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U.S. 17 North U.S. 92 East
U.S. 17/92 combine northward just ahead of S Buena Vista Drive and the Chain of Lakes Trail overpass. 05/22/20
A welcome sign for Lake Alfred lines the east side of U.S. 17/92 (Lake Shore Way) at Davis Avenue. 05/22/20
U.S. 17/92 separates into a one-way couplet along Lake Shore Way northbound and Shinn Boulevard southbound through Downtown Lake Alfred. 05/22/20
U.S. 17/92 formerly followed Lake Shore Way with two way traffic while CR 555 paralleled one block to the west along Buena Vista Drive. The six lane boulevard system was constructed in 2009/11. 05/22/20
Haines Boulevard was formerly a part of CR 557 west one block to Buena Vista Drive. Leading north 6.11 miles to Interstate 4, CR 557 was realigned one block northward during 2009/11 construction. 05/22/20
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CR 557 stems north from U.S. 17/92 at Pomelo Street. Leaving Lake Alfred, the county road traverses rural areas, splitting with CR 557A west to Polk City en route to I-4 at Old Grade Road. 05/22/20
Curving east onto Alfred Drive, U.S. 17/92 continue seven miles from Downtown Lake Alfred to Haines City. 05/22/20
The separate roadways for U.S. 17/92 in Lake Alfred recombine east at Seminole Avenue. 05/22/20
A U.S. 27 trailblazer appears along U.S. 17/92 (Alfred Drive) east of Glencruiten Avenue. 05/22/20
Paralleling the CSX Railroad, U.S. 17/92 run along northern reaches of Lake Haines. 05/22/20
U.S. 17/92 proceed east into the Haines City limits. 05/22/20
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2 photos
A cloverleaf interchange joins U.S. 17/92 with U.S. 27. 05/22/20
U.S. 27 bypasses Haines City to the west en route to Dundee, Lake Wales and Avon Park. 05/22/20
U.S. 27 constitutes a heavily developed suburban corridor northward from Haines City nine miles to Interstate 4 near Four Corners. 05/22/20
Replaced twice since 2007, the guide sign for U.S. 27 north from U.S. 17/92 references Ocala instead of Clermont. 05/22/20
Suburban development enveloped U.S. 27 northward for the bulk of the drive from Haines City to Clermont and Minneola. 05/22/20
Leaving the exchange with U.S. 27, U.S. 17/92 shift southward through an S-curve between Lake Tracy and Lake Elsie. 05/22/20
A trailblazer for SR 17 precedes the signalized intersection for Lee Jackson Highway. Lee Jackson Highway is a continuous route west from Haines City to Old Haines City Lake Alfred Road. 05/22/20
Continuing toward Downtown Haines City and SR 17, U.S. 17/92 shift onto Hinson Avenue at 3rd Street and Jones Avenue. 05/22/20
U.S. 17/92 (Hinson Avenue) lines the south side of Downtown Haines City at 6th Street. Acquired by Landmark Baptist College in 1997, the historic Palm Crest Hotel1 rises ten stories from two blocks to the east. 05/22/20
The north end of SR 17 ties into U.S. 17/92 (Hinson Avenue) at 10th Street. 05/22/20
Overheads posted along U.S. 17/92 east at SR 17 were carried over from when the state road was a part of U.S. 27 Alternate. Following SR 17 south to U.S. 27/98 north of Avon Park, the bannered route was created in 1949 and eliminated in 1998.2 05/22/20
The ground level sign for Lake Hamilton remains in place despite being referenced on the preceding overhead for SR 17. Designated a Florida Scenic Highway, SR 17 heads south to Lake Hamilton, Dundee and Lake Wales. 05/22/20
The northern leg of State Road 17 travels 34.88 miles overall, wholly within Polk County. The southern branch forms a loop east from U.S. 27/98 between Avon Park and Sebring. 04/26/14
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Continuing from SR 17, U.S. 17/92 (Hinson Avenue) reach Davenport in four miles. 05/22/20
Hinson Avenue lowers below a 1939-built bridge built for the Atlantic Coast Line (ACL) Railroad in Haines City. The span supports a short spur from the CSX Railroad. 05/22/20
U.S. 17/92 ascend eastbound along Hinson Avenue to 17th Street, where they turn northward toward Davenport. 05/22/20
Hinson Avenue extends east from U.S. 17/92 at 17th Street as a local road toward Lake Marion. 05/22/20
U.S. 17/92 are unmarked northward from Hinson Avenue on 17th Street. 04/26/14
Forthcoming Johnson Avenue doubles as County Road 580 east. CR 580 represents the middle of three routes from Polk County to the Poinciana community. 05/22/20
The junction shield for CR 580 was removed by 2019. The eastern leg of CR 580 extends 10.01 miles to the Osceola County line in Poinciana. 04/26/14
CR 580 traverses Reedy Creek Swamp east to Cypress Parkway and SR 538 (Poinciana Parkway). 05/22/20
Confirming markers north of CR 580 (Johnson Avenue) on 17th Street in Haines City. 05/22/20
Paralleling a CSX Railroad line, U.S. 17/92 advance north from Haines City to the Davenport city limits at Mystery House Road. 05/22/20
Entering the Davenport street grid, U.S. 17/92 approach CR 547 at Davenport Boulevard. 05/22/20
Davenport Boulevard leads CR 547 west from U.S. 17/92 and parallel Lee Jackson Highway to the suburban corridor along U.S. 27. 05/22/20
The CR 547 shield at Davenport Boulevard / Bay Street on U.S. 17/92 north was removed when a portion of the adjacent sidewalk was replaced by 2015. CR 547 runs north from Davenport to CR 54 (Ronald Reagan Parkway) at Loughman. 04/26/14
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2 photos
Kissimmee lies 20 miles to the northeast of CR 547 and Orange Street in central Davenport. 02/27/16, 04/26/14
Approaching Ronald Reagan Parkway along U.S. 17/92 northbound near Loughman. Unmarked here, the four lane arterial west 6.43 miles to U.S. 27 is County Road 54. 04/26/14
Ronald Reagan Parkway replaced Kinny Harmon Road south to Poinciana Parkway. Designated SR 538, Poinciana Parkway is a two lane toll road to CR 580 (Cypress Parkway) in the Poinciana community. 02/27/16
Poinciana Parkway was previously operated by the Osceola County Expressway Authority (OCX) and signed with a unique trailblazer. The Central Florida Expressway Authority (CFX) took over maintenance and construction of the toll road in 2019. 02/27/16
Suburban development got underway at the intersection with Ronald Reagan Parkway in 2018/19 with construction of Loughman Crossing in the northwest quadrant. A pair of subdivisions were built just to the east within the same time frame. 05/22/20
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U.S. 17/92 cross into northern Osceola County along a rural stretch adjacent to Reedy Creek Swamp. 05/22/20
U.S. 17/92 next intersect the east end of County Road 532 (Osecola Polk Line Road). CR 532 constitutes a rapidly growing suburban arterial leading west to Championsgate. 05/22/20
CR 532 runs 4.40 miles west to a congested interchange with Interstate 4 at Champions Gate Boulevard. The route expands to four lanes west ahead of CR 545 (Old Lake Wilson Road). 05/22/20
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2 photos
U.S. 17/92 arc eastward from CR 532 across Reedy Creek on 2,233 foot long bridge. Replacing the previous alignment to the north, the span was built in 2001.3 05/22/20
Aiming east southeast, U.S. 17/92 passes through the unincorporated community of Intercession City. 05/22/20
Started in February 2019, construction widens U.S. 17/92 from a point west of Avenue A 2.215 miles east to Ham Brown Road (CR 535) south into a four lane arterial. The $23.5 million project runs through Spring 2022. 05/22/20
An arterial south to Poinciana and north to suburban areas west of Kissimmee, Poinciana Boulevard intersects U.S. 17/92 at the first traffic light northbound in Osceola County. 05/22/20
U.S. 17-92 continue eastward from Poinciana Boulevard to Campbell and the outskirts of Kissimmee. 05/22/20
Broad Street south and Ham Broad Road north come together at the succeeding traffic light on U.S. 17/92 at Campbell. Unsigned CR 535 lines Ham Brown Road 4.3 miles south to Reeves Road near Poinciana. 05/22/20
Pleasant Hill Road (unsigned CR 531) constitutes the main route between Kissimmee and Poinciana. A flyover will be built from U.S. 17/92 south to Pleasant Hill Road as part of a future widening project. 04/24/19
Pleasant Hill Road connects with Cypress Parkway west to Poinciana in Polk County. CR 531 extends north from U.S. 17/92 to Clay Street en route to Emmett Street west of Downtown Kissimmee. 05/22/20
The Kissimmee city limits spread south to the Oaks National Golf Club community along The Oaks Boulevard east of U.S. 17/92. 05/22/20
Advancing northeast, U.S. 17/92 cross Shingle Creek. 09/20/17
Hacienda Circle ties into U.S. 17/92 west from the Estancia development across from Osceola Park Drive. 05/22/20
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2 photos
U.S. 17/92 (John Young Parkway) ascend across a CSX Railroad line and Clay Street (CR 531) to the Kissimmee street grid. 05/22/20, 04/24/19
John Young Parkway north at Patrick Street. Patrick Street leads east to the Osceola County Courthouse and west to Kissimmee Gateway Airport (ISM). 05/22/20
Trailblazers direct U.S. 17/92 northward from Emmett Street. The US highways previously looped east through Downtown Kissimmee along a combination of Emmett Street, Broadway Avenue and Main Street. 05/22/20
Emmett Street transitions into Broadway Avenue eight blocks east of U.S. 17/92 (John Young Parkway). Located nearby is the Monument of States, a three-story structure featuring artifacts from all 50 states and a number of countries from around the world. 04/24/19
U.S. 17/92 (John Young Parkway) proceed two blocks north from Emmett Street to Mabbette Street. 05/22/20
Martin Luther King Boulevard leads west from a roundabout with Central Avenue and Neptune Road outside Downtown Kissimmee to Dyer Boulevard by the terminal for Kissimmee Gateway Airport (ISM). 05/22/20
Oak Street intersects U.S. 17/92 (John Young Parkway) west from Osceola Regional Medical Center. 05/22/20
Extending north along John Young Parkway to Osceola Parkway (CR 522), the truck route for U.S. 17 north / U.S. 92 east circumvents the overlap taking U.S. 17/92 east U.S. 192 (Vine Street) to Main Street. 05/22/20
Forthcoming U.S. 192 (Vine Street) constitutes a heavily traveled retail corridor joining Kissimmee with Disney World and Four Corners to the west and St. Cloud to the east. 04/24/19
U.S. 17/92 overlap with U.S. 192 (Vine Street) 0.76 miles east to U.S. 441 at N Main Street. 05/22/20
Redundant shields for U.S. 17 north / U.S. 92 east at U.S. 192 (Vine Street). John Young Parkway continues north as unsigned CR 525 to the Orange County line, where it becomes CR 423 through Hunters Creek. 05/22/20
Measuring 74.7 miles overall, U.S. 192 travels west to U.S. 27 at Four Corners and east to Melbourne and SR A1A at Indialantic. 05/22/20
U.S. 17 North U.S. 92 U.S. 192 East
U.S. 192 joins Kissimmee with Florida's Turnpike 4.4 miles east from John Young Parkway. 04/24/19
U.S. 17/92/192 confirming markers posted along Vine Street east at Person Street. 04/24/19
Central Avenue stems north from a roundabout with MLK Boulevard and Neptune Road outside Downtown Kissimmee to U.S. 17/92/192 (Vine Street). 04/24/19
U.S. 17/92 part ways with U.S. 192 (Vine Street) east at U.S. 441 and N Main Street. 04/24/19
U.S. 17/92/441 combine northward along Main Street to Orange Blossom Trail and Orlando. U.S. 441 south joins U.S. 192 east to St. Cloud and Hollopaw. 04/24/19
Florida's Turnpike trailblazer at Vine and Main Streets. Main Street (old U.S. 17/92) heads south directly into Downtown Kissimmee. 04/24/19

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