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SH 359 was designated in 1954, when U.S. 59 was rerouted between Beeville and Laredo on former SH 202 through George West, then on a new alignment via Freer to Laredo. The old alignment became SH 359. SH 359 remains primarily a two lane road between Alice and Skidmore.

Texas State Highway 359 East
Three quarters of a mile beyond the separation with SH 44 east outside Alice, SH 359 intersects FM 3376. FM 3376 comprises a 4.36 mile highway west to Lake Alice and U.S. 281 Business (BU-281R) in Alice. Photo taken 10/07/05.
Confirming marker posted north of FM 3376. SH 359 crosses area of the Bentonville Oil Field on the succeeding stretch. Photo taken 10/07/05.
FM 1539, which travels 4.36 miles east to FM 2044, begins here at SH 359. Photo taken 10/07/05.
Entering the city of Orange Grove, this sign shows restrictions on trucks in town. Most of the town streets are narrow and cannot handle trucks effectively. Photo taken 10/07/05.
SH 359 was realigned east of from Leona Street, the original alignment through Orange Grove. The state highway intersects FM 624 in the small business district. FM 624 travels east to Corpus Christi and west to SH 97 near Cotulla. Photo taken 10/07/05.
FM 534 branches northwest from SH 359 to Lagaro and Dinero around the west side of Lake Corpus Christi. The 28.13 mile long highway turns east to IH 37 at Swinney Switch and ends at FM 796 in Bee County. Photo taken 10/07/05.
This confirming marker stands beyond FM 534 and ahead of Casa Blanca. Photo taken 10/07/05.
FM 70 travels southward from SH 359 in Sandia to Agua Dulce. Paralleling the Jim Wells county line, FM 70 continues east to SH 286 at the Chapman Ranch. Photo taken 10/07/05.
FM 1510 comprises a 9.00 mile long loop from SH 359 on the north side of Sandia toward the Nueces River and FM 70 to the southeast. Photo taken 10/07/05.
County Road 365 spurs west from SH 359 to Camp Shawondasee along Lake Corpus Christi. Photo taken 10/07/05.
Crossing the Nueces River just south of Wesley Seale Dam, SH 359 enters San Patricio County. Photo taken 10/07/05.
The next turnoff is Park Road 25 to Lake Corpus Christi State Park, located on the shores of Lake Corpus Christi. Photo taken 10/07/05.
PR 25 winds northwest 1.45 miles to FM 1068, Lake Corpus Christi State Park, and Park Road to the town of Lake City. Photo taken 10/07/05.
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2 photos
Through the city of Mathis, SH 359 bypasses Downtown to the east. The state highway narrows through a Union Pacific Railroad dating from 1937. Photos taken 10/07/05.
Forming part of a loop along with FM 3024 between IH 37 and Mathis, Spur 459 is an old section of SH 9 bypassed by the freeway. Photo taken 10/07/05.
SH 359 Business (BS-359B) follows San Patricio Avenue and Front Street through the Mathis business district along a 1.40 mile course. Photo taken 10/07/05.
Signed in 1990, Business 359-B was created in 1947 with SH 359 (former US 59/SH 9) shifted through the east side of Mathis. Photo taken 10/07/05.
FM 3024 begins at SH 359 in Mathis and follows an old section of former SH 9 bypassed by IH 37 north to Swinney Switch. Photo taken 10/07/05.

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10/07/05 by Kevin Trinkle

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