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SH 95 begins at U.S. 190 and SH 36 southeast of Temple. The road travels south through Taylor and Bastrop, crossing IH 10 at Flatonia before reaching Shiner, home of the Spoetzl Brewery. SH 95 continues south to Yoakum, where it ends. The route was designated a state highway to Bastrop in 1939, and extended south to Yoakum between 1939 and 1941.

Texas State Highway 95 North
SH 95 begins at the intersection of U.S. 77 Alternate and FM 3475 by Yoakum Municipal Airport (T85). The first confirming marker stands just to the north. Photo taken 01/04/06.
SH 95 bee lines north from Yoakum toward SH 958, crossing the South Fork of Mustang Creek. Photo taken 01/04/06.
SH 95 meets FM 958, which travels west 2.95 miles to the UP Railroad siding of Midway and FM 966. Photo taken 01/04/06.
SH 95 enters the city of Shiner ahead of Rocky Creek and the north end of FM 966. Photo taken 01/04/06.
FM 966 travels south 8.88 miles from this point to meet SH 111 at Petersville. Photo taken 01/04/06.
SH 95 curves onto 5th Street through Shiner. The small city is best known in Texas for the Spotzel Brewery, home of Shiner beer. The Spotzel Brewery was established by Czech immigrants to brew beer like it was made in the old country. The brewery was expanded in the early 2000s. Photo taken 01/04/06.
SH 95 (5th Street) intersects U.S. 90 Alternate (Avenue E) in Downtown Shiner. Photo taken 01/04/06.
U.S. 90A travels west to Gonzales and Seguin, where it meets U.S. 90 and IH 10. Heading east, U.S. 90A continues to Hallettsville and Eagle Lake, eventually paralleling U.S. 59/IH 69 into Houston. Photo taken 01/04/06.
Advancing north from U.S. 90A (Avenue E), SH 95 (5th Street) spans Boggy Creek ahead of the Spoetzel Brewery. Photo taken 01/04/06.
FM 3435 (16th Street) ties into SH 95 north of the Spoetzel Brewery, just outside the Shiner city limits. Photo taken 01/04/06.
FM 3435 connects SH 95 with U.S. 90A, 0.94 miles to the west in north Shiner. Photo taken 01/04/06.
The next two towns along SH 95 northbound are Moulton and Flatonia. Photo taken 01/04/06.
SH 95 north at FM 1891. FM 1891 is a stair stepped route looping 9.12 miles southeast to Wied and U.S. 90 Alternate. Photo taken 01/04/06.
Progressing north from FM 1891, SH 95 crosses Ponton Creek and its tributary to the east of the UP Railroad siding of Henkhaus. Photo taken 01/04/06.
The next junction on SH 95 north is with FM 340. A 14.52 mile long highway, FM 340 travels east to Witting, then southeast to U.S. 77A. Photo taken 01/04/06.
Entering Moulton, travelers on SH 95 intersect the eastern branch of FM 532 at Jackson Street. Moulton is a railroad junction two miles southeast of the original town site, which was founded in the mid-1850s and abandoned after construction of the railroad. Moulton was known worldwide for the Moulton Male and Female Institute, a school that operated during the mid-18th century. Photo taken 01/04/06.
FM 532 ventures 13.98 miles eastward from SH 95 to Komensky and U.S. 77. Westbound FM 532 dog legs north along SH 95, 0.463 miles to Moore Avenue. Photo taken 01/04/06.
FM 532 follows Moore Avenue west from SH 95 through the Moulton business district to FM 1680, and Lancaster Street southward along a 13.68 mile course to Nickel, Little New York, U.S. 90A at Gonzales. Photo taken 01/04/06.
Heading north into Fayette County, SH 95 enters Flatonia along Faires Street and approaches U.S. 90 (W Main Street N). Photo taken 01/04/06.
SH 95 dog legs east along side U.S. 90 (W Main Street N), 0.182 miles from Fairies Street to N Penn Street. Photo taken 01/04/06.
Flatonia is a cattle ranching center with a strong Czech heritage. Every year, the Czhilispiel festival, named by Czechs who like chili, attracts travelers from Central Texas during the fourth weekend in October. SH 95 continues north from U.S. 90 to join the town center with IH 10. Photo taken 01/04/06.
SH 95 (Penn Street) meets IH 10 at a split diamond interchange west of FM 609 (La Grange Street). Photo taken 01/04/06.

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