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U.S. 13 South
U.S. 13 (Dupont Boulevard) transitions into a commercial arterial along Dupont Boulevard through the town of Smyrna. A short distance south of Duck Creek is the north end of SR 300 and merge with SR 6 east at Glenwood Avenue. 12/31/16
SR 6/300 overlap for 1.1 miles west to Smyrna Clayton Boulevard. SR 6 progresses west from there to the town of Clayton while MSR 300 continues southwesterly to Kenton and Sudlersville, Maryland. 12/31/16
U.S. 13 South Delaware Route 6 East
SR 6 east combines with U.S. 13 south for three blocks to the intersection of Commerce Street in Smyrna. 12/31/16
Commerce Street leads SR 6 east from U.S. 13 (Dupont Boulevard) to Woodland Beach Road beyond SR 1. Woodland Beach Road carries the remaining 8.05 miles of SR 6 out to Woodland Beach on Delaware Bay. 12/31/16
U.S. 13 South
Continuing south, U.S. 13 (Dupont Boulevard) converges with South Main Street after forthcoming Mill Street. 12/31/16
Smyrna Leipsic Road arcs southeast from U.S. 13 and Smyrna to become SR 9 en route to the town of Leipsic. 12/31/16
South from Smyrna Leipsic Road, motorists along U.S. 13 will reach Dover in 12 miles. Milford (31 miles) is referenced for the upcoming ramps with SR 1. 12/31/16
The subsequent traffic light on U.S. 13 southbound connects Dupont Boulevard with SR 1 (Korean War Veterans Memorial Highway) at the South Smyrna interchange. 12/31/16
The access road for SR 1 also serves adjacent businesses from Canwit Drive. The toll road south stays east of U.S. 13 to the bypass around Dover. 12/31/16
U.S. 13 (Dupont Highway) runs along the east side of Cheswold to the upcoming junction with SR 42 (Main Street). 12/28/16
SR 42 forms a 12.72 mile arc from SR 9 in Leipsic to SR 6 at Blackiston. 12/28/16
The eastern extent of SR 42 follows Fast Landing Road along a rural course east from the overpass above SR 1 to the small town of Leipsic. 12/28/16
SR 42 bisects Cheswold along Main Street en route to the small town of Kenton at SR 300. 12/28/16
The cross roads of U.S. 13 (Dupont Highway) and SR 42 are known as Bishops Corner. 12/28/16
South of the split with U.S. 13 Alternate (North State Street), Dupont Highway intersects Lepore Road at a J-turn. Lepore Road provides the link from U.S. 13 north to State Street south. 12/28/16
Traveling just east of Silver Lake, U.S. 13 (Dupont Highway) advances by additional retail and lodging. Pictured here is the signal at Townsend Boulevard east and Lakeview Drive west. 12/28/16
Dupont Highway comprises a six-lane commercial arterial southward through Dover. Pictured here is the approach to both SR 8 (Division Street) and Bay Road, the former alignment of U.S. 113 south to Dover Air Force Base. 08/05/07
SR 8 leads east from central Dover to the small town of Little Creek, where it ends at SR 9. A half diamond interchange joins the state route with the SR 1 toll road north as well. 04/13/04
U.S. 13 (Dupont Highway) southbound at SR 8 (Division Street). West from Dover, SR 8 takes Forrest Avenue and Halltown Road to the Maryland state line at Marydel. The state route, in conjunction with MD 454 and MD 302, links the capital city with U.S. 301 south to the Chesapeake Bay Bridge. 08/05/07
U.S. 13 (Dupont Highway) south next enters the wye intersection with Bay Road. Until February 2004, Bay Road doubled as U.S. 113 south from Dover toward Milford. The unnumbered arterial serves Blue Hen Corporate Center, the DelDOT Danner Campus and Dover A.F.B to its merge with SR 1 south. 08/05/07
U.S. 13 (DuPont Highway) turns more westerly from the partition with Bay Road to cross the St. Jones River ahead of State Street. State Street heads south out of Downtown Dover to cross paths with Dupont Highway ahead of Rising Sun, Magnolia and Little Heaven. Prior to February 2004, U.S. 113 Alternate overlapped with U.S. 13 south to State Street south. 08/05/07
Southbound reassurance shield posted after State Street. U.S. 13 Alternate parallels Dupont Highway nearby along Governors Avenue. 08/05/07
A short distance separates Dover from the adjacent towns of Camden and Wyoming. U.S. 13 meets SR 10 (Lebanon Road) on the east side of Camden. 08/05/07
The Puncheon Run Connector ties into U.S. 13 (Dupont Highway) south between Southbee Drive and Webbs Lane. The freeway spur completes the bypass route of Dover from the SR 1 Turnpike south from Smyrna. 04/13/04
2015-17 construction of POW/MIA Parkway replaced Charles Polk Road west from U.S. 13 at the Rodney Village Shopping Center. Known previously as the West Dover Connector, the divided boulevard provides improved connectivity between U.S. 13, SR 15 and the industrial area along North Street in south Dover. 01/15/17
Crossing Isaac Branch, drivers along U.S. 13 (Dupont Highway) south reach the Camden town limits and the partition with U.S. 13 Alternate (Old Camden Road) south. U.S. 13 Alternate acts as a business loop west from Dupont Highway to the Camden town center. 12/30/17
U.S. 13 Alternate was established by 1955 along Main Street through Camden and Upper King Road through Woodside as U.S. 13 was relocated on the then new four-lane Dupont Highway. Interests to Wyoming should follow U.S. 13 Alternate south to Camden Wyoming Avenue west. 01/15/17
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2 photos
U.S. 13 progresses nine miles south from U.S. 13 Alternate into Camden to the town of Felton. The city of Harrington follows in 14 miles. 12/30/17
Old North Road ties into U.S. 13 (Dupont Highway) by Caesar Rodney Plaza Shopping Center and just ahead of SR 10. 12/30/17
SR 10 (Camden Wyoming Avenue) heads west through Downtown Camden to Willow Grove Road along the Wyoming town line. The state route travels 14 miles to the state line, where MD 287 takes over en route to Goldsboro. 12/30/17
SR 10 (Lebanon Road) forms an arterial bypass of Dover east from U.S. 13 to SR 1 and Bay Road (old U.S. 113) at Dover Air Force Base. 12/30/17
2 photos
2 photos
Advancing south on U.S. 13 (Dupont Highway) from SR 10 toward Felton and Harrington. 12/30/17
Voshells Mill Star Hill Road angles northwest from Tidbury Creek to meet U.S. 13 at the succeeding traffic light southbound. Voshell Mill Road extends west from the signal to U.S. 13 Alternate (South Main Street). 12/30/17
Thomas Harmon Drive arcs west from U.S. 13 to big box retail and the Newell's Creek subdivision 12/30/17
Reassurance marker posted south of Thomas Harmon Drive. 12/30/17
SR 10 Alternate (Walnut Shade Road) and U.S. 13 meet along the east side of the Woodside town limits next. The rural state route extends 4.7 miles west from Dupont Highway to SR 10 near Petersburg. 12/30/17
SR 10 Alternate loops northeast to Rising Sun, connecting with SR 10 along State Street (former U.S. 113 Alternate) in 4.5 miles. 12/30/17
Progressing south from SR 10 Alternate (Walnut Shade Road) near Woodside, U.S. 13 continues five miles to Felton and 11 miles to the city of Harrington. 01/16/17
U.S. 13 (Dupont Highway) becomes more rural through wooded areas west of Double Run. 01/16/17
U.S. 13 Alternate (Upper King Road) returns to Dupont Highway alongside SR 15 south from Woodside. 01/16/17
The 5.68-mile route of U.S. 13 Alt ends while SR 15 combines with U.S. 13 briefly to link with Canterbury Road south. SR 15 travels 57 miles overall, beginning at SR 71/896 at Summit Bridge well to the north in New Castle County. 01/16/17
SR 15 splits with U.S. 13 south via a left turn onto Canterbury Road south at Canterbury. 01/15/17
Heading southeast from Canterbury, SR 15 follows a mostly rural route to SR 12 (Midstate Road) and a terminus at SR 14 (Milford Harrington Highway) at northwest Milford. 01/15/17
Turkey Point Road parallels U.S. 13 just to the west from Woodside south to the rural towns of Viola and Felton. Evens Road links Dupont Highway with Main Street in Viola. 01/16/17
Irish Hill Road extends east from U.S. 13 (Dupont Highway) and Evens Road) to Canterbury and the town of Magnolia. 01/16/17
Reassurance marker for U.S. 13 posted after Evens Road west and Irish Hill Road east. 01/16/17
Felton lies three miles ahead, followed by Harrington in nine miles. Salisbury, Maryland is 49 miles away. 01/16/17
Killens Pond State Park, popular for its water park, lies 1.2 miles east of U.S. 13 (Dupont Highway) along upcoming Killens Pond Road. 01/16/17
U.S. 13 runs along the east limits of Felton for a short distance preceding SR 12 (Main Street). 01/16/17
SR 12 (Main Street) ventures west through the heart of Felton from U.S. 13 at Lake Forest Elementary to Berrytown. 01/16/17
A 16.2-mile long route, SR 12 joins Felton with Greensboro, Maryland via MD 314 west from Whiteleysburg. 01/16/17
East from U.S. 13 and Felton, SR 12 lines Midstate Road to Frederica. 01/16/17
A rural six mile drive awaits motorists along U.S. 13 south to Harrington. Seaford, the largest city wholly within Sussex County, is another 20 miles southward. 01/16/17
Killens Poind heads east to Killens Pond State Park and south to SR 14 (Milford Harrington Highway). 01/16/17
Reeves Crossing Road stems west from U.S. 13 and Killens Pond Road to Little Mastens Corner Road. 01/16/17
Progressing south, U.S. 13 (Dupont Highway) next crosses the Murderkill River. 01/16/17
Winkler Road west and Hopkins Cemetery Road east come together at Dupont Highway preceding this U.S. 13 shield assembly. 01/16/17
Carpenter Bridge Road branches southwest from SR 12 and Frederica to lead directly to Harrington via U.S. 13. 01/16/17
Delaware Avenue angles southwest from U.S. 13 (Dupont Highway) to the Harrington city center. 01/16/17
Drivers along U.S. 13 south formally enter the city limits of Harrington beyond Delaware Avenue. 01/16/17
Businesses occupy the median of Dupont Highway as U.S. 13 separates into a one-way couplet through east Harrington. 01/16/17
Speed limits reduce to 35 miles per hour as U.S. 13 nears the intersection with SR 14 (Clark Street). 01/16/17
SR 14 travels west into Downtown Harrington and east along Milford Harrington Highway toward the rural town of Houston and the city of Milford. 01/16/17
West from Harrington, SR 14 winds west across agricultural areas to Burrsville, where MD 317 takes over en route to MD 313 outside Denton. SR 14 east ends at SR 1 (Milford Bypass). 01/16/17
SR 14 Truck accompanies U.S. 13 south to Tower Hill Road. The truck route bypasses a sharp turn along SR 14 at Clark and Commerce Streets in Downtown Harrington. 01/15/17
Farmington is the next town along U.S. 13 south in four miles. Greenwood follows in eight miles at SR 16 and SR 36. 01/15/17
The Delaware State Fair, home of Harrington Raceway & Casino, lines the west side of U.S. 13 between Dupont Highway and Farmington Road (SR 14 Truck). 01/15/17
Tower Hill Road takes SR 14 Truck west to Farmington Road, which returns the route north to SR 14 (Walt Messick Road) in west Harrington. 01/15/17
Williamsville Road meanders west from the settlement of Williamsville to intersect U.S. 13 across from Hammondtown Road west to Five Corners. 01/15/17
U.S. 13 bypasses Farmington to the east. Main Street links Dupont Highway with the town center. 01/15/17
School Street provides a second route to Farmington following this shield assembly after Main Street. 01/15/17
Nine Foot Road ventures west from U.S. 13 to SR 16 (Hickman Road). SR 16 straddles the Sussex County line west to Adamsville and Hickman at the Maryland line. 01/15/17
U.S. 13 (Dupont Highway) stays rural southward to the Sussex County line. 01/15/17
U.S. 13 varies as a four lane divided highway or commercial arterial on the 26.69 mile trek through the western third of Sussex County. 01/15/17


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