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State Loop 13 forms a 21.68 mile arc around central San Antonio. The highway follows Military Drive southeast from U.S. 90 (Cleto Rodriguez Freeway) through Lackland Air Force Base to SL 353 (old U.S. 81). Military Drive continues east to IH 35 through a retail area anchored by South Park Mall. With as many as seven lanes, SL 13 (Military Drive) remains commercialized to SS 536 (Roosevelt Avenue / old U.S. 281).

Crossing the San Antonio River, Loop 13 (Military Drive) progresses east to the Brooks City Base area (formerly Brooks AFB) and IH 37. Military Drive ends as Loop 13 turns north onto W.W. White Road to parallel IH 410. The two routes converge north of IH 10 near Kirby.

Construction of IH 35 and I-410 directly replaced the northern extent of SL 13 along W.W. White Road. This portion was removed as SL 13 along with White Road south to IH 10 in 1966. The state highway was extended 0.9 miles back north to IH 410 at the exchange with FM 78 and IH 35 in 1978.

Loop 13 North
Loop 13 north at the ramps for IH 410 (Connally Loop) and the access road linking the beltway with FM 78 and IH 35 south. W.W. White Road extends slightly further from Seale Road to a U-turn at Factory Hill Street. Photo taken 12/31/02.
Former state-named shield (replaced by 2007) for IH 410 posted at the gore point separating SL 13 from W.W. White Road. SL 13 formally ends here at the intersection with Seale Road. Photo taken 12/31/02.
Traffic separates for IH 410 south to adjacent IH 10, IH 35 & 410 north to Windcrest, and the access road northwest to FM 78 east into Kirby and IH 35 south by Fort Sam Houston. These signs remained in service until at least 2011. Photo taken 12/31/02.
Loop 13 South
2 photos
2 photos
Ramps from FM 78, IH 35 and IH 410 converge to form W.W. White Road by an industrial park. White Road continues south a short distance to Seale Road, where Loop 13 begins. This shield assembly was replaced by 2014 to show a SL 13 marker instead of a U.S. 90 trailblazer. Photos taken 12/31/02.

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