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24.4 miles in length, Texas State Highway 4 (SH 4) links Downtown Brownsville with Boca Chica State Park along the Gulf of Mexico. Initially following International Boulevard from Downtown, SH 4 turns east at SH 48, overlaying Boca Chica Boulevard for its remainder to the state park. The state highway also serves interests to Brownsville-South Padre Island International Airport (BRO).

Texas State Highway 4 East
Initial confirming marker found along SH 4 (International Boulevard) east beyond the Gateway Port of Entry from Mexico and Elizabeth Street. Photo taken 02/19/06.
SH 4 east next meets U.S. 77 Business (Washington Street) north. U.S. 77 Business (BU 77-Z) represents a portion of the former routing of U.S. 77 & 83 through downtown Brownsville. U.S. 281 also ended here but has since been pulled back to its current end along U.S. 77 Business north of Downtown. This assembly was modified sometime before 2011 to reflect this change. Photo taken 02/19/06.
Texas State Highway 4 West
FM 1419 (Oklahoma Avenue) branches south from SH 4 (Boca Chica Boulevard) to South Point. The farm to market road then curves west to Southmost and Brownsville, meeting SH 4 (International Boulevard) prior to IH 69E. Photo taken 02/19/06.
Several commercial businesses and strip plazas line SH 4 (International Boulevard) west between SH 48 (Boca Chica Boulevard) and Interstate 69E and U.S. 77 & 83. Photo taken 02/19/06.
International Boulevard passes underneath the I-69E / U.S. 77-83 mainline in this scene. This was the ending point for SH 4 until 1997 when the state designation was extended into downtown Brownsville. Photo taken 02/19/06.
IH 69E along with U.S. 77 & 83 travel south one mile to University Boulevard and the international border with Mexico as SH 4 continues west on International Boulevard. SH 4 overlays the pre-1997 alignment of U.S. 77-83 prior to their extension to the border. Photo taken 02/19/06.
Confirming marker posted for SH 4 (International Boulevard) beyond the IH 69E interchange. The state highway continues an additional 0.8 miles to the Gateway Port of Entry border station. Photo taken 02/19/06.
International Boulevard passes Jackson Street en route to Downtown. Otherwise, advisory signs ahead of the border station alert motorists to various rules and regulations upon entry to Mexico. Photo taken 02/19/06.
U.S. 77 Business (BU 77-Z) north begins here, traveling along Washington Street through Brownsville's central business district. The business spur connects with U.S. 281 (Boca Chica Boulevard) halfway into its course through Brownsville. This assembly was removed by 2011 to reflect the truncation of U.S. 281 from Downtown. SH 4 otherwise continues one more block to the border station. Photo taken 02/19/06.
Elizabeth Street (U.S. 77 Business) south represents the formal west end of SH 4 as International Boulevard defaults to the Gateway Port of Entry and International Bridge into Matamoros, Mexico. Elizabeth Street quickly flows into University Boulevard south to Fort Brown. Photo taken 02/19/06.

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02/19/06 by Kevin Trinkle

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