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A 42.019-mile route, SH 73 spurs east from Interstate 10 (Exit 828) at Winnie to Port Arthur. The state highway upgrades into a freeway at Port Arthur northeast to SH 87 and the Neches River bridges (Rainbow Bridge south / Veterans Memorial Bridge north). Beyond the river, SH 73 splits with SH 87 and joins SH 62 north to conclude at IH 10 (Exit 873), west of Orange.

Texas State Highway 73 East
SH 73 upgrades to a freeway from a trumpet interchange with SH 82 northeast through Port Arthur. An interchange sequence sign highlights the succeeding exits starting with Spur 215 (Savannah Avenue). Photo taken 11/20/10.
The four lane freeway of SH 73 lines the Main Outfall Canal to the full cloverleaf interchange with U.S. 69-96-287. Forthcoming Spur 215 (Savannah Avenue) connects SH 73 with SH 87 along a 2.11-mile route. Photo taken 11/20/10.
Entering the diamond interchange with Savannah Avenue (Spur 215) along SH 73 east beside Port Arthur Reservoir. Photo taken 11/20/10.
A reassurance marker for SH 73 follows as the freeway continues to within 0.75 miles of U.S. 69-96-287 (Memorial Boulevard). The four-lane freeway has a 70 mph speed limit through Port Arthur. Photo taken 11/20/10.
U.S. 69-96-287 combine from their joint end at SH 87 (16th Street) in Port Arthur northward through Beaumont, where the three upgrade to a freeway. U.S. 69 & 287 branch westward at Lumberton to their split at Woodville while U.S. 96 continues north to Silsbee and Kirbyville. Photo taken 11/20/10.
A second SH 73 shield lies ahead of the off-ramp to Memorial Boulevard south. Photo taken 11/20/10.
Drivers bound for central Port Arthur part ways with SH 73 east for Memorial Boulevard southbound. U.S. 69-96-287 conclude in two miles as Woodworth Boulevard. Photo taken 11/20/10.
Shields for US 69-96-287 lie ahead of the loop ramp onto northbound. U.S. 69 comprises an 1,136-mile route from Port Arthur to Albert Lea, Minnesota. U.S. 287 trumps that routing along an 1,509-mile course to Yellowstone National Park in Wyoming while intrastate U.S. 96 totals just 170 miles north to Tenaha. Photo taken 11/20/10.
SH 73 eastbound at gore point for the U.S. 69-96-287 loop ramp. The overlapped highways reach the city limits of Beaumont in 8.2 miles. Photo taken 11/20/10.

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11/20/10 by Justin Cozart

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