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Through much of its route north from New Orleans to Rouses Point, New York, U.S. 11 mirrors an Interstate highway. Through Alabama, this rule is no exception, with U.S. 11 following or overlapping with Interstates 20-59 northeast from Cuba to Tuscaloosa and Bessemer, and with I-59 from Trussville northeast to Gadsden and Fort Payne.

Within Jefferson County, U.S. 11 separates from Interstates 20-59 through Bessemer to Brighton, Midfield and Fairfield. U.S. 11 enters Birmingham at the Belview Heights neighborhood, angling northeast to Central Park and 3rd Avenue West to Graymont. U.S. 78 accompanies the route east to the central business district.

East from 24th Street North, where U.S. 78 turns south to Southside, U.S. 11 remains along 1st Avenue North through industrial areas, including the Sloss Furnaces National Historic Site, to the Woodlawn neighborhood and Interstate 20. The rest of U.S. 11 through Birmingham runs near Interstate 59 to Roebuck, Birmingham Race Course and Roebuck Plaza.

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