U.S. 13 South
U.S. 13 (Dupont Boulevard) transitions into a commercial arterial along Dupont Boulevard through the town of Smyrna. A short distance south of Duck Creek is the north end of SR 300 and merge with SR 6 east at Glenwood Avenue. 12/31/16
SR 6/300 overlap for 1.1 miles west to Smyrna Clayton Boulevard. SR 6 progresses west from there to the town of Clayton while MSR 300 continues southwesterly to Kenton and Sudlersville, Maryland. 12/31/16
U.S. 13 South Delaware Route 6 East
SR 6 east combines with U.S. 13 south for three blocks to the intersection of Commerce Street in Smyrna. 12/31/16
Commerce Street leads SR 6 east from U.S. 13 (Dupont Boulevard) to Woodland Beach Road beyond SR 1. Woodland Beach Road carries the remaining 8.05 miles of SR 6 out to Woodland Beach on Delaware Bay. 12/31/16
U.S. 13 South
Continuing south, U.S. 13 (Dupont Boulevard) converges with South Main Street after forthcoming Mill Street. 12/31/16
Smyrna Leipsic Road arcs southeast from U.S. 13 and Smyrna to become SR 9 en route to the town of Leipsic. 12/31/16
South from Smyrna Leipsic Road, motorists along U.S. 13 will reach Dover in 12 miles. Milford (31 miles) is referenced for the upcoming ramps with SR 1. 12/31/16
The subsequent traffic light on U.S. 13 southbound connects Dupont Boulevard with SR 1 (Korean War Veterans Memorial Highway) at the South Smyrna interchange. 12/31/16
The access road for SR 1 also serves adjacent businesses from Canwit Drive. The toll road south stays east of U.S. 13 to the bypass around Dover. 12/31/16
U.S. 13 (Dupont Highway) runs along the east side of Cheswold to the upcoming junction with SR 42 (Main Street). 12/28/16
SR 42 forms a 12.72 mile arc from SR 9 in Leipsic to SR 6 at Blackiston. 12/28/16
The eastern extent of SR 42 follows Fast Landing Road along a rural course east from the overpass above SR 1 to the small town of Leipsic. 12/28/16
SR 42 bisects Cheswold along Main Street en route to the small town of Kenton at SR 300. 12/28/16
The cross roads of U.S. 13 (Dupont Highway) and SR 42 are known as Bishops Corner. 12/28/16
U.S. 13 (N Dupont Highway) south at Cedar Chase Drive west and the entrance to Kentwood Estates mobile home park. 12/18/20
The traffic light at Rustic Lane serves big box retail along the west side of Dupont Highway and a residential area north of Dover Mall. 12/18/20
Back to back signalized intersections connect U.S. 13 (N Dupont Highway) with Dover Mall. 12/18/20
Delaware State University lines the west side of U.S. 13 at the ensuing intersection southbound. 12/18/20
The succeeding signal beyond the entrance to Delaware State University is with the entrance road to Down Downs Hotel & Casino and Dover International Speedway. 12/18/20
College Road wraps around the back side of Delaware State University west from U.S. 13 at the North Dover Center retail plaza 2.12 miles to SR 15 (McKee Road). 12/18/20
U.S. 13 ALT (State Street) branches southwest from U.S. 13 (N Dupont Highway) at Leipsic Road to Wesley College and Downtown Dover. 12/18/20
Confirming marker posted at the intersection with N State Street and Leipsic Road (Rd 88). Leipsic Road north serves parking areas for Dover International Speedway. 12/18/20
Lepore Drove (Rd 3B) provides the link from U.S. 13 (N Dupont Highway) north to U.S. 13 ALT (N State Street) south. 12/18/20
Passing just east of Silver Lake, U.S. 13 (Dupont Highway) advances by additional retail and lodging to the traffic light with Townsend Boulevard east and Lakeview Drive west. 12/18/20
Entrances to The Centre of Dover and Lake Club Apartments tie into U.S. 13 at a J-turn intersection. 12/18/20
U.S. 13 (Dupont Highway) continues along a six lane commercial arterial to both SR 8 (Division Street) and Bay Road, the former alignment of U.S. 113 south to Dover Air Force Base. 08/05/07
SR 8 leads 3.62 miles east from U.S. 13 to SR 9 in the small town of Little Creek. A half diamond interchange also joins SR 8 east with the SR 1 toll road north in 1.45 miles. 12/18/20
SR 8 (Division Street) heads west from U.S. 13 (Dupont Highway) across Dover to Forrest Avenue and Halltown Road en route to the Maryland state line at Marydel. SR 10, in conjunction with MD 454 and MD 302, links the capital city with U.S. 301 south to the Chesapeake Bay Bridge. 12/18/20
Loockerman Street (Rd 23) comprises a minor arterial west from U.S. 13 to Dover City Hall north of Legislative Hall, The State Capitol of Delaware. 12/18/20
U.S. 13 (Dupont Highway) south next enters the wye intersection with Bay Road (Rd 7). Until February 2004, Bay Road was part of U.S. 113 south from Dover toward Milford. The unnumbered arterial serves Blue Hen Corporate Center and the DelDOT Danner Campus along a 2.30 mile course to SR 10 at Dover A.F.B. 12/18/20
U.S. 13 (S Dupont Highway) angles southwest from Bay Road and Martin Luther King, Jr. Boulevard to the signal at River Road and Public Safety Boulevard. 12/18/20
U.S. 13 (S DuPont Highway) crosses the St. Jones River on the Douglas L. Harris Bridge. 12/18/20
Curving southwest from the St. Jones River, the ensuing traffic light on U.S. 13 south with Evergreen Drive to the Morris Estates neighborhood. 12/18/20
State Street heads south out of Downtown Dover to cross paths with Dupont Highway ahead of Rising Sun, Magnolia and Little Heaven. Prior to February 2004, U.S. 113 Alternate overlapped with U.S. 13 south to State Street south. 12/18/20
Southbound reassurance shield posted after State Street. U.S. 13 Alternate parallels Dupont Highway nearby along Governors Avenue. 12/18/20
A short distance separates Dover from the adjacent towns of Camden and Wyoming. U.S. 13 meets SR 10 (Lebanon Road) on the east side of Camden. 12/18/20
Southbee Drive (Rd 3A) links U.S. 13 south with adjacent U.S. 13 ALT (S Governors Avenue). 12/18/20
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The Puncheon Run Connector ties into U.S. 13 (Dupont Highway) south between Southbee Drive and Webbs Lane. The freeway spur completes the SR 1 bypass route of Dover south from Smyrna. 12/18/20
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2 photos
Webbs Lane (Rd 192) is a major collector joining U.S. 13 (S Dupont Highway) with New Burton Lane 0.96 miles to the west and S State Street 0.43 miles to the east. 12/18/20
U.S. 13 next converges with the south end of U.S. 13 ALT (S Governors Avenue). 12/18/20
U.S. 13 ALT measures 3.86 miles in length from N Dupont Highway near Dover International Speedway to S Dupont Highway at Rodney Village. 12/18/20
Constructed from 2015 to 2017, POW/MIA Parkway replaced Charles Polk Road west from U.S. 13 at Rodney Village Shopping Center. Known previously as the West Dover Connector, the two lane boulevard provides improved connectivity between U.S. 13, SR 15 and the industrial area along North Street in south Dover. 12/18/20
Crossing Isaac Branch, U.S. 13 (Dupont Highway) south reaches the Camden town limits and another branch of U.S. 13 Alternate (Old Camden Road) south. U.S. 13 Alternate acts as a business loop west from Dupont Highway to the Camden town center. 12/18/20
U.S. 13 ALT was established by 1955 along Main Street through Camden and Upper King Road through Woodside as U.S. 13 was relocated onto the four lane Dupont Highway. The town of Wyoming lies just west of Camden via SR 10 (Camden-Wyoming Avenue). 01/15/17


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