead of Wappoo Creek and S.C. 61. Photo taken 11/12/06.
S.C. 61 commences a 67-mile route northwest to Summerville, Canadys and U.S. 78 near Branchville from S.C. 30 at forthcoming Exit 1. Photo taken 11/12/06.
Viewing Downtown Charleston from the bridge apex over the Wando River. Photo taken 11/12/06.
An elevated trumpet interchange connects S.C. 30 (James Island Expressway) with S.C. 61 (Herbert U. Fielding Connector) by Ablemarle Point along the Ashley River. Extending 0.98 miles northwest to St. Andrews Boulevard at Moreland, the S.C. 61 connector opened to traffic in 1996. Photo taken 11/12/06.
South Carolina 30 arcs eastward across the Ashley River to the south side of Downtown Charleston. Photo taken 05/27/07.
Traffic partitions at the east end of James Island Expressway to single lane ramps for Calhoun Street east and Lockwood Drive (S.C. 30) north and south. Photo taken 05/27/07.
An end freeway sign appears along the Robert B. Scarborough Bridge at mid-span across the Ashley River. Photo taken 11/12/06.
The Charleston central business district spreads east from Lockwood Drive (S.C. 30) between Calhoun Street and U.S. 17. Photo taken 11/12/06.
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2 photos
Lockwood Drive angles southeast from S.C. 30 along the Ashley River to the Harleston Village neighborhood and Broad Street east to Charlestowne. Photo taken 05/27/07. Second photo taken 12/30/07.
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2 photos
S.C. 30 navigates along a loop ramp onto Lockwood Drive north to U.S. 17 as Calhoun Street begins eastbound. Photo taken 05/27/07. Second photo taken 11/12/06.
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2 photos
Entering the six-ramp parclo interchange with S.C. 30 (James Island Expressway) and Calhoun Street along Lockwood Drive north. Photos taken 05/27/07.
S.C. 30 merges onto Lockwood Drive north to connect with U.S. 17 at Cannon and Spring Streets. Photo taken 11/12/06.
A loop ramp joins Lockwood Drive north with the Robert B. Scarborough Bridge (S.C. 30 west) to James Island. Photo taken 11/12/06.
Lockwood Drive advances less than a quarter mile north to meet U.S. 17 (Spring / Cannon Streets) at a modified diamond interchange. Photo taken 05/27/07.
South Carolina 30 intersects Bee Street at the eastbound off-ramp linking U.S. 17 with Lockwood Drive. Photo taken 05/27/07.
Flyovers carry U.S. 17 over Lockwood Drive, joining the one-way couplet of Cannon/Spring Streets with the drawbridges across the Ashley River. The northbound on-ramp from S.C. 30 merges onto the left side of Cannon Street two blocks ahead of the U.S. 17 turn onto Septima Clark Parkway to I-26. Photo taken 05/27/07.
Located just beyond the southbound on-ramp to U.S. 17 from Lockwood Drive is the $280 million WestEdge mixed-use development. Built at the site of Crosby’s Seafood and completed in 2018, the nine-story 10 WestEdge building houses apartment units, office space and a grocery store.2 Photo taken 11/12/06.
South Carolina 30 West
Lockwood Drive wraps around the WestEdge development south from Fishburne Street to connect with U.S. 17 (Spring/Cannon Streets) at South Carolina 30. Photo taken 05/27/07.
Bee Street extends east from the U.S. 17 northbound off-ramp for Lockwood Drive and Downtown to Courtenay Drive, which provides access to the highway north toward I-26 and Mt. Pleasant. Photo taken 05/27/07.
S.C. 30 separates from Lockwood Drive south onto a flyover leading west onto the James Island Expressway. Photo taken 05/27/07.
Ramps from Lockwood Drive and Calhoun Street west combine along the Robert B. Scarborough Bridge across the Ashley River. Photo taken 05/27/07.
S.C. 30 (James Island Expressway) curves southwest directly to Exit 1 with S.C. 61 (Herbert U. Fielding Connector) north. S.C. 61 parallels the Ashley River northwest from Charleston to S.C. 165, which leads north into the town of Summerville. Photo taken 05/27/07.
The trumpet interchange with S.C. 61 is entirely elevated, spanning marshland off the Ashley River and Wappoo Creek by Albemarle Point. Photo taken 05/27/07.
S.C. 30 westbound rises across Wappoo Creek onto James Island. Photo taken 05/27/07.
Continuing south, S.C. 30 (James Island Expressway) next meets Harbor View Road at a parclo interchange (Exit 2). Photo taken 05/27/07.
Marshland spreads west from the Ashley River and Dill Creek below S.C. 30 on the Robert B. Scarborough Bridge. Photo taken 12/15/07.
Bending toward the west, S.C. 30 passes just east of the Country Club of Charleston golf course at Exit 2. Photo taken 05/27/07.
Harbor View Drive weaves through residential areas of Stiles Point east of James Island Creek. West from Exit 2, the five-lane boulevard parallels S.C. 30 to S.C. 171 (Folly Road). Photo taken 05/27/07.
S.C. 30 ends prematurely at a half diamond interchange with S.C. 171 (Folly Road) 0.56 miles beyond the entrance ramp from Harbor View Road. Photo taken 05/27/07.
Roadway stubs remain for the unconstructed link between the James Island and Mark Clark Expressways. Funding deficits have prevented work from proceeding along the final section of I-526. Photo taken 12/15/07.
South Carolina 171 (Folly Road) spurs south from James Island to Folly Beach along the Atlantic Ocean. The state highway north combines with South Carolina 700 from James Island to the Crescent, Wappoo Heights and Old Windermere neighborhoods and U.S. 17 (Savannah Highway). Photo taken 05/27/07.

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