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U.S. 17 South U.S. 92 West
Confirming markers posted by Gateway Village Shopping Center. The initial stretch of the U.S. 17/92 overlap leads south from International Speedway Boulevard (CR 92) to Downtown DeLand. Locally the two routes are referred to as "17-92". 03/21/08
U.S. 17/92 (Woodland Boulevard) reduce to two lanes at Plymouth Avenue (unsigned CR 4092) in north DeLand. Plymouth Avenue leads east to DeLand High School and west to AdventHealth Deland hospital. 04/30/08
Woodland Boulevard passes through the campus of Stetson University between Pennsylvania Avenue and historic Downtown DeLand. Minnesota Avenue (unsigned CR 4094) intersects U.S. 17/92 from the west. 04/30/08
Approaching Downtown DeLand, traffic to SR 44 separates from Woodland Boulevard five blocks ahead of New York Avenue. This is due to the restriction of left turns at the U.S. 17/92 and SR 44 intersection. 04/30/08
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E Ohio Avenue two blocks to N Amellia Avenue south four blocks links U.S. 17/92 south with SR 44 east to New Smyrna Beach. 04/30/08
The westbound connection to SR 44 from U.S. 17/92 south is made via W Wisconsin Avenue and N Clara Avenue south. 04/30/08
Entering historic Downtown DeLand, U.S. 17/92 intersect Rich Avenue. 04/30/08
Woodland Boulevard south at Indiana Avenue, a short street one block west and east. 04/30/08
Turns are prohibited in all directions of the intersection joining U.S. 17/92 with SR 44 (New York Avenue) in Downtown DeLand. 04/30/08
Howry Avenue provides connections from SR 44 (New York Avenue) to U.S. 17/92 (Woodland Boulevard). 04/30/08
U.S. 17 south / U.S. 92 west reassurance shields posted after Howry Avenue and SR 44. 04/30/08
U.S. 17/92 continue five miles south to central Orange City from Downtown DeLand. 04/30/08
Unsigned CR 4106 follows Voorhis Avenue east from Woodland Boulevard 2.37 miles to SR 44 (East New York Avenue) in east DeLand. 04/30/08
U.S. 17/92 shield assembly posted south of Euclid Avenue (CR 4108) and across from Conrad Park. 04/30/08
Beresford Avenue (unsigned CR 4112) intersects U.S. 17/92 (Woodland Boulevard) at the succeeding traffic light one block west of Earl Brown Park. 04/30/08
A roundabout was constructed at W Haven Road and the entrance to a Wal-Mart Neighborhood Market built along the east side of U.S. 17/92 in 2017/18. Costs for the project were funded by the developer.1 04/30/08
South from W Haven Road, U.S. 17/92 expand into a four lane, divided arterial. The ensuing traffic light is with New Hampshire Avenue (CR 4114). 04/30/08
U.S. 17/92 next meet the south end of SR 15A at Taylor Road. 04/30/08
Along with CR 15A, SR 15A constitutes the truck bypass around DeLand. The 9.04 mile loop leads north along Spring Garden Street to SR 44, U.S. 17 and SR 11. 04/30/08
U.S. 17/92 expand into a six lane, commercial arterial south of SR 15A (Taylor Road). 04/30/08
Several connections exist between U.S. 17/92 and parallel Interstate 4 to the east. Trailblazers are posted to all of the south Volusia interchanges. 04/30/08
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2 photos
Volusia County Road 4116 lines Orange Camp Road east 2.89 miles from U.S. 17/92 to I-4 at W Main Street in the city of Lake Helen. 04/30/08
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2 photos
SR 472 begins at a trumpet interchange with U.S. 17/92 just south of the DeLand city limits. 04/30/08, 05/15/08
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2 photos
SR 472 is a controlled access arterial linking U.S. 17/92 with Interstate 4 and CR 4145 (Howland Boulevard), 3.40 miles to the southeast. 04/30/08
U.S. 17/92 remain southward two miles from SR 472 into Orange City. 04/30/08
Minnesota Avenue crosses U.S. 17/92 west from SR 472 to Hamilton Avenue at the West Highlands neighborhood. 04/30/08
New York Avenue stems west from U.S. 17/92 at the succeeding traffic light southbound. 04/30/08
Entering Orange City at Wisconsin Avenue, U.S. 17/92 transition onto a five-lane boulevard. 04/30/08
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2 photos
French Avenue (CR 4142) leads 2.10 miles west from U.S. 17/92 (Volusia Avenue) to Blue Spring State Park on the St. Johns River. 04/30/08
County Road 4145 follows Graves Avenue east 2.8 miles from U.S. 17/92 to Howland Boulevard in Deltona. 04/30/08
CR 4145 connects with SR 472 adjacent to a parclo interchange with Interstate 4. The county road encircles Deltona 8.64 miles southeast from SR 472 along Howland Boulevard to SR 415. 04/30/08
Blue Springs Avenue intersects U.S. 17/92 (Volusia Avenue) a half mile south of the Orange City center at Graves Avenue (CR 4145). 04/30/08
Ohio Avenue is one of several state named streets in Orange City. 04/30/08
Rhode Island Avenue leads west to University High School and residential areas via Adeline Street and east from U.S. 17/92 to Veterans Memorial Parkway, a bypass route through east Orange City. 04/30/08
Enterprise Road (CR 4156) angles one mile southeast from U.S. 17/92 to Saxon Boulevard (CR 4146), which runs east to Interstate 4 at Exit 111. 04/30/08
Enterprise Road (CR 4156) angles 3.80 miles southeast to CR 4162 (DeBary Avenue) outside the community of Enterprise. 04/30/08
Southbound U.S. 17/92 enters the city of DeBary after Orange City. 04/30/08
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2 photos
CR 4146 (Saxon Boulevard) runs east from U.S. 17/92 to Interstate 4 at Exit 111 and south to CR 4162 (Doyle Road) in Deltona. 04/30/08
Confirming markers for U.S. 17 south / U.S. 92 west after Saxon Boulevard by Gateway Park. 04/30/08
Highbanks Road (CR 4158) crosses U.S. 17/92 following traffic lights with DeBary Plantation Boulevard and Dogwood Trail. Highbanks Road extends 4.33 miles west from Enterprise Road to the St. Johns River. 04/30/08
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2 photos
U.S. 17/92 converge with the west end of CR 4162 (Dirksen Drive) at Benson Junction in DeBary. 04/30/08
CR 4162 leads east to I-4 at Exit 108 by Lake Monroe, Enterprise, south Deltona and SR 415 at Osteen. 04/30/08
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2 photos
South from DeBary, U.S. 17/92 continues seven miles to Sanford. 04/30/08

  1. "DeLand motorists getting used to new roundabout." The Daytona Beach News-Journal (FL), March 20, 2017.

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