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U.S. 6 West
U.S. 6 west joins Spruce Hills Drive from I-74 west at the Davenport city line and ahead of the loop ramp southward to Moline, Illinois. Photo taken 03/28/16.
U.S. 6 (Spruce Hills Drive) leads west from I-74 and seamlessly transitions onto Kimberly Road at the forthcoming the intersection with Elmore Avenue. Photo taken 04/01/16.
Together Elmore Avenue north and Kimberly Road south form a commercial arterial paralleling Interstate 74. Prior to September 2, 1971, when Interstate 74 opened between Spruce Hills Drive and the bridge approach, U.S. 6 used Kimberly Road south to the Iowa-Illinois Memorial Bridge.1 Photo taken 04/01/16.
Forest Road connects U.S. 6 (Kimberly Road) with residential areas south to 32nd Street and north through the Windsor Meadows subdivision to 46th Street. Photo taken 04/01/16.
U.S. 6 (Kimberly Road) straightens out ahead of Jersey Ridge Road. Jersey Ridge Road travels north to the Windsor Crest Heights neighborhood and south to the Village of East Davenport at 11th Street. Photo taken 04/01/16.
Beyond Jersey Ridge Road, U.S. 6 (Kimberly Road) transitions into a heavily developed commercial arterial through central Davenport. Photo taken 04/01/16.
Retail, apartments and offices line the short section of Spring Street north and south of U.S. 6 from this stoplight. Photo taken 04/01/16.
Eastern Avenue leads northward to a rapidly growing area of north Davenport and the Veterans Memorial Parkway and south to 12th Street near Prospect Park. Photo taken 04/01/16.
Crossing the Dakota, Minnesota & Eastern Railroad west of Eastern Avenue on U.S. 6. The addition of a sidewalk and guard rail on the north side of Kimberly Road by 2011 resulted in the removal of this reassurance marker. Photo taken 05/25/08.
Frontage roads coincide with Kimberly Road to serve adjacent businesses to a short segment of Bridge Avenue. Photo taken 04/01/16.
Shifting northwest to overtake 39th Street, Kimberly Road intersects Davenport Avenue by Old Town Mall shopping center. Photo taken 04/01/16.
Kimberly Road kinks northwest to meet the one-way street couplet of U.S. 61 Business (Brady Street north / Welcome Way south).
The Brady Street / Welcome Way couplet was a part of U.S. 61 until May 2010, when AASHTO approved a reroute of the US highway to bypass Davenport along I-80 and I-280. Photo taken 03/25/16.
U.S. 61 Business follows Brady Street north from Downtown Davenport to 53rd Street and Welcome Way south to Harrison Street and the central business district. Originally U.S. 61 used just Brady Street north from Lombard Street and the split with Harrison Street. The Welcome Way section of road opened on May 1, 1984 and was built in lieu of a Davenport freeway spur from Interstate 80.1 Photo taken 03/25/16.
U.S. 61 Business follows Brady Street northward to a cloverleaf interchange with Interstate 80 (Exits 123A/B) and the U.S. 61 freeway leading north to De Witt. Photo taken 03/25/16.
The area bounding U.S. 6 (Kimberly Road) and U.S. 61 Business (Welcome Way) south comprises a retail center anchored by the Northpark Mall. U.S. 61 Business follows the Welcome Way commercial arterial south to Harrison Street nearby. Photo taken 03/25/16.
Kimberly Road continues U.S. 6 west 6.1 miles to Interstate 280 at Exit 1. U.S. 61 Business follows Harrison Street south to St. Ambrose University, Downtown Davenport, and U.S. 67 (West River Drive). Photo taken 03/25/16.
Reassurance marker posted as U.S. 6 continues west from U.S. 61 Business (Welcome Way) south by North Park Mall. Photo taken 01/01/15.
Fair Avenue encircles the east side of North Park Mall northward from this signal with U.S. 6. Photo taken 01/01/15.
Main Street provides the main entrance to North Park Mall north from West 37th Street and Welcome Way. Photo taken 01/01/15.
Northwest Boulevard angles southeast from Interstate 80 (Exit 292) to become Harrison Street at U.S. 6 (Kimberly Road). The boulevard once seamlessly transitioned to Harrison Street south as an extension of Iowa 130, and as Iowa 150 until 1969, to U.S. 61 & 67 (River Drive) in Downtown Davenport. When Welcome Way was constructed, Harrison Street was realigned to intersect itself just south of Kimberly Road. Photo taken 01/01/15.
Retail frontage continues along U.S. 6 west to Gaines Street and Village Shopping Center. Photo taken 01/01/15.
The next signal on U.S. 6 west governs movements to Lillie Avenue north and a hospital to the south. Photo taken 01/01/15.
Marquette Street leads south from a subdivision north of U.S. 6 (Kimberly Road) to Centennial Park on the Mississippi River near Downtown. Photo taken 01/01/15.
A reassurance marker for U.S. 6 stands just west of Marquette Street. Photo taken 03/25/16.
Division Street connects U.S. 6 with Northwest Park to the south. Northward, the road becomes 155th Avenue through the city of Eldridge. Photo taken 01/01/15.
Businesses line the north side of U.S. 6 from Division Street west to beyond Pine Street. Photo taken 04/01/16.
Pine Street runs north from subdivisions west of Northwest Park (former IA 130) to Northwest Boulevard by Red Hawk Golf Course. Photo taken 01/01/15.
A brief reprieve to the non-stop development along U.S. 6 ensues as the four-lane route crosses Silver Creek. Photo taken 01/01/15.
Hillandale Road south from U.S. 6 (Kimberly Road) provides a cutoff to Hickory Grove Road. Photo taken 01/01/15.
A signal was added to Elsie Avenue on U.S. 6 to accommodate a new Wal-mart. Photo taken 01/01/15.
Fairmount Street represents the western extent of suburbanized Davenport north from Locust Street to West 60th Street. Kimberly Road reduces to two lanes beyond this signal. Photo taken 01/01/15.
U.S. 6 (Kimberly Road) swings northward and merges with Hickory Grove Road.
Hickory Grove Road is the pre-1937 alignment of U.S. 6, and historic U.S. 32, leading southeast to Locust Street. When U.S. 6 shifted onto Kimberly Road, Hickory Grove Road was renumbered as Iowa 350, a designation it would hold until 1958.1 Photo taken 01/01/15.
Open farmland remains throughout most of northwest Davenport. This scene looks at U.S. 6 (Kimberly Road) west at Wisconsin Avenue. Photo taken 01/01/15.
Advancing west from Wisconsin Avenue along U.S. 6. Photo taken 01/01/15.
U.S. 6 west joins forthcoming Interstate 280 west to bypass its old alignment through Walcott, Stockton, Durant and Wilton. The former route was designated as Historic U.S. 6 in June 2012 after efforts by the Route 6 Tourist Association. Photo taken 01/01/15.
A parclo interchange joins Interstate 280 & U.S. 61 with U.S. 6. Photo taken 01/01/15.
U.S. 6 west merges with I-280 & U.S. 61 north as County Road F58 begins along Historic U.S. 6 west to Walcott. Photo taken 01/01/15.
Interstate 280 ends at Interstate 80 to the immediate north. The freeway south wraps around the Quad Cities 14 miles to Rock Island, Illinois. Photo taken 01/01/15.
U.S. 6 combines with Interstates 280 and 80 for a 20-mile overlap west to Cedar County. Photo taken 01/01/15.


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