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U.S. 12 Business travels an L-shaped route west from U.S. 12 into Downtown Missoula. The route follows Broadway Street (Business Loop I-90 / old U.S. 10) west from Madison Street to Higgins Avenue south across the Clark Fork river to U.S. 12 (5th & 6th Streets) west of the University of Montana.

The route of U.S. 12 Business through Downtown Missoula was acknowledged but unmarked in this inset from a 1968 Gousha map.

Missoula, MT - 1968
U.S. 12 Business East
U.S. 12 east turns onto South 6th Street toward the University of Montana campus as U.S. 12 Business begins. 09/01/06
U.S. 12 west follows Higgins Avenue south from 5th Street. 09/01/06
A second reassurance marker for U.S. 12 Business appears on the block between 5th and 4th Streets. 09/01/06
U.S. 12 Business (Higgins Avenue) kinks northeast beyond the traffic light at 4th Street. 09/01/06
2 photos
2 photos
Spanning the Clark Fork river, U.S. 12 Business (Higgins Avenue) enters Downtown Missoula. 09/01/06
Higgins Avenue north at Front Street, which mirrors the Clark Fork river west to Business Loop I-90 (Broadway Street) and east to Van Buren Street at Eastgate Center shopping plaza. 09/01/06
Main Street flows west from U.S. 12 (Madison Street) across U.S. 12 Business (Higgins Avenue) to U.S. 93 Business (Orange Street) at Front Street. 09/01/06
U.S. 12 Business next merges with Business Loop I-90 east at Broadway Street. This assembly, since replaced, included space for a U.S. 10 marker. 09/01/06
An overhead guide sign references the Broadway Street connections to Interstate 90. This sign originally displayed a U.S. 10 shield. It was augmented to include the TO banner and was carbon copied with a new panel by 2012. 09/01/06
Business Loop I-90 was established over the former routing of U.S. 10 from Van Buren Street west to Reserve Street through Missoula. Broadway Street also carried Montana 200 before it was relocated onto Interstate 90 to bypass the city. 09/01/06
Interstate 90 U.S. 12 Business East
Reassurance markers follow for the 0.4-mile overlap between Business Loop I-90 and U.S. 12 Business east after Higgins Avenue. The pair share just five blocks of Broadway Street. 09/01/06
Interstate 90 U.S. 12 Business West
U.S. 12 Business takes over for U.S. 12 west from Madison Street as the counterpart to Business Loop I-90 into Downtown Missoula. The overlap between the two routes lasts just five blocks. 09/01/06
A second shield assembly for Business Loop I-90 & U.S. 12 Business west follows the intersection with Adams Street. 09/01/06
Approaching the traffic light with Pattee Street on Broadway Street west. 09/01/06
A pair of six-story buildings line Broadway Street as U.S. 12 Business prepares to part ways with Business Loop I-90 west for Higgins Avenue south. 09/01/06
Higgins Avenue carries U.S. 12 Business south across the Clark Fork river to rejoin U.S. 12 west at South 5th Street. 09/01/06

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09/01/06 by AARoads and Chris Kalina

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