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U.S. 1 (North Avenue) intersects Harford Road northbound. Harford Road doubles as MD 147 (unsigned at U.S. 1) from North Avenue to the city line and Harford County. The state route ends at the U.S. 1 and U.S. 1 Business split at Bel Air, 18.81 miles to the northeast. 07/02/10
U.S. 1 south & U.S. 40 Truck west (North Avenue) at the Jones Falls Expressway interchange with Interstate 83 (Exit 7). Pictured here is a guide sign for the forthcoming northbound on-ramp to Interstate 83 and its connections to the Druid Hill Lake Drive & 28th Street interchange. 10/10/04
State-named Interstate 83 shield affixed to a light post ahead of the Mount Royal Street and Interstate 83 ramp intersection on North Avenue westbound (this sign was replaced by 2010). Traffic to Interstate 83 north turns right ahead and partitions between the Jones Falls Expressway mainline to Towson and the Druid Hill Park interchange. 10/10/04
U.S. 1 south & U.S. 40 Truck (North Avenue) westbound at the intersection of Mount Royal Street and the ramps to/from Interstate 83. Mount Royal Street stems south from North Avenue to Howard Street, Cathedral Street, and MD 2 (St. Paul & Calvert Streets). 08/27/05
Continuing west from Mount Royal Street along North Avenue to the intersection with Park Avenue. Park Avenue meanders between McMechen Street and Lake Drive at Druid Hill Park. Note the U.S. 1 southbound reassurance shield posted within the median. 08/27/05
The north-south streets orientate in a northwest to southeast configuration west of Park Avenue at North Avenue. The next set of signals govern the intersection with Linden Avenue. 10/10/04
A set of 30" signals reside at the intersection of U.S. 1 & U.S. 40 Truck (North Avenue) and Eutaw Place. Eutaw Place ventures northwest from the Bolton Hill community to Druid Park Lake Drive. 10/10/04
U.S. 1 & U.S. 40 Truck (North Avenue) intersect the one way street couplet of MD 129 (McCulloh Street & Druid Hill Avenue) three blocks west of Eutaw Place. MD 129 constitutes 15.43 miles between U.S. 40 (Franklin Street) in Mt. Vernon northwest to Pikesville.1 10/10/04
North Avenue westbound at Pennsylvania Avenue. Pennsylvania Avenue represents a former alignment of U.S. 140 between U.S. 1 & U.S. 40 Truck and Reisterstown Road. U.S. 140 relocated from Pennsylvania Avenue onto Monroe Street & Fulton Avenue sometime before 1959 and was decommissioned all together by 1980.2 06/27/10
U.S. 1 south splits from U.S. 40 Truck west at the North Avenue intersection with Monroe Street. U.S. 1 follows the one way street couplet of Monroe Street (south) and Fulton Avenue (north) between North Avenue and Wilkens Avenue in west-central Baltimore. U.S. 40 Truck continues west along North Avenue to Hilton Parkway in the Walbrook section of the city. Note the small guide sign outlining the U.S. 1 & U.S. 40 Truck orientation. 10/10/04
Monroe Street continues U.S. 1 southbound from North Avenue. Pictured here was a reassurance marker for the US Highway, since replaced with an erroneous MD 1 shield, posted between North Avenue and Westwood Avenue. 10/10/04
One-piece four-way signals remained in use at the U.S. 1 (Monroe Street) southbound intersection with Baker Street (these were replaced by 2010). Baker Street provides an east-west through route between Hilton Street and Druid Hill Avenue (MD 129). 10/10/04
Row homes line the residential streets of west-central Baltimore as U.S. 1 passes through via Monroe Street. Many of these neighborhoods of west Baltimore are in a blighted state with many homes boarded up and vacated. Visible here are 30" signals at the intersection with Presstman Street. 10/10/04
Entering the Sandtown community of Baltimore at Riggs Avenue on U.S. 1 (Monroe Street) southbound. 10/10/04
U.S. 1 southbound reassurance shield found on the block between Mosher Street and Lafayette Avenue. 10/10/04
Lafayette Avenue provides a through route between Poplar Grove Street in Rosemont east to Pennsylvania Avenue at Upton. Another set of 30" one-piece four-way traffic lights remained in use at the U.S. 1 intersection with Lafayette Avenue. The signals to the right were replaced by 2010. 10/10/04
U.S. 1 (Monroe Street) southbound at the signalized intersection with Edmondson Avenue. Edmondson Avenue extends west from Freemont Avenue to U.S. 40 at Poplar Grove Street. Edmondson Avenue overtakes U.S. 40 from Franklin Street en route through Edmondson Village, Rognel Heights, and Hunting Ridge in west Baltimore. 10/10/04
Vacant lots line Monroe Street southbound between Edmondson Avenue and Lauretta Avenue. A street lamp supports a U.S. 1 reassurance shield here. 06/20/12
Vintage button copy overheads direct motorists to U.S. 40 at the intersection with Franklin Street (former U.S. 40 west). U.S. 40 follows the original Interstate 170 depressed freeway between Pulaski and Greene Streets. Opened in 1979, the below grade freeway dead ended at Pulaski Street just west of U.S. 1 (Monroe Street) south (demolition work removed a portion of unused roadway from Monroe Street west by summer 2011). U.S. 40 emerges from the freeway and follows Franklin & Mulberry Streets between Pulaski Street and Edmondson Avenue. The blank space on the westbound overhead was to display "Interstate 170 west" for an incomplete freeway on-ramp. 06/20/12
U.S. 40 saw relocation from the one way street couplet of Franklin (west) & Mulberry (east) Streets in 1983 onto the former Interstate 170 freeway. The frontage streets parallel the freeway between Pulaski Street and Martin Luther King, Jr. Boulevard. Motorists bound for U.S. 40 (Mulberry Street) east or Martin Luther King, Jr. Boulevard should follow Mulberry Street east along the depressed freeway. There is no on-ramp onto the freeway below from U.S. 1. 06/27/10
Continuing south, motorists see the next reassurance marker for U.S. 1 between Mulberry and Saratoga Streets. 06/20/12
Monroe Street southbound at the unsigned westbound beginning of MD 144 (Lombard Street). MD 144 travels Lombard Street west to Frederick Avenue, and Frederick Avenue west to Carroll, Irvington, and North Bend before exiting the city. The route is signed sporadically as one travels west and doubles as the historic route of both U.S. 29 and 40. 07/02/10

  1. MDRoads: Routes 120-139
  2. End of historic U.S. Highway 140 (Dale Sanderson)

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10/10/04, 08/27/05, 06/27/10, 07/02/10, 06/20/12 by AARoads

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