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U.S. 15 U.S. 29 South
U.S. 15-29 are merged between a point northeast of New Baltimore and south of Culpeper. Together, they follow a freeway/multi-lane divided highway that serves Warrenton to the north in Fauquier County. After passing through Remington, they enter Culpeper County and approach the main business route exit into the county seat, Culpeper. 06/05/04
The county of Culpeper was chartered in 1749, and the town of Culpeper was chartered shortly thereafter, in 1759. A central location in the Civil War, over 100 battles were fought within the county during that time period (1861-1865). Much of this history is chronicled in downtown Culpeper, which is reached via the Business U.S. 15-29 exit into downtown Culpeper. 06/05/04
The next interchange along U.S. 15-29 southbound is the exit for U.S. 522 and SR 3. U.S. 522 is part of a multi-state highway that originates in Powhatan (U.S. 60) and travels north through Goochland, Gum Spring, Cuckoo, and Mineral before reaching Culpeper. SR 3 arcs from Culpeper east to Fredericksburg mostly as a divided highway, then turns southeast to serve Westmoreland, Richmond, Lancaster, Middlesex, Matthews, and Gloucester Counties. It ends at U.S. 17 in Gloucester. 06/05/04
Southbound U.S. 15-29 south reaches the interchange with U.S. 522 and SR 3. U.S. 522 and SR 3 are merged together as they enter Culpeper from the southeast via Germanna Highway. Upon reaching Business U.S. 15/Orange Street and Business U.S. 29/Madison Road, SR 3 ends, while U.S. 522 merges north with the business routes through downtown via Main Street. The routes divide at the north end of downtown, with the business routes returning to the freeway via Brandy Road, while U.S. 522 turns northwest via Sperryville Pike toward Sperryville and Front Royal. 06/05/04
The next exit along southbound is the split between U.S. 15 and U.S. 29. U.S. 29 continues as a multi-lane divided highway or freeway for the rest of its journey through the Commonwealth of Virginia, as it serves several cities (including Charlottesville, Lynchburg, and Danville). U.S. 15 remains a two-lane highway for most of its journey by avoiding most cities and larger towns as it travels toward North Carolina. 06/05/04
U.S. 15 south leads toward James Madison's Montpelier, which is located south of Orange in Orange County. The former president is also buried near there (via SR 20). 06/05/04
U.S. 29 and U.S. 15 split at this interchange. U.S. 15 follows Orange Street/James Madison Highway south toward Orange, while U.S. 29 continues along the freeway via James Monroe Highway/Seminole Trail. 06/05/04
U.S. 29 South
U.S. 15 (Sheppards Road) southbound merges with U.S. 460 (Prince Edward Highway) at a trumpet interchange south of U.S. 15 Business & 460 Business (West Third Street) outside Farmville. U.S. 15 south & 460 east follow a freeway bypass to the east; U.S. 460 continues west to Appomattox and Lynchburg. 12/21/08

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