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South Carolina Highway 302 stretches 66.1 miles from S.C. 125 in Aiken County east to U.S. 21-176-321 at West Columbia. The highway is mostly rural, with exceptions through Aiken and from South Congaree to Cayce and West Columbia.

S.C. 302 East
Leaving the diamond interchange with Interstate 26, S.C. 302 continues as a five-lane arterial along the Cayce and West Columbia city line. Photo taken 10/03/10.
Sox Street south and Memorial Drive north come together at this traffic light along S.C. 302 (Airport Boulevard) east. Photo taken 10/03/10.
Glenn Street forms an arc from residential areas of Cayce to S.C. 602 (Platt Springs Road) in West Columbia. Photo taken 10/03/10.
S.C. 302 concludes at U.S. 21-176-321 (Charleston Highway) in West Columbia. Photo taken 10/03/10.
The intersection of Airport Boulevard and Charleston Highway includes legs with Williams Street west to S.C. 602 and Middleton Street south. U.S. 21-176-321 follow Charleston Highway northeast to Knox Abbott Drive east through north Cayce and Columbia nearby. Photo taken 10/03/10.
S.C. 302 West
S.C. 302 veers west from U.S. 21-176-321 (Charleston Highway) at a five-way intersection with Williams Street west and Middleton Street east. Williams Street ventures west from the commercialized junction of the four routes to S.C. 602 (Platt Springs Road) at Dreher Road in West Columbia. Photo taken 04/14/12.
A closer look at the S.C. 302 shield and guide sign assembly posted at the split with U.S. 21-176-321. The US highway trio splits in 5.5 miles with U.S. 21 & 176 turning eastward toward Charleston. Photo taken 04/14/12.
Commercialized frontage lines Airport Boulevard from U.S. 21-176-321 southwest toward the airport. Pictured here is the first shield assembly and a mileage sign listing the distance to Aiken. S.C. 67 ends at S.C. 125 to the southeast of Augusta and Beech Island in 66 miles. Photo taken 04/14/12.
Glenn Street separates West Columbia and Cayce across S.C. 302 (Airport Boulevard). The street ends at S.C. 602 to the north and at Dunbar Road in a residential area east of U.S. 21-176-321 to the east. Photo taken 04/14/12.
Sox Street branches south from Glenn Street in West Columbia to become Memorial Drive south from S.C. 302 to Charleston Highway. Photo taken 04/14/12.
S.C. 302 (Airport Boulevard) approaches a diamond interchange with Interstate 26 along the Springdale and Cayce city line next. Photo taken 04/14/12.
The westbound on-ramp to Spartanburg and Greenville departs from S.C. 302 first. Photo taken 04/14/12.
Interstate 26 heads southeast from S.C. 302 through southwestern Cayce, meeting U.S. 21-176-321 and Interstate 77 north before exiting the city to Orangeburg and Charleston. Photo taken 04/14/12.
S.C. 302 scenes
Interstate 26 trailblazer posted as Commerce Drive overtakes the westbound off-ramp of I-26 to S.C. 302. Commerce Drive links S.C. 302 (Airport Boulevard) with a hotel and an industrial park. Photo taken 12/31/12.
S.C. 302 shields and guide sign assembly posted on Commerce Drive at Airport Boulevard. S.C. 302 links I-26 with Columbia Metropolitan Airport (CAE) to the west and Cayce to the east. Photo taken 12/31/12.
Cherokee Lane stems north from the intersection with S.C. 302 (Airport Boulevard) and Commerce Drive to the westbound on-ramp of I-26. The frontage road serves a couple of lodging establishments and a truck business. Photo taken 12/31/12.

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