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U.S. 17 north
Heading north from SR 21 (Blanding Boulevard), U.S. 17 continues with six overall lanes along Roosevelt Boulevard by the the Kent Campus of Florida State College. Photo taken 06/14/08.
A tight diamond interchange joins U.S. 17 with Edgewood Avenue in a half mile. Photo taken 06/14/08.
Roosevelt Boulevard arcs northeast from Plymouth Street between the Murray Hill and Avondale neighborhoods. Photo taken 06/14/08.
Edgewood Avenue angles northwest from Avondale and U.S. 17 through the main commercial strip in Murray Hill. Photo taken 06/14/08.
A lane drop occurs along U.S. 17 (Roosevelt Boulevard) at the Edgewood Avenue off-ramp. Two lanes continue north toward the split with Old Roosevelt Boulevard across a 65.3-foot wide overpass.1 Photo taken 06/14/08.
The 140.1 foot long overpasses across Edgewood Avenue were built in 1969.1 Photo taken 06/14/08.
U.S. 17 (Roosevelt Boulevard) northbound lowers back to grade level at Belvedere Avenue, just ahead of the wye intersection with Old Roosevelt Boulevard. Old Roosevelt Boulevard provides a cutoff northeast to SR 129 north & 228 (McDuff Avenue) west toward I-10. Photo taken 06/14/08.
U.S. 17 was realigned to bypass the Riverside and Brooklyn neighborhoods between Roosevelt Boulevard and Downtown in 2006. The former route along Old Roosevelt Boulevard and the couplet of Post and College Streets were turned over to city maintenance, with U.S. 17 shifting onto a combination of the Roosevelt Expressway north to I-10 east and I-95. Photo taken 06/14/08.
U.S. 17 previously followed Old Roosevelt Boulevard north at-grade along side the CSX Railroad to Post Street, where it combined with SR 228 along the couplet through Riverside. The forthcoming Roosevelt Expressway was designated as U.S. 17 Alternate prior to the realignment of U.S. 17. Photo taken 06/14/08.
Roosevelt Boulevard makes a gradual curve to the east, intersecting unmarked SR 129 & 229 at McDuff Avenue. McDuff Avenue parallels Roosevelt Expressway northward through Murray Hill, connecting U.S. 17 with Interstate 10 west. Photo taken 06/14/08.
U.S. 17 north & SR 228 east
SR 228 combines with U.S. 17 north along Roosevelt Expressway. The two continue onto Interstate 10 east ahead.
Construction between 2011 and 2013 rehabilitated the concrete roadway here, added partial shoulders and installed a barrier median. Photo taken 06/14/08.
Roosevelt Expressway spans, College and Post Streets (old U.S. 17 / SR 228), a CSX Railroad line and Rooselle Street prior the wye interchange with Interstate 10 eastbound. Photo taken 06/14/08.
Old U.S. 17 north - Post Street
Post Street carried U.S. 17 north & SR 228 east a half mile from Old Roosevelt Boulevard to King Street in Riverside, Jacksonville. Photo taken 06/14/08.
2 photos
2 photos
Stockton Street leads north six blocks from Post Street to a folded diamond interchange with Interstate 10 at Rosselle and Irene Streets. Photos taken 06/14/08.
Post Street intersects Stockton Street three blocks east from King Street. Stockton Street heads south to St. Vincent's Medical Center and Riverside Avenue (SR 211). Photo taken 06/14/08.
The split directions of U.S. 17 & SR 228 recombined along Post Street east from Margaret Street. Interstate 95 travels nearby along the north end of Riverside Park. Photo taken 06/14/08.
Margeret Street carried U.S. 17 south & SR 228 west one block north along Riverside Park to College Street west. Photo taken 06/14/08.
The Jacksonville street grid shifts east from Margaret Street, matching the orientation of the St. Johns River. Post Street next intersects Park Street, which runs north along Riverside Park to a southbound entrance ramp to I-95 across the Fuller Warren Bridge. Photo taken 06/14/08.
Post Street (former U.S. 17/SR 228) east at Oak Street. Photo taken 06/14/08.
U.S. 17 north & SR 228 east overtook Riverside Avenue from SR 211 at the turn from Oak Street. With the US highway rerouted in 2006, SR 211 was extended 0.22 miles north along Riverside Avenue to the ramps with I-95 and Peninsular Place. Photo taken 06/14/08.

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