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U.S. 2 scenes
Washington 9 sees a diamond interchange with the U.S. 2 Snohomish bypass north of the city line. The east-west route joins Everett with Monroe nearby. Photo taken 08/30/06.
The diamond interchange between U.S. 2 and Washington 9 was reconfigured in 2005 to relocate the westbound off-ramp of U.S. 2 to New Bunk Foss Road and realign the local road to intersect Washington 9 across from the westbound on-ramp. Photo taken 08/30/06.
WSDOT typically posts one-piece signs with the cardinal direction banner and reassurance shield on one assembly. Washington 9 sees such a marker north of the interchange with U.S. 2. Photo taken 08/30/06.
Southbound Washington 9 at the westbound on-ramp to U.S. 2 for Everett and Interstate 5 and New Bunk Foss Road east. Photo taken 08/30/06.
U.S. 2 West U.S. 395 South - Spokane
Browne Street carries U.S. 2 west & 395 south from the Spokane River and Division Street to Interstate 90 outside the Spokane city center. Pictured here is the intersection with Sprague Avenue, which lies just north of the BNSF railroad over crossing. Photo taken 09/01/06.
U.S. 2 West
U.S. 2 follows a short freeway linking Interstate 90 & U.S. 395 with Sunset Highway leading away from Spokane. A wye interchange joins westbound motorists with both Airport Drive into Spokane International Airport and Sunset Highway (old U.S. 2) east to Business Loop I-90 (Geiger Boulevard). Photo taken 07/11/13.

Photo Credits:

  • 08/30/06 by AARoads.
  • 09/01/06 by AARoads.
  • 07/11/13 by Jeff Royston.

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