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SH 141 is a connecting road through the King Ranch, between U.S. 281 in Jim Wells County and U.S. 77 in Kingsville. The road bisects the King Ranch, hence the lack of development along the route. SH 141 was originally designated in 1939 as part of the redefinition of the state highway system.

Texas State Highway 141 East
SH 141 begins at U.S. 281, and travels through the scrublands of the King Ranch to Kingsville. Photo taken 02/19/06.
SH 141 enters Kleberg County at this point. Photo taken 02/19/06.
This is a typical view of SH 141 through the King Ranch. Photo taken 02/19/06.
The civic booster club signs welcome motorists to Kingsville. Photo taken 02/19/06.
SH 141 follows King Avenue east into the Kingsville street grid, meeting SS 169 (University Boulevard) north. Photo taken 02/19/06.
Spur 169 travels 0.482 miles north to Santa Gertrudis Street at Texas A&M University-Kingsville. Photo taken 02/19/06.
SH 141 confirming marker posted at 4th Street in Kingsville. Photo taken 02/19/06.
Advancing east from Downtown Kingsville, SH 141 (King Avenue) approaches U.S. 77 Business (14th Street). Photo taken 02/19/06.
U.S. 77 Business comprises a 13.63 mile route through Kingsville north to Bishop. BU 77-V was created in 1966 when U.S. 77 shifted onto a bypass. Photo taken 02/19/06.
The final confirming marker for SH 141 stands east of U.S. 77 Business (14th Street). The state highway ends in one mile. Photo taken 02/19/06.
The eastern extent of SH 141 ahead of U.S. 77 Business is less developed. Photo taken 02/19/06.
Doubling as the future IH 69E corridor, U.S. 77 follows a freeway bypass of Kingsville and Bishop north to Robstown and south to Raymondville. Photo taken 02/19/06.
SH 141 concludes at the U.S. 77 frontage road system. Photo taken 02/19/06.

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02/19/06 by Kevin Trinkle

Connect with:
U.S. 77
U.S. 281

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