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U.S. 17 North
U.S. 17 enters Brunswick County, North Carolina at Hickmans Crossroads amid a variety of golf courses and development. Photo taken 11/11/06.
U.S. 17 bends eastward toward Grissettown, meeting North Carolina 904 near the sprawling Ocean Ridge Plantation golf course community. Photo taken 11/11/06.
North Carolina 904 generally straddles areas near the South Carolina state line northwest from U.S. 17 through Tabor City to Rowland (U.S. 301 & 501). Photo taken 11/11/06.
Southward, North Carolina 904 travels four miles to Seaside where the highway turns east toward Ocean Isle Beach. North Carolina 179 Business connects Seaside with Sunset Beach to the west. Photo taken 11/11/06.
A pair of U.S. 17 reassurance shields line the four-lane divided highway as it leaves Grissettown on the seven-mile drive to Shallotte. Photo taken 11/11/06.
Union School Road connects U.S. 17 (Ocean Highway) with Old Shallotte Road from this traffic light. Photo taken 11/11/06.
Ocean Isle Beach Road leads south from U.S. 17 to the split of North Carolina 179 & 904 at Ocean Isle Beach Airport. North Carolina 904 continues across the Intracoastal Waterway onto Ocean Isle Beach from there. Photo taken 11/11/06.
Continuing past Ocean Isle Beach Road, U.S. 17 travels 20 miles to Bolivia, the Brunswick County seat, and 40 miles to Wilmington. Photo taken 11/11/06.
Approaching the split with U.S. 17 Business into the town of Shallotte. Photo taken 11/11/06.
U.S. 17 bypasses Shallotte to the north as U.S. 17 Business follows Main Street. Shallotte lies north of the sprawling Rivers Edge Golf Club near the Shallotte River. The business loop represents the main commercial strip of the area. Photo taken 11/11/06.
Old Shallotte Road ties into the Main Street intersection with U.S. 17 Business. U.S. 17 Business intersects North Carolina 179, which connects from the Ocean Isle Beach area, in two miles. Photo taken 11/11/06.
North Carolina 130 crosses paths with U.S. 17 just northwest of Shallotte. The state route travels a rural course ten miles northwest to Ash on the 34-mile drive to Whiteville. Photo taken 11/11/06.
A rest area for U.S. 17 lines the northbound side of Ocean Highway adjacent to North Carolina 130 (Whiteville Road). Southbound travelers must use the off-ramp to Whiteville Road to access the facility. Northbound drivers may utilize the on-ramp to return onto U.S. 17. Photo taken 11/11/06.
Departing the rest area at North Carolina 130. North Carolina 130 continues south one mile to a brief merge with U.S. 17 Business in Shallotte. East of town, the route travels nine miles to its end at Holden Beach on the Atlantic. Photo taken 11/11/06.
Northbound on the expressway portion of U.S. 17 outside Shallotte. Frontage roads serve the handful of businesses along the route. Photo taken 11/11/06.
U.S. 17 Business (Main Street) returns to U.S. 17 northeast of Shallotte at a signalized intersection. Photo taken 11/11/06.
U.S. 17 curves away from Main Street on the eight-mile drive to Supply. Photo taken 11/11/06.
Bolivia is another 13 miles northeast from Shallotte. Wilmington is a half-hour away. Photo taken 11/11/06.
North Carolina 211 intersects U.S. 17 (Ocean Highway) at the settlement of Supply. The north-south road travels over 150 miles from the Southport-Fort Fisher Ferry to U.S. 220 Alternate at Candor. Photo taken 11/11/06.
East of Supply, U.S. 17 heads nine miles to Bolivia. Photo taken 11/11/06.
A second business loop for U.S. 17 departs for Bolivia along Old Ocean Highway. This route measures eight miles in length as U.S. 17 travels an expressway like bypass to the north. Photo taken 11/11/06.
Northbound at the split with U.S. 17 Business, six miles west of Bolivia. Bolivia is the seat of Brunswick County, though there is not much to the community outside the County Government Center and a handful of residences. Photo taken 11/11/06.
U.S. 17 advances east along a rural expressway toward Galloway Road. Photo taken 11/11/06.
U.S. 17 Business returns to U.S. 17 via Old Ocean Highway. Photo taken 11/11/06.
Four miles separate the business loop end from North Carolina 87 near Winnabow. Photo taken 11/11/06.
Mill Creek Road provides a cut-off between U.S. 17 north and North Carolina 87 south for interests to Boiling Spring Lakes and Southport. Photo taken 11/11/06.
North Carolina 87 combines with U.S. 17 one mile south of Winnabow. Photo taken 11/11/06.
Entering the unsignalized intersection with North Carolina 87 south. The state route travels ten miles south to Boiling Spring Lakes and 16 miles to end at Southport. Photo taken 11/11/06.
U.S. 17 North Carolina Route 87 North
U.S. 17 north & North Carolina 87 overlap 3.42 miles through the rural settlements of Winnabow and Town Creek. Photo taken 11/11/06.
Elizabethtown joins Wilmington on this mileage sign for the NC 87 destination beyond U.S. 17. Photo taken 11/11/06.
Heading north from Town Creek, U.S. 17 approaches the west end of Interstate 140 (Exit 39). Photo taken 12/31/17.
Zion Church Road north and Hazels Branch Road south come together at U.S. 17 & NC 87 at a J-turn. Photo taken 12/31/17.
North Carolina 87 separates from U.S. 17 north at Bishop just ahead of the trumpet interchange (Exit 39) with Interstate 140. Photo taken 12/31/17.
Meandering northwest, NC 87 joins U.S. 74 & 76 in nine miles at Maco. The three routes travel five miles west to Delco, where NC 87 resumes a northwesterly course to Elizabethtown and Fayetteville. Photo taken 12/31/17.
U.S. 17 North
Tourists headed to Carolina Beach and Fort Fisher via U.S. 421 south are directed to remain along U.S. 17 through LeLand and Wilmington. Photo taken 12/31/17.
The western segment of Interstate 140 opened to traffic October 16, 2014. The 5.08-mile freeway north to U.S. 74/76 was signed as NC 140 until it linked with the rest of the Wilmington Bypass on December 19, 2017. I-140 loops 25 miles north around Wilmington, reconnecting with U.S. 17 near Scotts Hill and the Pender County line. Photo taken 12/31/17.
2 photos
2 photos
Leaving Bishop, U.S. 17 enters the outskirts of Leland and picks up traffic and nearby development. Photos taken 12/31/17.
Goodman Road east and Hewett-Burton Road north converge with U.S. 17 at a signalized J-turn by the community of Lanvale. Photo taken 12/31/17.
Reassurance marker posted ahead of the DOD Railroad underpass on U.S. 17 northbound. Photo taken 12/31/17.
Lowering from the DOD Railroad bridge, U.S. 17 reaches the Leland town limits. A J-turn follows with Lanvale Road ahead of The Villages at Brunswick Forest retail complex. Photo taken 12/31/17.
U.S. 17 transitions into a commercial arterial east of Jackeys Creek through LeLand. Succeeding intersections with side roads and area development utilize J-turns to eliminate cross traffic. Photo taken 11/11/06.
Traveling across Jackeys Creek, U.S. 17 approaches the J-turn with Grandflora Drive north and West Gate Drive south. Grandflora Drive winds northward into the Magnolia Greens golf course community while West Gate Drive serves commercial development on the south side. Photo taken 11/11/06.
A U-turn connects West Gate Drive with U.S. 17 southboud ahead of Grandflora Drive. Photo taken 11/11/06.
J-turns connect U.S. 17 with Ocean Gate Plaza south and Gregory Road north. Photo taken 11/11/06.
Ploof Road and Olde Waterford Way come together at the ensuing J-turn along U.S. 17 northbound. Olde Waterford Way heads north into the Waterford development. Ploof Road loops east to an industrial area, with a tightly packed subdivision stemming from it to the southeast. Photo taken 11/11/06.
One half mile south of the trumpet interchange with U.S. 74 & 76. U.S. 74 & 76 follow a freeway bypass of older areas of Leland and Belville between the Brunswick River and Lanvale Road. Photo taken 11/11/06.
Blackwell Road branches northeast from U.S. 17 to NC 133 (River Road) at Belville. Blackwell Road represents the pre-freeway alignment of U.S. 17. Photo taken 11/11/06.
Curving northward, U.S. 17 approaches the merge with U.S. 74 & 76 east. The three routes combine for 3.08 miles to U.S. 421 on Eagle Island. Photo taken 11/11/06.
U.S. 74 & 76 travel 54 miles west mostly along an expressway to Whiteville and Chadbourn. Lumberton lies northward along U.S. 74/I-74 at Interstate 95. Photo taken 11/11/06.
Reassurance markers posted on the transition ramp from U.S. 17 north to U.S. 74/76 east. Photo taken 11/11/06.
U.S. 17 North U.S. 74 U.S. 76 East
U.S. 17-74-76 advance 1.06 miles east to a diverging diamond interchange (DDI) with N.C. 133 (River Road) south and Village Road (SR 1472) north. Photo taken 06/24/10.
N.C. 133 (River Road) parallels the west bank of the Cape Fear River along a two-lane highway south from U.S. 17-74-76 to N.C. 87 near Boiling Spring Lakes. The two overlap briefly before splitting to Southport, near the Southport-Fort Fisher Ferry, and Oak Island respectively. Photo taken 06/24/10.
U.S. 17 North Carolina Route 133 North U.S. 74 U.S. 76 East
Underway from January 2014 to November 2016, the Causeway Bridge Project replaced the U.S. 17-74-76 & NC 133 bridges over the Brunswick River with a new eight-lane span. Photo taken 11/11/06.
U.S. 74 east & N.C. 133 north part ways with U.S. 17 north & 76 east 1.57 miles beyond the Brunswick River at U.S. 421. U.S. 421 combines with U.S. 74 northward from the U.S.S. North Carolina Battleship Memorial to the Isabel Holmes Bridge over the Cape Fear River. Photo taken 06/24/10.
U.S. 17-74-76 & NC 133 cross Alligator Creek just ahead of their separation on Eagle Island. U.S. 421 originates at Fort Fisher south of Kure Beach and Wilmington. The route runs north to Clinton and Dunn, and overall mostly paralleling U.S. 52 to Michigan City, Indiana. Photo taken 06/24/10.
U.S. 74 east provides a bypass of central Wilmington via Martin Luther King, Jr. Parkway east to Wilmington International Airport (ILM). NC 133 overlays the route to Hightsville. U.S. 421 leads north 4.6 miles to I-140 at the Dan Cameron Bridge. Photo taken 06/24/10.
U.S. 17 North U.S. 76 East U.S. 421 South
This was the lone reassurance shield assembly for U.S. 17 north, U.S. 74-76 east and U.S. 421 south. Photo taken 06/01/05.
This mileage sign provides the distance to Carolina Beach and Kure Beach via U.S. 421 south after it merges with U.S. 17/76 east. Photo taken 06/01/05.
Back to back ramps depart at the east end of the Cape Fear Memorial Bridge for U.S. 421 Truck south and Front Street north into Downtown Wilmington. Photo taken 11/11/06.
2 photos
2 photos
U.S. 17-76-421 enter New Hanover County and the city of Wilmington across the Cape Fear River. Photos taken 11/11/06.


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