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South Carolina 48 goes for 29 miles from U.S. 601 at Wateree west to Gadsden and Interstate 77 at the industrial south side of Columbia. S.C. 48 follows Assembly Street by the University of South Carolina campus, the State Capitol and downtown to a northern terminus at Elmwood Avenue (U.S. 21-76-176-321).

S.C. 48 North
Blossom Street (unsigned U.S. 21 Connector) provides the main route through the University of South Carolina campus from the Five Points area of Columbia to the east and Cayce to the west. 04/15/12
S.C. 48 passes by the Carolina Coliseum between Blossom Street and the traffic light with Greene Street. Colonial Life Arena replaced the coliseum, two blocks to the west on Greene Street, as the main home for South Carolina Gamecocks basketball when it opened in 2002. 04/15/12
College Street travels four blocks between Lincoln Street and the Colonial Life Arena to Sumter Street at The Horseshoe green. 04/15/12
Pendleton Street lines the south side of the South Carolina State Government complex east from S.C. 48 (Assembly Street) to the University of South Carolina. 04/15/12
S.C. 48 (Assembly Street) passes by the South Carolina Capitol Complex between Senate Street and U.S. 1 & 378 (Gervais Street). 04/15/12
U.S. 1 and 378 overlap along Gervais Street east to Millwood Avenue and west to the Gervais Street Bridge into West Columbia. U.S. 76 joins the four-lane street four blocks to the east from Bull Street. 04/14/12
Lady Street parallels U.S. 1 & 378 one block to the north between Huger Street (U.S. 21-176-321) and Pickens Street. 04/15/12
Traffic lights line Assembly Street north through every intersection through the central business district. This set of signals hang above Washington Street. 04/15/12
Hampton Street doubles as S.C. 12 east from Williams Street east to S.C. 48 (Assembly Street) north. S.C. 12 west follows Taylor Street along the couplet with Hampton. 04/15/12
One block removed from the unsigned split of S.C. 12 east onto Taylor Street from S.C. 48 (Assembly Street) north at Blanding Street. 10/03/10
S.C. 48 (Assembly Street) rises from Blanding Street to Laurel Street next. Laurel Street leads west by Finlay Park to the Columbia Water Treatment Plant and east to U.S. 1 (Two Notch Road) to Sisters of Charity Providence Hospital. 10/03/10
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2 photos
Richland and Calhoun Streets round out the downtown area intersections of Assembly Street (S.C. 48) north. S.C. 48 is essentially an unsigned route northbound throughout downtown. 10/03/10
S.C. 48 ends at Elmwood Avenue, which doubles as a number of routes including U.S. 21, 76, 176 and 321 but also Business Spur Interstate 126 west. Chester and Rock Hill are referenced for U.S. 21 and 321 leading north from Columbia. 10/03/10
U.S. 21-176-321 turn north from Elmwood Avenue onto Main Street, one block to the east. U.S. 76 continues along the boulevard three more blocks to S.C. 277 and Bull Street south. Westward the five-way overlap meets Interstate 126 in four blocks. 10/03/10
S.C. 48 South
S.C. 48 (Assembly Street) intersects Blossom Street (unsigned U.S. 21 Connector) by the Carolina Coliseum. Blossom Street leads west to Cayce and east to Five Points. The multi-lane boulevard is the main route to the USC campus. 04/14/12
Assembly Street continues south by the University of South Carolina campus to the signalized intersection with Whaley Street. 04/14/12
Turning southeast at Capital City Stadium, S.C. 48 (Assembly Street) approaches S.C. 16 (Rosewood Drive) and George Rogers Boulevard at the South Carolina State Fairgrounds. S.C. 16 begins here and loops around Columbia to U.S. 176 (River Drive). 04/14/12
Williams-Brice Stadium, home of USC Gamecocks football, rises prominently along the east side of Bluff Road. S.C. 48 takes Bluff Road south from Rosewood Drive to Gadsden. 04/14/12
Reassurance marker posted along Bluff Road south at Eden Street. Industrial businesses line the arterial southeast from the stadium area to Abbott Road. 04/14/12
Nearing the six-ramp parclo interchange with Interstate 77 on S.C. 48 (Bluff Road) south. 04/14/12
Interstate 77 follows the Southeastern Beltway around Columbia from near Pine Ridge to Fort Jackson and Dentsville. The freeway sees three control cities, two of which pertain to Interstate 26 from the southern terminus. 04/14/12
S.C. 768 begins and travels South Beltline Boulevard east from S.C. 48 (Bluff Road) to Shop Road. Shop Road carries the route southeast to Pineview Road east. 04/14/12
An Interstate 26 trailblazer precedes South Beltline Boulevard to direct motorists to I-77 for the freeway north to Spartanburg and south to Charleston. 04/14/12
Entering the intersection with S.C. 768 east and Beltline Boulevard west on S.C. 48 (Bluff Road) south. S.C. 768 travels 4.8 miles east to U.S. 76 & 378 (Garners Ferry Road). 04/14/12
The right lane defaults onto Interstate 77 south across the Congaree River into south Cayce and Interstate 26. 04/14/12
Interstate 77 ends 5.7 miles to the west at U.S. 21-176-321 (Charleston Highway). Interstate 26 continues the Capital Beltway system north from there to West Columbia. 04/14/12
A loop ramp follows onto Interstate 77 north for Rock Hill and Charlotte, North Carolina. 04/14/12
Interstate 77 sees an interchange with S.C. 768 (Shop Road) next before turning northward to Fort Jackson. 04/14/12

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