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U.S. 11 was generally wholesale superseded by Interstate 81 throughout its nearly 340-mile course in Virginia. Portions of the road were widened to four lanes to handle growing traffic demands before the Interstate system commenced in earnest. Some of these stretches were incorporated into I-81, while others serve as local gateways into cities and towns along the freeway corridor.

U.S. 11 splits into east and west branches from Bristol, Virginia south into Tennessee.

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U.S. 11 scenes
Interstate 81 and U.S. 11 converge in west Marion at a split-diamond interchange (Exit 44) with ramps separated by three quarters of a mile. 10/02/10
Washington Avenue connects I-81 with the west side of Marion and U.S. 11. This scene looks northbound on the street ahead of Lee Highway west and South Main Street east. 10/02/10
2 photos
2 photos
Along Interstate 81, several interchanges feature a spur that connects the freeway with local U.S. 11, even when the two routes do not intersect. An example of this is shown in these pictures, which show the spur from U.S. 11 east to Interstate 81 at Exit 251, which is just north of Harrisonburg. 06/06/04

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    06/06/04 by AARoads. 10/02/10 by AARoads and Carter Buchanan.

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