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U.S. 1 North
U.S. 1 (Bel Air Road) exits Gunpowder Falls State Park and intersects Reckford Road at a set of flashers. Reckford Road wanders east to Maryland 152 (Mountain Road) and north to parallel Maryland 147 (Harford Road). Photo taken 12/28/07.
Maryland 152 (Mountain Road south / Fallston Road north) crosses paths with U.S. 1 (Bel Air Road) at Lynchs Corner). Photo taken 12/28/07.
Mountain Road ventures southward to Stockton, Mountain, Interstate 95 (Exit 74) and Aberdeen Proving Ground. The 17.34-mile state route continues northwest to Fallston and Maryland 146 south of Madonna. Photo taken 12/28/07.
Continuing northeast from Lynchs Corner, the frontage of Bel Air Road increases in development with small businesses occupying much of the land to Benson. Photo taken 07/06/10.
Milton Avenue connects U.S. 1 (Bel Air Road) with Maryland 147 (Harford Road) through a subdivision of tightly packed homes. The subdivision was partially built in place of an industrial business just off Bel Air Road. Photo taken 07/06/10.
Connolly Road travels east from Old Fallston Road to meet U.S. 1 (Bel Air Road) opposite Whitaker Mill Road at Benson. Whitaker Mill Road ventures east to Old Joppa Road and Ring Factory Road south of Bel Air. Photo taken 07/06/10.
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Views of the northbound approach to the north end of Maryland 147 (Harford Road) and split with Bel Air Road (U.S. 1 Business) along U.S. 1 at Benson. U.S. 1 shifts to the Bel Air Bypass while the business loop continues into the Bel Air city limits. The guide sign for U.S. 1 was replaced by 2010 with a junction shield assembly. Photo taken 07/06/10. Second photo taken 12/28/07.
U.S. 1 Business was created when the Bel Air Bypass opened to traffic in the 1960s. The business loop follows Bel Air Road east to Baltimore Pike and Main Street (Maryland 924) north into downtown. Photo taken 07/06/10.
Maryland 147 travels 18.81 miles southwest from U.S. 1 (Bel Air Road) to U.S. 1 within the city of Baltimore. U.S. 1 Business totals 6.90 miles through Bel Air and nearby Hickory. This particular shield assembly was removed by 2010. Photo taken 12/28/07.
Mast-arm supported signals replaced a span-wire traffic light assembly between 2007 and 2010 at Maryland 147 (Harford Road) south and U.S. 1 Business (Bel Air Road) north. Photo taken 07/06/10.
U.S. 1 expands into a four-lane expressway briefly from Benson northeast to Winters Run along the Bel Air Bypass. Photo taken 12/28/07.
Northbound mileage sign posted on the Bel Air Bypass 21 miles west of Rising Sun and 81 miles out from Philadelphia. Photo taken 12/28/07.
Next in line for northbound drivers along U.S. 1 (Bel Air Bypass) is the junction with Maryland 24 (Vietnam Veterans Memorial Highway) south. Photo taken 12/28/07.
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U.S. 1 reduces to a super-two expressway at the crossing of Winters Run. Photos taken 12/28/07.
One quarter mile south of the southbound off-ramp to Maryland 24 (Vietnam Veterans Memorial Highway) to the commercial district of Bel Air. Maryland 24 constitutes a controlled-access arterial southward to Exit 77 of Interstate 95 and Aberdeen Proving Ground at Edgewood. Photo taken 12/28/07.
The off-ramp to Maryland 24 includes a stub ramp for an unconstructed northbound roadway of U.S. 1. The state route otherwise meets Boulton Street and U.S. 1 Business (Baltimore Pike) at Harford Mall next. Maryland 24 northbound meanwhile merges with U.S. 1 (Bel Air Bypass) to its original alignment at Frogtown. Photo taken 12/28/07.
An at-grade intersection facilitates the movements from Maryland 24 north to U.S. 1 south and U.S. 1 south to Maryland 24 south. Upgrades to the junction of Maryland 24 are planned in the form of a trumpet interchange. Photo taken 12/28/07.
U.S. 1 Maryland Route 24 North
U.S. 1 & Maryland 24 travel less than one mile together to a parclo interchange with Rock Spring Road (Maryland 924 south). Photo taken 12/28/07.
Maryland 24 travelers merge onto the Bel Air Bypass from Vietnam Veterans Memorial Highway before the Vale Road overpass. Maryland 24 shifted onto its current alignment from Rock Spring Road, Main Street, and Emmorton Road in the 1980s. The original path remains in the state system as Maryland 924. Photo taken 12/28/07.
Maryland 924 begins and heads south along Rock Spring Avenue to a one-way couplet split of Main Street (north) and Bond Street (south) through the Bel Air central business district. There the route joins U.S. 1 Business. Photo taken 12/28/07.
U.S. 1 & Maryland 24 (Bel Air Bypass) north at the southbound off-ramp to Maryland 924 (Rock Springs Road). Maryland 924 travels 7.34 miles overall through Bel Air and Emmorton. Photo taken 12/28/07.
A loop ramp follows and carries Maryland 24 north onto Rock Spring Road through Frogtown to Forest Hill. Photo taken 12/28/07.
Maryland 24 leaves the suburbia of Bel Air and Forest Hill and travels Rocks Road from Maryland 23 (East West Highway) through scenic Rocks State Park, Constitution, and Fawn Grove, Pennsylvania. Photo taken 12/28/07.
U.S. 1 North
Reassurance marker posted along the Bel Air Bypass as it skirts by the community of Bynum north of Rock Spring Road. Photo taken 12/28/07.
Maryland 23 (East West Highway) heads east from Maryland 24 (Rocks Road) near Forest Hill to end at U.S. 1 (Hickory Bypass). Travelers bound for East West Highway are directed onto Dove Court north to directly reach Maryland 23 west. Photo taken 12/28/07.
Dove Court travels north-south between U.S. 1 (Bel Air Bypass) and Maryland 23 (East West Highway) parallel to the Hickory Business Loop of U.S. 1. The alignment was originally Maryland 23 until the Hickory Bypass opened to traffic. Photo taken 12/28/07.
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U.S. 1 Business exits Bel Air via Hickory Avenue onto Conowingo Road. Conowingo Road crosses U.S. 1 at the transition from the 1960s Bel Air Bypass and the 2000 completed Hickory Bypass. Photos taken 12/28/07.
U.S. 1 Business (Conowingo Road) south provides the final opportunity to reach the Harford County seat from U.S. 1 north. Photo taken 12/28/07.
U.S. 1 (Hickory Bypass) stays south of Hickory along a controlled-access route. Photo taken 07/06/10.
Maryland 23 (East West Highway) ends at the adjacent signalized intersection along U.S. 1 (Hickory Bypass) north. Photo taken 07/06/10.
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Traveling 20.58 miles, Maryland 23 follows a circuitous path from Hickory to Jarrettsville, Madonna, Blackhorse, Norrisville, and the south end of Pennsylvania 24. Photos taken 07/06/10.
Leaving the intersection with Maryland 23, U.S. 1 transitions into a rural highway. Photo taken 07/06/10.
Maryland 543 (North Fountain Green Road) ties into U.S. 1 (Hickory Bypass) south of Hickory and north of Fountain Green. Photo taken 07/06/10.
A 19.08-mile route, Maryland 543 begins at U.S. 40 south of Exit 80 of Interstate 95 and ventures north six miles to Ady. Photo taken 07/06/10.
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2 photos
Northbound U.S. 1 (Hickory Bypass) at the signalized intersection with Maryland 543 (North Fountain Green Road). Maryland 543 ends to the north at Maryland 165 (Pylesville Road) southwest of Whiteford). Photo taken 07/06/10. Second photo taken 12/28/07.
U.S. 1 reduces from four to two lanes north of North Fountain Green Road. Photo taken 07/06/10.
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U.S. 1 Business (Conowingo Road) returns from Hickory and ends at U.S. 1 (Hickory Bypass) east of town. Photos taken 07/06/10.
Mileage sign posted along U.S. 1 (Conowingo Road) northbound after the Hickory Business loop. Rising Sun is the next town of significant along the US route in Maryland, but U.S. 1 no longer enters the Cecil County municipality. Photo taken 12/28/07.
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Motorists taking U.S. 1 north enter a forested stretch within the vicinity of Palmer State Park. Conowingo Road crosses over Deer Creek on the drive. Photos taken 07/06/10.
Maryland 136 (Priestford Road) intersects U.S. 1 (Conowingo Road) at Poplar Grove next. Photo taken 07/06/10.
Maryland 136 is the longest route within Harford County at 30.04 miles in length. Beginning at Maryland 7 in Bush, the state highway journeys northward to Creswell, Calvary and Churchville before meeting U.S. 1. North of Poplar Grove, the state route enters Dublin before bending westward to Prospect and Whiteford. Photo taken 12/28/07.
Maryland 440 (Dublin Road) ends at U.S. 1 (Conowingo Road) east of Dublin and west of Hopkins Corner. The east-west route totals 5.65 miles from Conowingo Road to Ady (Maryland 543). Photo taken 07/02/10.
Conowingo Road turns east from Dublin Road toward Hopkins Corner and Darlington. Photo taken 07/02/10.
Approaching Maryland 161 (Main Street) near Darlington along U.S. 1 (Conowingo Road) north. Maryland 161 (Darlington Road) links U.S. 1 with Maryland 155 (Level Road) and Susquehanna State Park in eastern Harford County. Photo taken 07/02/10.
Maryland 161 (Main Street) splits with Maryland 623 (Castleton Road) just before meeting U.S. 1 (Conowingo Road). Maryland 623 follows Castleton Road north across U.S. 1 to Berkley. The route provides a more direct connect to U.S. 1 north from Maryland 161. Photo taken 07/02/10.
U.S. 1 (Conowingo Road) north at Maryland 623 (Castleton Road). Maryland 623 continues north from Castleton Road onto Flintville Road to Slate Hill, Pennsylvania. Photo taken 07/02/10.
This U.S. 1 reassurance shield is located along Conowingo Road northbound as the highway approaches a weigh station beyond the intersection with Maryland 623 (Castleton Road). Photo taken 06/30/10.
This mileage sign along northbound U.S. 1 (Conowingo Road) provides the mileage to Rising Sun (10 miles) and Oxford (13 miles) just prior to reaching Conowingo Dam. The Conowingo Dam holds back a reservoir along the Susquehanna River and is part of a larger flood control system on the river. Photo taken 06/30/10.
U.S. 1 makes an abrupt curve ahead of the Conowingo Dam crossing of the Susquehanna River. A wayside park lies along the west banks of the river adjacent to the curve. The overlook is a part of Susquehanna State Park. Photo taken 06/30/10.
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3 photos
U.S. 1 northbound reaches Conowingo Dam, which spans the Susquehanna River southwest of the town of Conowingo. Conowingo Dam is a fully functioning power generating facility, opened in 1928 and expanded in 1978. A concrete dam, it is 105 feet tall and is jointly owned by Susquehanna Power Company and Philadelphia Electric Power Company (PECO). Photo taken 06/30/10. Second photo taken 04/30/04. Third photo taken 06/25/10.
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3 photos
3 photos
U.S. 1 narrows considerably across Conowingo Dam; midway across the Susquehanna River is the dividing line between Harford and Cecil Counties. Conowingo Dam represents the only toll-free road crossing of the Susquehanna within Maryland. Photos taken 06/30/10.
Maryland 222 (Susquehanna River Road) reaches its northern terminus at its intersection with U.S. 1 (Conowingo Road). Formerly U.S. 222, Maryland 222 represents a section of U.S. 222 truncated from Maryland 7 in Perryville northwest to Conowingo. Photo taken 06/30/10.
In 1995, U.S. 222 was removed from Susquehanna River Road in an effort to reduce traffic on a fairly narrow and winding road with a low clearance railroad bridge at Port Deposit. The truck route was placed in a previous effort to bypass large truck traffic from Port Deposit for the drive between Conowingo and Perryville. The truck alternate route of Maryland 222 is available via U.S. 1 north, Maryland 276 south, and Maryland 275 south before meeting Maryland 222 just north of Interstate 95. The new southern terminus of U.S. 222 is located just ahead on U.S. 1. Photo taken 04/30/04.
U.S. 1 and former U.S. 222 north travel along Conowingo Road toward Conowingo and U.S. 222 (Rock Springs Road) at Rowlandsville Road. Overall U.S. 222 links Cecil County with Lancaster, Pennsylvania in conjunction with Pennsylvania 272. Photo taken 06/05/05.
U.S. 222 begins its northerly journey via Rock Springs Road from U.S. 1 at Kilby Corner. The US route travels to Lancaster, Reading, Kutztown and the Allentown metropolitan area in Pennsylvania. This intersection marks the southern terminus of U.S. 222, which has a fraction more than three miles for its entire length in Maryland. Photo taken 06/25/10.
A truck alternate route for Maryland 222 south is signed along northbound U.S. 1 (Conowingo Road) after the U.S. 222 (Rock Springs Road) intersection. Maryland 222 Truck is a remnant of U.S. 222 Truck. The alternate route is mandatory for large trucks due to the narrow nature of Maryland 222 (Main Street) in Port Deposit. Photo taken 04/30/04.
Between U.S. 222 and Maryland 273, U.S. 1 passes by an old alignment along Porters Bridge Road. Porters Bridge Road is designated as Maryland 591, but it is not signed as such from the mainline. The bridge itself, which crossed the Octoraro Creek, was decommissioned and later removed, thus rendering Maryland 591 into a split route on either side of the old bridge. Photo taken 08/11/05.
The U.S. 1 Octoraro Creek bridge itself is an older span with a concrete guardrail. Photo taken 06/05/05.
U.S. 1 approaches Maryland 273, which follows Rising Sun Road east through Rising Sun, Calvert, Fair Hill, and Appleton, then changes into SR 273 upon entering the First State. This is an excellent route into Newark, Delaware, without rejoining Interstate 95 or following slower U.S. 40/Pulaski Highway through Elkton. Of course, Maryland 273 is also part of a longer alternate route for avoiding the Susquehanna River Bridge tolls on both routes and the Delaware Turnpike toll on Interstate 95 near Newark. Photo taken 06/25/10.
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Beyond the separation with Maryland 273, U.S. 1 continues northeast toward Nottingham and Oxford in Pennsylvania. The highway upgrades to a freeway en route to Kennett Square. MDOT advises motorists headed to I-95 to follow Maryland 222 Truck & Maryland 276 south in lieu of Maryland 273 here. Photo taken 06/05/05. Second photo taken 06/25/10.
U.S. 1 reassurance marker posted beyond the westbound Maryland 273 connector road to Conowingo Road. Photo taken 08/11/05.
Shortly after the Maryland 273 split is the turn off for South Truck Maryland 222 and Maryland 276 (Jacob Tome Memorial Highway) to Interstate 95. This is not the most direct route but is the preferred route for trucks. Do not continue straight ahead on U.S. 1 in search of Interstate 95; they do not rejoin until north of Philadelphia! Photo taken 07/02/10.
As noted previously, Truck Maryland 222 south departs U.S. 1 and follows Maryland 276 (Jacob Tome Memorial Highway) south to Maryland 275 south back to Maryland 222. Maryland 276 bypasses the nearby town of Rising Sun to the west. Photo taken 07/02/10.
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A set of flashers governs the northern terminus intersection of Maryland 276 with U.S. 1 (Conowingo Road). Slicers Mill Road stems north from the junction into rural farm land. Use Maryland 276 south for Rising Sun by way of West Pearl Street and Maryland 273 (West Main Street). Photo taken 07/25/04. Second photo taken 07/02/10.
U.S. 1 northbound on Conowingo Road after its intersection with Maryland 276 (Jacob Tome Memorial Highway). The US route originally traveled through Rising Sun via Rising Sun Road / Main Street (Maryland 273) east and Walnut Street north. The highway bypasses town to the north and intersects Walnut Street in one mile. Photo taken 07/25/04.
Continuing north, U.S. 1 (Conowingo Road) reaches the Pennsylvania state line in four miles where the highway upgrades into a freeway bypass around Nottingham and Oxford. Photo taken 07/02/10.
Mount Street leads south and splits with Walnut Street (former U.S. 1) from Conowingo Road into Rising Sun. Red Pump Road travels north from a set of flashers at U.S. 1 to Lees Mill, Pennsylvania. Photo taken 07/02/10.
U.S. 1 (Conowingo Road) pushes east toward Stevens and Little New York Road as it curves toward the Chester County, Pennsylvania line. Photo taken 07/02/10.

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