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Work on the 12th Street Extension, a 4.1-mile stretch of South Carolina 35 between the Cayce and West Columbia business district and Interstate 77 (Southeastern Beltway) commenced in June of 1994. Coinciding with the building of S.C. 35 was Saxe Gotha Road, a frontage road linking the state highway with Dixiana Road and a postal distribution center to the north of I-77. The extension was touted on the first Columbia area transportation plan in 1966.1

A three-mile stretch of the 12th Street Extension opened between Saxe Gotha Road and Godley Street at a cost of $20-million in mid-December of 1999.2 A section of this road was found to be deteriorating by May 2000 which lead to a subsequent closure of the road.3 $2.1-million in repairs were undertaken and the highway reopened on April 23, 2001.4

Work on the stretch north to Frink Street (S.C. 2), including the 5,300 foot elevated roadway over a CSX Railroad, commenced on October 9, 2000 as part of a $14.3-million contract.3 The 12th Street Extension was fully completed by October 2003.

S.C. 35 North
Northbound on the 12th Street Extension at the diamond interchange with Interstate 77. S.C. 35 begins here and leads north to Cayce as the ramp to Charlotte departs for I-77 north. 04/15/12
2 photos
2 photos
Interstate 77 leads west from S.C. 35 (12th Street Extension) to end at Interstate 26 and adjacent U.S. 21-176-321 near Pine Ridge. 12th Street Extension was a discontinuous route into Cayce until 2003. 12/19/13, 01/18/04
S.C. 35 South
S.C. 12 shield assembly posted at the 12th Street intersection with Jarvis Klapman Boulevard. S.C. 12 follows an expressway west to its end at U.S. 1 (Augusta Road) and a freeway east into Columbia. 10/03/10
Augusta Street crosses S.C. 35 (12th Street) on the short stretch between U.S. 1 (Augusta Road) and Charleston Highway (unsigned U.S. 21 Connector). 04/14/12
Charleston Highway veers southwest from U.S. 1 (Meeting Street) to cross S.C. 35 (12th Street) just ahead of B Avenue to form a five-way intersection. U.S. 21 Connector links Meeting Street with the U.S. 21-176-321 turn onto Charleston Highway from Knox Abbott Drive. 04/14/12
S.C. 35 originally ended at S.C. 2 (Frink Street) in central Cayce. The state highway was extended southward along the 12th Street Extension, starting with a viaduct over an area of wetlands associated with a tributary of the Congaree River. 04/15/12
The 12th Street Extension Viaduct includes an elevated intersection with Northland Drive west to a residential area and east to Foreman Street and a CSX Railroad yard. 04/15/12
A traffic light lies just south of the elevated highway end with the Godley Street connector. Godley Street joins S.C. 35 with New State Road near a large quarry and industrial facility. 04/15/12
Taylor Road orientates in an east-west fashion between S.C. 2 (Frink Street) and Old State Road. 04/15/12
Heading south from Taylor Road, S.C. 35 (12th Street Extension) traverses another area of wetlands leading to a viaduct across Congaree Creek. 04/15/12
The SCANA Corporation set up shop along Saxe Gotha Road during the late 1990s in anticipation of the 12th Street Extension and interchange with Interstate 77. A signalized entrance lies off S.C. 35. 04/15/12
Saxe Gotha Road leads west from S.C. 35 to Dixiana Road as a north side service road to Interstate 77. The road serves a postal distribution center. 04/15/12
Following Saxe Gotha Road is the diamond interchange with Interstate 77. I-77 south carries motorists to Interstate 26 west to Spartanburg, I-26 east to Charleston and a ramp to U.S. 21-176-321 near Pine Ridge. 12/19/13
The Southeastern Beltway (Interstate 77) north continues from the end of S.C. 35 to Fort Jackson and Dentsville. 04/15/12

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