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U.S. 12 east
Having shared pavement for 7.2 miles U.S. Highway 12 and Wisconsin 67 prepare to part ways at the partial diamond interchange ahead. U.S. Highway 12 shoots southeast toward nearby Interstate 43 and the Illinois state line. Wisconsin 67 continues south another two miles to Elkhorn, the county seat of Walworth County. Photo taken 05/09/10.
U.S. Highway 12 will begin a 17.5 mile freeway stretching from Wisconsin 67 southeast toward Lake Geneva. The freeway portion ends at Walworth County H in the town of Genoa City along the Wisconsin-Illinois border. Motorists can also use U.S. Highway 12 to travel to the greater Chicago metro area. Delavan is situated 7.8 miles to the southwest and is reachable via Interstate 43. Photo taken 05/09/10.
Upon entering the freeway portion, U.S. Highway 12 prepares to intersect Interstate 43 in one mile. Walworth County NN is also accessed from the upcoming interchange. Photo taken 05/09/10.
Motorists traveling along the U.S. Highway 12 freeway enjoy a 65 m.p.h. speed limit for the duration of their travel to Genoa City. Photo taken 05/09/10.
Traffic prepares to depart for Interstate 43 at Exit 321. A collector distributor roadway separates traffic movements from the U.S. highway and interstate at this cloverleaf interchange. Motorists also depart here for the folded diamond interchange with Walworth County NN immediately south of the interchange with Interstate 43. Photo taken 05/09/10.
Interstate 43 begins 27 miles to the southwest at an interchange with Interstate 39 and Interstate 90 near the city of Beloit, which is situated along Illinois state line. Prior to being a federal interstate, the southwest-northeast freeway connecting Milwaukee with Beloit was once signed as Wisconsin 15 and was slowly built to interstate standards between 1969 and 1976. Interstate 43 was officially extended along this corridor in late 1987. The nearby city of Delavan lies 8 miles southwest of this interchange and is accessible via Wisconsin 50 at Exit 21. Photo taken 05/09/10.
Traffic wishing to enter Interstate 43 northbound exit ahead. The interstate continues east from the cloverleaf interchange with U.S. Highway 12 toward the metropolitan area of Milwaukee. The interstate engages in two brief multiplexes in the Milwaukee metro area, one with Interstate 894 and the other with its parent, Interstate 94. The north-south interstate also connects with Green Bay in the northeast portion of the state, where the freeway ends with U.S. Highway 41 on the north end of the city. The exit for Walworth County NN lies immediately south of the interchange with Interstate 43. Photo taken 05/09/10.

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