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U.S. 10 & Wisconsin 441 west
The lone set of shields for U.S. 10 & Wis 441 west appear after the US highway merges onto the freeway. Photo taken 03/02/16.
A dumbbell interchange (Exit 290) quickly follows from U.S. 10 & Wis 441 west for Wis 47 (Appleton Road). Wis 47 ends 2.3 miles to the south at Wis 114 (3rd Street) in Menasha. Photo taken 03/02/16.
Having paralleled most of the Appleton Beltway to the south, County AP (Midway Road) finally meets STH-441 directly at Exit 289B. Photo taken 03/02/16.
The diamond interchange (Exit 289B) with County AP is busier than usual with the adjacent County P exit closed due to the WIS 441 Tri-County Project. Photo taken 03/02/16.
U.S. 10 & STH-441 turn south ahead of Exit 289A with CTH-P (Racine Road). Construction from 2015 to 2018 rebuilds the forthcoming interchange and bridges across Little Lake Butte des Morts. Photo taken 03/02/16.
The trumpet interchange (Exit 289A) with County P closed in summer 2015. The Tri-County Project rebuilds the exchange to a diamond interchange with a roundabout at the ramp terminus. Wis 441 ended at County P when the bridge over Little Lake Butte des Morts opened. Photo taken 03/02/16.
U.S. 10 & Wis 441 west pass over Tayco Road on the bridge leading west across Little Lake Butte des Morts. Exits 287B/A lie just west of the lake with Interstate 41. This sign still references U.S. 41 as it will not be replaced until construction is completed. Photo taken 03/02/16.
Crossing Little Lake Butte des Morts, which feeds the Fox River to the north. This bridge will carry westbound traffic when the new eastbound bridge to the left is complete. Construction runs through 2018. Photo taken 03/02/16.
A parclo interchange (Exits 287B/A) joins U.S. 10 & Wis 441 west with Interstate 41. The Tri-County Project rebuilds the exchange into a systems interchange with two new flyovers. Photo taken 03/02/16.
The loop ramp (Exit 287A) to Interstate 41 south to Oshkosh and Fond du Lac will be replaced by a new left side flyover by 2018. Photo taken 03/02/16.
Wis 441 ends at I-41 as the freeway continues as U.S. 10 to Fremont. Photo taken 03/02/16.
U.S. 10 west
U.S. 10 advances west from Interstate 41 across Winnebago County. A diamond interchange (Exit 287) follows with County CB, a north-south arterial that parallels I-41, similar to what County EB does in Green Bay. Photo taken 03/02/16.
An interchange sequence sign outlines the distance to Wis 76 and U.S. 45 south. The freeway leaves the suburbs of Appleton west of upcoming CTH-CB (Exit 287). Photo taken 03/02/16.
A diamond interchange joins County CB with U.S. 10 at Exit 287. County AB leads north to Appleton International Airport (ATW) and south to County JJ outside Neenah. Photo taken 03/02/16.
Speed limits increases to 65 MPH as U.S. 10 leaves the WIS 441 Tri-County Project construction zone. This stretch is a candidate for a 70 MPH increase in the future. Photo taken 03/02/16.
American Drive parallels the north side of the U.S. 10 freeway by a number of apartments and subdivisions while Friendship Trail, a multi-use path, and Jacobsen Road run to the south by the Prairie Lake Condominium complex. Photo taken 03/02/16.
Next in line for westbound motorists along U.S. 10 is the diamond interchange (Exit 284) with Wis 76. Wis 76 is the former alignment of U.S. 45 between Oshkosh and Greenville. North of Greenville, Wis 76 follows its original route through Shiocton. Photo taken 03/02/16.
Between 1998-2003, the U.S. 10 freeway ended at Exit 284 and traveled north with then U.S. 45. The freeway extension west opened in 2003 when U.S. 45 was also rerouted. Photo taken 03/02/16.
The Waupaca County seat of Waupaca represents the next destination city for U.S. 10 west in 32 miles. The expressway reaches Stevens Point in less than an hour. Photo taken 03/02/16.
Passing over Pioneer Road on U.S. 10 west along a 6.4 mile exit less stretch. Photo taken 03/02/16.
U.S. 45 between U.S. 10 and Oshkosh was rerouted along former Wis 110 and upgraded to a freeway. Photo taken 03/02/16.
Exit 276 departs from the left for U.S. 45 southeast to Winneconne, Lake Butte des Morts and I-41 in Oshkosh. Photo taken 03/02/16.
A semi directional T interchange facilitates movement between the two freeways at Exit 276. Photo taken 03/02/16.
U.S. 10 west & 45 north
Confirming markers for U.S. 10 & 45 posted after their merge. The two routes combine for 2.8 miles. Photo taken 03/02/16.
U.S. 45 branches north to reach New London in 12 miles while U.S. 10 remains west along a freeway / expressway 54 miles to Stevens Point and Interstate 39. Photo taken 03/02/16.
One mile ahead of the northbound split of U.S. 45 from U.S. 10 west (Exit 273). U.S. 45 serves the Outagamie County city of New London and many Northwoods communities in Wisconsin. Photo taken 03/02/16.
A trumpet interchange (Exit 273) separates travelers bound for U.S. 45 north to Clintonville and Antigo and U.S. 10 west to Waupaca and Marshfield. Photo taken 03/02/16.
U.S. 10 west
West of U.S. 45, the U.S. 10 freeway was constructed along a new terrain route to Fremont and the Partridge Lake area. Photo taken 03/02/16.
Waupaca is now 21 miles away, followed by Stevens Point in 50 miles. Photo taken 03/02/16.
U.S. 10 shifts northwest to cross the Waupaca County line at the Marsh Road underpass. Photo taken 03/02/16.


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