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Approved by AASHTO on October 1, 1983, U.S. 9 Truck provides a southerly bypass around Georgetown. The loop separates from U.S. 9 via U.S. 113 (Dupont Boulevard) south to Bedford Street, where it turns northward to Park Avenue. Park Avenue extends the route east around Delaware Coastal Airport (GED) back to U.S. 9.

U.S. 9 Truck Mileage: 4.19

U.S. 9 Truck - 2014 Annual Average Daily Traffic (AADT)

  • 28,143 - U.S. 9 to Arrow Road
  • 23,933 - Arrow Road to Road 431
  • 7,394 - U.S. 113 to south Georgetown city limit
  • 6,042 - south Georgetown city limit to Zoar Road
  • 3,994 - Cedar Lane to Wood Branch Road
U.S. 9 Truck east
Bedford Street advances north from Arrow Safety Road through suburban areas of south Georgetown. 01/16/17
U.S. 9 Truck turns east from Bedford Street onto Park Avenue ahead of The Meadows subdivision. 01/16/17
Beyond the split with U.S. 9 Truck, Bedford Street continues to Downtown Georgetown and the roundabout with U.S. 9, SR 18 and SR 404. 01/16/17
Park Avenue circumvents Delaware Coastal Airport (GEN) on the 3.3 mile drive from Bedford Street to U.S. 9 (Lewes Georgetown Highway). U.S. 9 Truck passes just south of the main runway in this scene. 01/16/17
Cedar Lane northwest and Wood Branch Road northeast ties into U.S. 9 Truck (Park Avenue) at Cabbage Corner. A trailblazer stands between the back to back intersections. 01/16/17
Park Avenue curves northward ahead of Sussex Street west into Delaware Coastal Airport (GEN) and Springfield Road east to Springfield Crossroads. 01/16/17
U.S. 9 Truck crosses the Delaware Coast Line Railroad at Saulsbury Switch. The DCLR runs east from Georgetown to Lewes. 01/16/17
U.S. 9 leads east 9.6 miles from U.S. 9 Truck (Park Avenue) to SR 1 at Five Points. A lone shield references the route as continuing east along the U.S. 9 mainline. 01/16/17
U.S. 9 Truck ends at U.S. 9 (Lewes Georgetown Highway) by the Saulsbury Switch subdivision, 1.4 miles east of the Georgetown limit. 01/16/17
U.S. 9 Truck west
U.S. 9 Truck takes Bedford Street south from Park Avenue for 1.1 miles to U.S. 113. 01/16/17
A trailblazer directs U.S. 9 Truck south from Arrow Safety Road. Arrow Safety Road leads west directly to U.S. 113 (Dupont Boulevard) otherwise. 01/16/17
U.S. 9 Truck (Bedford Street) veers southwest at Zoar Road. Zoar Road parallels U.S. 113 south initially before turning east to Morris Mill and SR 30 at Zoar. 01/16/17
Bedford Street intersects U.S. 113 opposite Shortly Road south to Bull Pine Corners. U.S. 113 curves through west Georgetown along a four-lane arterial (Dupont Boulevard). 01/16/17
U.S. 9 Truck accompanies U.S. 113 (Dupont Boulevard) north back to U.S. 9 (County Seat Highway). 01/16/17
Overall U.S. 113 totals 37 miles through the First State, all of which are four laned. Beyond Georgetown, the US highway migrates southeast to Millsboro, Dagsboro and Selbyville. 01/16/17

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