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University Boulevard comprises a busy north-south arterial linking the University of South Alabama area with U.S. 98 (Moffett Road) to the north and Cottage Hill Road at Demetropolis Road to the south. Lengthened in stages, the boulevard ended at Zeigler Boulevard until 1999, when the extension to Highpoint Boulevard opened. A new alignment of Demetropolis Road opened south from University Boulevard to U.S. 90 (Government Boulevard) in 2003.

A congested route at Airport Boulevard, the four to six lane boulevard varies with commercialized and residential frontage. University Boulevard becomes High Point Boulevard north beyond the Mobile city line. The name High Point Boulevard applies to segments of road later incorporated into the University Boulevard frontage road system within Mobile.

University Boulevard north
Bit & Spur Road comprises an old connector road between Airport Boulevard and Old Shell Road in the Country Club Village area. A split-phased traffic signal controls traffic at University Boulevard. 01/16/09
University Boulevard reaches the University of South Alabama campus at Old Shell Road. Old Shell Road west provides access to the Mitchell Center and Eddie Stanky Field on the south side of the campus. Old Shell Road east continues to the Spring Hill and Midtown areas. 01/16/09
The third of three signalized intersections serving the main campus of the University of South Alabama along University Boulevard north. 11/21/08
The T-intersection with Gaillard Drive was expanded to include access to the University of South Alabama Technology Park. New mast-arm supported traffic lights were installed in 2007 at the expanded intersection. Gaillard Drive otherwise winds eastward through Joseph N. Langan Park. 09/30/12
University Boulevard south
University Boulevard sees a grade separated intersection with U.S. 98 (Moffett Road) and then intersects Overlook Road. Overlook Road heads east and directly merges onto U.S. 98 ahead of Forest Hill Drive. Westward the road continues to Howells Ferry Road (CR 72) near Cody Road. 07/17/07
University Boulevard was extended northward from Zeigler Boulevard to Overlook Road by 1999. Part of the highway's construction involved elevating the CN Railroad line onto a new overpass. 07/17/07
University Boulevard emerges from the CN Railroad under crossing to intersect Zeigler Boulevard. Zeigler Boulevard heads east to Langan Park and Spring Hill Avenue and west to Tanner Williams Road near the U.S.C.G. Aviation Training Center. 07/17/07
2007-installed traffic lights at Gaillard Drive and the USA Technology and Research Park entrance. Gaillard Drive provides access to Langan Park, Museum Drive and Azalea City Golf Course east of University Boulevard. University Boulevard began here in 1977. 07/17/07
USA North Drive provides one of three access roads to the University of South Alabama from University Boulevard south. USA North Drive meanders west to USA Circle Drive at the campus center. 07/17/07
Bit & Spur Road crosses University Boulevard adjacent to Dickson Elementary School. Bit & Spur provides a cut through between Airport Boulevard and Old Shell Road west of Country Club Estates. University Boulevard ended at Bit & Spur in 1974. 07/17/07
A short distance south of Bit & Spur Road is the major cross roads with Airport Boulevard. Airport Boulevard comprises Mobile's busiest commercial corridor, joining the Bel Air Mall area of Midtown with the big box retail corridor along Schillinger Road. 07/17/07
University Boulevard winds southeast to Grelot Road west. Grelot Road constitutes a four-lane arterial to Schillinger Road (CR 31). Originally University Boulevard ended here opposite Demetropolis Road. 07/17/07

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