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U.S. 11E & 19 north
U.S. 11E & 19 enter Bristol Virginia from Volunteer Parkway in Bristol, Tennessee. The tandem immediately meet U.S. 421-U.S. 11 Truck & 19 Truck at Goode Street. U.S. 421 and company travel west from Martin Luther King, Jr. Boulevard via Cumberland Street west to Piedmont Avenue south to Goode Street west. Photo taken 05/31/07.
Northbound Commonwealth Avenue at the merge with U.S. 421 north. U.S. 19 Truck south ends while U.S. 11 Truck in a sense continues north to the U.S. 11E merge with U.S. 11W at Euclid Avenue. U.S. 421 follows Commonwealth Avenue to U.S. 11W (Euclid Avenue) west. Photo taken 05/31/07.
U.S. 11E-19-421 north
Reassurance shields for U.S. 11E-19-421 posted on Commonwealth Avenue north after Goode Street. Much of the area to the west is industrial due to the parallel railroad line. Photo taken 05/31/07.
Commonwealth Avenue bends northwest from Highland Avenue to meet Euclid Avenue. U.S. 11E ends. U.S. 11W begins and follows Euclid Avenue west with U.S. 421. U.S. 11 reforms along Euclid Avenue north with U.S. 19. Photo taken 05/31/07.
Commonwealth Avenue continues north from U.S. 11-11E-11W-19-421 to become unsigned Virginia 381 north to Interstate 381. Virginia 381 shields were taken down by May 2007. Photo taken 05/31/07.
U.S. 11W south & 421 north follow Euclid Avenue to the Tennessee state line intersection with Gate City Highway. U.S. 421 travels west from there to merge with U.S. 58 en route to Weber City and Gate City. U.S. 11W travels west to Kingsport.
U.S. 11 & 19 meanwhile follow Euclid Avenue onto the Lee Highway, paralleling the Interstate 81 corridor to Abingdon. Photo taken 05/31/07.
U.S. 11E-19-421 south
U.S. 11E begins and travels with U.S. 19 & 421 south and as U.S. 11 Truck& 19 Truck north along Commonwealth Avenue to Bristol, Tennessee. Photo taken 05/31/07.
U.S. 421 south & U.S. 11 Truck & 19 Truck north part ways with U.S. 11E & 19 south at the Commonwealth Avenue intersection with Goode Street. Goode Street carries the trio eastward to Piedmont avenue north. Photo taken 05/31/07.
U.S. 421 south leaves U.S. 11 & 19 south one block north of State Street, the boundary between Bristol, Virginia and Bristol, Tennessee. U.S. 421-U.S. 11 Truck & 19 Truck travel a convoluted route using Goode Street east, Piedmont Avenue north and Cumberland Street east to Martin Luther King Jr. Boulevard. U.S. 421 follows MLK Boulevard south into Tennessee, turning east onto a new alignment at Anderson Street; U.S. 11 & 19 Truck follow MLK Boulevard north onto Moore Avenue and U.S. 11 & 19 (Lee Highway). Photo taken 05/31/07.
U.S. 11E & 19 south
U.S. 11 & 19E (Commonwealth Avenue) continue south to meet State Street. State Street leads east to U.S. 421 and Tennessee 34 and west to U.S. 421 & 11W's split at Gate City Highway. Photo taken 05/31/07.
The first southbound shields for U.S. 11E & 19 posted along Volunteer Parkway in Bristol, Tennessee. Photo taken 05/31/07.

Photo Credits:

05/31/07 by AARoads and Carter Buchanan

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