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Loop 375 East
Throughout Fort Bliss, SL 375 is designated the Purple Heart Memorial Highway. Photo taken 09/28/06.
The last eastbound reassurance marker for Loop 375 stands just within Fort Bliss Military Reservation. Photo taken 04/25/17.
Loop 375 South
Loop 375 makes a gradual southeastern turn 1.5 miles within Fort Bliss. Photo taken 04/25/17.
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2 photos
Restricted from public use, a diamond interchange joins Loop 375 with areas of north Fort Bliss. Photos taken 04/25/17.
Advancing south, drivers on SL 375 next approach SS 601 (Liberty Expressway). Photo taken 04/25/17.
Spur 601 (Liberty Expressway) begins at Exit 30 and extends 7.28 miles west to U.S. 54 (Patriot Freeway). Photo taken 04/25/17.
Originally known as the Inner Loop, Spur 601 opened to traffic from Loop 375 west to Global Reach Drive on May 29, 2009. Photo taken 04/25/17.
Liberty Expressway provides an alternate route to IH 10 for the eastern suburbs of El Paso and to El Paso International Airport (ELP). Photo taken 04/25/17.
A diverging diamond interchange (DDI) joins Loop 375 (Purple Heart Memorial Highway) with Spur 601 (Liberty Expressway) west. Photo taken 04/25/17.
Loop 375 turns more easterly beyond Loop 601 to next meet Iron Medics Drive at Exit 32. Photo taken 04/25/17.
Liberty Expressway extends east into Fort Bliss beyond the DDI with Loop 375. Photo taken 04/25/17.
Loop 375 (Purple Heart Memorial Highway) progresses southeast from Iron Medics Drive to leave Fort Bliss Military Reservation at U.S. 62 & 180 (Montana Avenue). Photo taken 09/28/06.
U.S. 62 & 180 (Montana Avenue) separate Fort Bliss from residential areas across the East Side of El Paso. The two routes share a lengthy overlap from Seminole in north Texas to IH 10 in El Paso. Photo taken 09/28/06.
Southbound Loop 375 reaches the diamond interchange (Exit 35) with U.S. 62 & 180 (Montana Avenue). Photo taken 09/28/06.
Heading south from U.S. 62 & 180 (Montana Avenue), the next exit along Loop 375 connects the freeway with Joe Battle Boulevard at Edgemere Boulevard. Photo taken 09/28/06.
Edgemere Boulevard is an east-west suburban arterial extending west to the Pebble Hills and Scotsdale communities and east to eastern reaches of the Tierra Del Este development. Photo taken 09/28/06.
SL 375 reassurance marker posted at the Edgemere Boulevard underpass. Photo taken 09/28/06.
Traveling between the Arbour Green and Tierra Del Estates communities, Loop 375 advances south to a diamond interchange (Exit 39) with Pebble Hills Boulevard. Photo taken 09/28/06.
Pebble Hills Boulevard is another suburban arterial connecting Loop 375 and Joe Battle Boulevard with an array of subdivisions to the west and east. An extension of the four-lane east leads to Pebble Hills High School and newer development in the Tierra Del Este development. Photo taken 09/28/06.
FM 659 angles 4.83 miles southwest from U.S. 62 & 180 (Montana Avenue) to meet Loop 375 at Montwood Drive and the succeeding southbound exit. Photo taken 09/28/06.
Exit 40 departs Loop 375 south ahead of the FM 659 turn from Zaragoza Road onto Joe Battle Boulevard south. FM 659 resumes along Zaragoza Road just west of the freeway through retail areas ahead of the Vista Del Sol community. Photo taken 09/28/06.
Loop 375 progresses south between the Quail Run community and undeveloped land to the east to Exit 41 with Vista Del Sol Drive. Photo taken 09/28/06.
Entering the diamond interchange (Exit 41) with Vista Del Sol Drive on SL 375 south. Vista Del Sol Drive spurs east to a quarry. Westward, the arterial winds through the Vista Del Sol community to Corral Drive near IH 10. Photo taken 09/28/06.
Continuing south along the Vista Del Sol community, the succeeding exit along SL 375 is with Pellicano Drive. Photo taken 09/28/06.
A diamond interchange joins SL 375 with Pellicano Drive directly. Bob Hope Drive parallels the freeway to the west, ending at Joe Battle Boulevard to the south across from the SISD sports complex. Photo taken 09/28/06.
Curving southwest, Loop 375 converges with Interstate 10 at the ensuing interchange (Exit 44). Photo taken 09/28/06.
IH 10 and SL 375 previously met with the frontage roads joining the two freeways at a full cloverleaf interchange beyond Rojas Drive. Road work for the I-10/Loop 375 Americas interchange through 2015 constructed high speed flyovers linking the two routes directly. Photo taken 09/28/06.
The loop ramps connecting the Joe Battle Boulevard frontage roads with the IH 10 frontage roads remained in place following conversion of the overall interchange into a four-level junction. Photo taken 09/28/06.


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    09/28/06 by Kevin Trinkle. 04/25/17 by AARoads.

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