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U.S. 1 south
U.S. 1 travels 1.3 miles southeast from the Flagler County line and intersects Destination Daytona Lane, a service road along the west side of Interstate 95. Photo taken 10/19/17.
With the Florida East Coast Railway paralleling U.S. 1 nearby, all folded diamond interchange joins the four-lane highway with Interstate 95. Photo taken 10/19/17.
FDOT District 5 signs reference Miami as the southbound destination for Interstate 95. District 4, from Indian River southward, uses West Palm Beach. Photo taken 10/19/17.
U.S. 1 shifts east of Interstate 95, with the two not directly meeting one another for 272 miles at Downtown Miami. Photo taken 10/19/17.
Passing under the six-lane freeway, drivers approach the left turn for Interstate 95 north toward St. Augustine and Jacksonville. Photo taken 10/19/17.
Interstate 95 and U.S. 1 north converge again in 24.6 miles beyond Palm Coast. Photo taken 10/19/17.
U.S. 1 enters the community of National Gardens to the immediate south of Interstate 95. Photo taken 10/19/17.
The Ormond Beach city limits extend northwest along U.S. 1 all the way to the Flagler County line. The formal entrance sign for "The Birthplace of Speed" stands near Southland Road. Photo taken 10/19/17.
U.S. 1 southbound continues with a commercial frontage through the community of Tomoka Estates. Photo taken 10/19/17.
Volusia County 2813 (Airport Road) begins and heads southwest from U.S. 1 along the Tomoka River to Ormond Beach Municipal Airport (OMN). Photo taken 10/19/17.
Totaling 5.182 miles in length, County Road 2813 follows Airport Road south to Tymber Creek Road, and Tymber Creek Road south to Florida 40. Photo taken 10/19/17.
U.S. 1 spans the Tomoka River on a pair of bridges built in 2000 and 2001. Photo taken 10/19/17.
Approaching the north end of SR 5A (Nova Road) on U.S. 1 south. SR 5A forms an arterial loop around central Ormond Beach, Holly Hill, Downtown Daytona Beach, South Daytona and the Port Orange city center. Photo taken 10/19/17.
Florida 5A (Nova Road) completes a 15.61 mile circuit at U.S. 1 ahead of Rose Bay in Port Orange. The state road provides a cutoff for Florida 40 west. Photo taken 10/19/17.
Wetland areas offer a brief reprieve of development along U.S. 1 south from Nova Road to the Ormond Beach street grid. Photo taken 10/19/17.
Wilmette Avenue intersects U.S. 1 at the ensuing traffic light southbound. The residential through road heads east to Beach Street (CR 4011) and west to Florida 5A (Nova Road). Photo taken 10/19/17.
U.S. 1 overtakes Yonge Street south leading to Florida 40 (Granada Boulevard). Photo taken 10/19/17.
Florida 40 (Granada Boulevard) east spans the Halifax River and ends in 1.5 miles at Florida A1A (Atlantic Avenue) across from a beach access point. Photo taken 10/19/17.
SR 40 connects Ormond Beach and the Space Coast with Ocala as part of a 92-mile route west to U.S. 41 in Marion County. Photo taken 10/19/17.
Advancing south from SR 40 (Granada Boulevard) and the Ormond Beach business district on U.S. 1 (Yonge Street). Photo taken 10/19/17.
Division Avenue intersects U.S. 1 (Yonge Street) west from Beach Street to Central Park and SR 5A (Nova Road). Photo taken 10/19/17.
The succeeding southbound traffic light on U.S. 1 operates at Hand Avenue. Photo taken 10/19/17.
Crossing the Holly Hill city line along U.S. 1 south ahead of Calle Grande Street. Photo taken 10/19/17.
Calle Grande Street heads west from U.S. 1 (Ridgewood Avenue) to Rivera Country Club. Photo taken 10/19/17.
Flomich Street meets U.S. 1 (Ridgewood Avenue) south at the ensuing traffic light. Photo taken 10/19/17.
U.S. 1 (Ridgewood Avenue) south at Walker Street in Holly Hill. Photo taken 10/19/17.
LPGA Boulevard (CR 4019) represents the main east-west route across Holly Hill. The arterial arcs west to an interchange with Interstate 95 and south to U.S. 92 (International Speedway Boulevard) through west Daytona Beach. Photo taken 10/19/17.
U.S. 1 (Ridgewood Avenue) progresses a half mile south from LPGA Boulevard to 8th Street. Photo taken 10/19/17.
U.S. 1 south at 6th Street in Holly Hill. Photo taken 10/19/17.
3rd Street parallels the Holly Hill / Daytona Beach city line west from U.S. 1 to Florida 5A (Nova Road). Photo taken 10/19/17.
2nd Street west becomes Brentwood Drive into the Daytona Beach city limits. 2nd Street east links U.S. 1 with Riverside Drive (CR 4011). Photo taken 10/19/17.
U.S. 1 enters the city of Daytona Beach at the forthcoming intersection with Florida 430 (Mason Avenue). Florida 430 is an urban boulevard traveling west two miles to Florida 483 (Clyde Morris Boulevard). Photo taken 10/19/17.
SR 430 continues east from U.S. 1 and partitions onto separate bridges across the Halifax River. The state road connects with SR A1A (Atlantic Avenue) via Oakridge Boulevard east and Seabreeze Boulevard west. Photo taken 10/19/17.
Traveling south along U.S. 1 after the intersection with Florida 430 (Mason Avenue). Photo taken 06/19/08.
Madison Avenue (CR 4048) meets U.S. 1 (Ridgewood Avenue) at the next traffic light. Madison Avenue heads east to Beach Street and west to SR 5A (Nova Road) and Heineman Street. Photo taken 06/19/08.
Fairview Avenue (CR 4040) links the barrier island and the Main Street Bridge with U.S. 1. Unsigned CR 4040 follows George W. Engram Boulevard west to Florida 5A (Nova Road). Photo taken 06/19/08.
Mullally Street is a short street west and east of U.S. 1 in central Daytona Beach. Photo taken 06/19/08.
Dr. Mary McLeod Bethune Boulevard (CR 4052) east links U.S. 1 (Ridgewood Avenue) with Beach Street (CR 4029) along the Halifax River and west to White Street (CR 4039) at UCF Daytona Beach Photo taken 06/19/08.
U.S. 1 (Ridgewood Avenue) southbound at Bay Street in Downtown Daytona Beach. Photo taken 06/19/08.
Approaching U.S. 92 (International Speedway Boulevard) on U.S. 1 (Ridgewood Avenue) south. U.S. 92 begins on the nearby barrier island at Florida A1A. Photo taken 06/19/08.
U.S. 92 follows International Speedway Boulevard west from Downtown Daytona Beach all the way to its merge with U.S. 17 south in DeLand. Photo taken 06/19/08.
U.S. 1 proceeds south from U.S. 92 to signalized intersections with Magnolia Avenue and and Orange Avenue (CR 4050). Orange Avenue spans the Halifax River east across the Tom Staed Veterans Memorial Bridge to Silver Beach Avenue and Florida A1A (Atlantic Avenue). A $38-million project broke ground on August 15, 2016 to replace the span. Work runs through early 2019.1 Photo taken 06/19/08.
U.S. 1 reassurance marker posted south of Orange Avenue along Ridgewood Avenue. Photo taken 06/19/08.
Traffic lights were removed from U.S. 1 at Loomis Avenue, with the intersection converted to use J-turns. Photo taken 06/19/08.
J-turns were also implemented at the Ridgewood Avenue intersection with South Street. Photo taken 06/19/08.
Southbound U.S. 1 (Ridgewood Avenue) at Bellevue Avenue (CR 4062) east to Bethune Point Park and west to Florida 483 at Daytona Beach International Airport (DAB). Photo taken 06/19/08.
U.S. 1 (Ridgewood Avenue) remains an urban four-lane arterial south from Bellevue Avenue. Photo taken 06/19/08.
Wilder Boulevard meets U.S. 1 east of Daytona Beach Gulf Club and west from the south end of Beach Street. Photo taken 06/19/08.
SR 400 begins at U.S. 1 and travels 4.2 miles west along Beville Road to the systems interchange connecting Interstates 4 and 95. Photo taken 06/19/08.
Beville Road straddles the Daytona Beach and South Daytona city line west to Florida 5A (Nova Road). Beyond I-95, Florida 400 is the state road counterpart of Interstate 4 to Tampa. Photo taken 06/19/08.


  1. Veterans Memorial Bridge and Proposed Future Memorial Plaza, Volusia County Florida web site.

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