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2 photos
U.S. 1 narrows to two lanes from the Kennett Oxford Bypass at Sylmar into Cecil County. U.S. 1 continues along Conowingo Road southwest toward Rising Sun and Conowingo Dam. 03/02/04, 08/29/03
MD 276 shield posted ahead of the U.S. 1 (Conowingo Road) southbound intersection with Jacob Tome Memorial Highway and Slicers Mill Road. MD 276 begins here and travels west of Rising Sun en route to Colora and Port Deposit. 07/25/04
MD 276 overlaps with MD 222 Truck between U.S. 1 (Conowingo Road) and MD 275 (Perrylawn Drive). MD 222 Truck provides the through route between U.S. 1/222 at Conowingo and I-95 north of Perryville. MD 222 Truck north overlaps with U.S. 1 southbound 4.7 miles to Kilby Corner. 07/25/04
MD 276, MD 275 and MD 222 comprise the most efficient route to Interstate 95 from U.S. 1 and U.S. 222. 03/02/04
U.S. 1 advances 0.75 miles from MD 276 to the west end of MD 273 (Rising Sun Road). Part of a multi state route, MD 273 branches east to Rising Sun, Fair Hill and Newark, Delaware. 07/25/04
MD 273 (Rising Sun Road) west ties into U.S. 1 just ahead of the wye intersection separating U.S. 1 north and MD 273 east toward Rising Sun. 07/25/04
MD 591 (Porters Bridge Road) spurs west from U.S. 1 at Richards Oak along a former section of U.S. 1 to Octoraro Creek. 07/25/04
U.S. 1 lowers across Octoraro Creek ahead of the western segment of MD 591 on Colora Road. 07/25/04
Continuing 1.6 miles southwest from MD 591 (Colora Road), U.S. 1 meets the south end of U.S. 222 (Rock Springs Road) at Conowingo. 07/25/04
US. 222 was truncated south of U.S. 1 at Conowingo in 1995. The former route along Susquehanna River Road was redesignated as MD 222. U.S. 222 north leads to Quarryville and Lancaster, Pennsylvania. 07/25/04
MD 222 (Susquehanna River Road) stems south from U.S. 1 (Conowingo Road) at Conowingo Dam. MD 222 is a scenic route running along the east side of the Susquehanna River 4.5 miles to the town of Port Deposit. 06/17/00
U.S. 1 (Conowingo Road) drops steeply into the Susquehanna River valley ahead of MD 222 (Susquehanna River Road). Truck climbing lanes accompany U.S. 1 on either side of Conowingo Dam. 08/11/05
MD 222 (Susquehanna River Road) south to Port Deposit and east to Mt. Ararat Farm Road / Frenchtown Road is a part of the Susquehanna River Scenic Drive. The Scenic Drive extends west across Conowingo Dam on U.S. 1 to MD 623 08/11/05


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