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Spur 330 connects IH 10 with Baytown in eastern Harris County along Veterans Memorial Highway and Decker Drive. The 5.81 mile state highway constitutes a freeway from IH 10 southeast to SH 146, and a four-lane arterial from there to Market Street and Texas Avenue outside Downtown Baytown.

Spur 330 East
This view from the frontage road shows the first entrance to Spur 330. The freeway crosses over Bayway Drive next. Photo taken 12/24/05.
The next off-ramp from SS 330 departs just ahead for Baker Road and Wade Road north. Photo taken 12/24/05.
The exit for Wade and Baker Roads departs well ahead of the two surface roads. Baker Road serves industrial areas west to Bayway Drive and east along a four-lane arterial through a mix of subdivisions and retail. Photo taken 12/24/05.
This is a typical view of the 2004-vintage freeway. Photo taken 12/24/05.
Spur 330 travels around the edge of Baytown, separating it from the Exxon Mobil refinery. Photo taken 12/24/05.
The succeeding off-ramp departs from SS 330 in three quarters of a mile for Rollingbrook Drive. Photo taken 12/24/05.
The first sign warning of the impending freeway end appears just ahead of Rollingbrook Drive. Rollingbrook Drive serves the adjacent oil refinery and several apartment complexes to the east. Photo taken 12/24/05.
Entering the diamond interchange with Rollingbrook Drive on Spur 330 east. The freeway extends one half mile further to SH 146 at Decker Drive. Photo taken 12/24/05.
Following the off-ramp to Decker Drive south, this scene looks at ramps to SH 146 prior to completion of full semi directional T interchange with the north-south freeway. Photo taken 12/24/05.
Spur 330 West
Leading northwest from Rollingbrook Drive, the ensuing off-ramp connects Spur 330 west with Baker Road and Wade Road north. Photo taken 12/24/05.
A lane drop reduces SS 330 to two through lanes beyond the forthcoming off-ramp for Baker Road. Baker Road comprises an east-west arterial to industrial plants, shopping centers and neighborhood areas. Photo taken 12/24/05.
Wade Road stems north from the Decker Drive frontage road system to IH 10 and Fig Orchard Road outside the city of Baytown. Photo taken 12/24/05.
The Spur 330 freeway elevates onto a lengthy viaduct from Baker Road north to the Bayway Drive off-ramp. Photo taken 12/24/05.
SS 330 west at the exit for Bayway Drive. Bayway Drive ventures south to coastal areas along Burnet and Scott Bays to Wisconsin Street at the East Baytown community. Photo taken 12/24/05.
The subsequent off-ramp from SS 330 west connects with the north side frontage road. A Breezewood style connection links the Spur 330 freeway west with IH 10 east via the East Freeway Service Road and on-ramp east of Thompson Road. Photo taken 12/24/05.
Spur 330 west defaults onto IH 10 west to Houston beyond the slip ramp for Decker Drive and the East Freeway Service Road. Photo taken 12/24/05.
Entering the wye interchange with Interstate 10 west, Spur 330 approaches the final off-ramp for Crosby-Lynchburg Road. Photo taken 12/24/05.
Crosby-Lynchburg Road leads north from IH 10 along Whites Lake to the community of Highlands. Independence Parkway extends the road south onto a peninsula between Burnet Bay and Lynchburg Reservoir. Photo taken 12/24/05.
Spur 330 ends as traffic separates for IH 10 (East Freeway) west to Houston and for the adjacent frontage road to Crosby-Lynchburg Road. Photo taken 12/24/05.

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12/24/05 by Kevin Trinkle

Connect with:
Interstate 10
State Highway 146

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