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U.S. 17 North Carolina Route 133 South U.S. 74 U.S. 76 West
U.S. 17-74-76/NC 133 combine ahead of Alligator Creek on Eagle Island. The Causeway Bridge Project underway between January 2014 and November 2016 included replacement of the bridges across Alligator Creek. 01/19/19
Village Road (SR 1472) joins U.S. 17-74-76 at the exchange with NC 133 from Belville, Navassa and Leland to the northwest. 01/19/19
NC 133 separates from U.S. 17-74-76 just across the eight lane span across the Brunswick River completed by mid-November 2016. Resuming a southerly course, NC 133 travels to Clarendon, Pinelevel and NC 87 by Sunny Point Military Ocean terminal. NC 87/133 combine toward Southport. 01/19/19
NC 133 bypasses Southport along Long Beach Road, linking NC 87 with NC 210 west before continuing south onto Oak Island. Oak Island features several beaches, including Caswell Beach on the eastern tip (near the Oak Island Lighthouse), Yaupon Beach near the center of the island, and Long Beach. 01/19/19
The diamond interchange with River Road (NC 133) south and Village Road (SR 1472) west was reconfigured into a DDI. The new ramp system debuted to motorists on April 15, 2016. 01/19/19
U.S. 17 South U.S. 74 U.S. 76 West
Traffic partitions at the forthcoming trumpet interchange with two lanes for both U.S. 17 south to Shalotte and two lanes for U.S. 74/76 west to Whiteville. 01/19/19
U.S. 74/76 overlap from U.S. 17 to Chadborn. Beyond there, U.S. 76 continues west toward Marion and Florence in South Carolina, while U.S. 74 turns northwest along the I-74 Corridor to Lumberton, Laurinburg and Rockingham. 01/19/19
U.S. 17 South
U.S. 17 separates from U.S. 74/76 west ahead of mile marker 44. 01/19/19
U.S. 17 transitions into a superstreet south from U.S. 74/76. A RIRO intersect follows with Olde Regent Way to adjacent retail and apartments. 01/19/19
A U-turn connects Lanvale Road south with U.S. 17 northbound west of the J-turn along U.S. 17 south. The four-lane highway crosses over a DOD Railroad beyond the signalized turn. 12/31/17
Leaving the town of Leland, U.S. 17 advances southwest to a trumpet interchange (Exit 39) with Interstate 140 east. 01/19/19
The western leg of I-140 opened northward from U.S. 17 to U.S. 74/76 at Leland on October 16, 2014. The final link east to U.S. 421 and the Dan Cameron Bridge across the NE Cape Fear River debuted to traffic on December 19, 2017. 01/19/19
Goodman Road east and Hewett-Burton Road west come together at a J-turn on U.S. 17 preceding Interstate 140. 12/31/17
Confirming marker preceding the west end of Interstate 140 near Bishop. 01/19/19
Interstate 140 encircles the Wilmington area along a 25-mile course leading back to U.S. 17 near Scotts Hill and the Pender County line. 01/19/19
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2 photos
U.S. 17 and NC 87 southbound converge just beyond the exchange with Interstate 140. 01/19/19
NC 87 joins the Brunswick County beaches with Elizabethtown and Fayetteville to the northwest. NC 87 travels 239 miles north to the state line, where Virginia Route 87 continues the highway to Ridgeway. 12/31/17
Locally, NC 87 takes a winding course 9.4 miles north from U.S. 17 at Bishop to Batarora and U.S. 74/76 at Maco and the rural city of Northwest. 12/31/17
U.S. 17 North Carolina Route 87 South
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2 photos
NC 87 south combines with U.S. 17 for 3.3 miles through Bishop. A U-turn connects the state route with U.S. 17 north to Wilmington. 01/19/19, 12/31/17
J-turns also connect U.S. 17/NC 87 with Zion Church Road south and Hazels Branch Road, both former alignments of U.S. 17. 12/31/17
Continuing south from Bishop along U.S. 17/NC 87 southbound. 01/19/19
The town of Shallotte lies 25 miles to the southwest along U.S. 17. Myrtle Beach is around an hour's drive from Bishop. 12/31/17
Zion Church Road returns to U.S. 17 from the settlement of Town Creek ahead of the bridge across Town Creek. 12/31/17
NC 87 separates from U.S. 17 south beyond the community of Winnabow. The state route provides one of two connections to the coastal town of St. James. Accessible by ferry from Southport, Bald Head Island extends south into the Atlantic Ocean from the mouth of the Cape Fear River. 12/31/17
NC 87 navigates 11.80 miles southward along a rural course through Mill Creek and the city of Boiling Springs Lake to merge with NC 133. 01/19/19
The city of Southport lies beyond the south end of NC 87 along NC 211 on the Intracoastal Waterway and Cape Fear River. 12/31/17
U.S. 17 South
Shallotte is another 20 miles south along U.S. 17 after the separation with NC 87. The distance to Myrtle Beach increased six miles from the preceding assembly. 12/31/17
Bell Swamp Road (SR 1406) branches west from U.S. 17 by this shield assembly at milepost 34. 01/19/19
Approaching the town of Bolivia, U.S. 17 partitions with U.S. 17 Business (Old Ocean Highway). 12/31/17
U.S. 17 Business (Old Ocean Highway) was established in July 1991 along the former alignment of U.S. 17 southwest to Bolivia, the Brunswick County Government Complex and Piney Grove.1 12/31/17
U.S. 17 shifts westward to bypass the Brunswick County seat along a four-lane expressway. 12/31/17
Forthcoming NC 906 was created in January 2016 along a series of state secondary routes. The state route links U.S. 17 with NC 211 at Smith and the barrier island town of Oak Island.2 12/31/17
Southbound U.S. 17 at NC 906 / Galloway Road. The 12.4-mile long state route provides a second link from U.S. 17 to the town of St. James 12/31/17
Passing south of Beaverdam Bay, U.S. 17 intersects Randolphville Road ahead of this sign for Thomas J. Harrelson Highway. 12/31/17
Construction in 2011 converted the intersection with the south end of U.S. 17 Business (Old Ocean Highway) from Bolivia to use J-turns. The business route is unmarked along U.S. 17 southbound. 12/31/17
U.S. 17 overtakes its prior alignment (Tucker Road) on this curve west of U.S. 17 Business. 01/19/19
Medical Center Parkway intersects U.S. 17 at this traffic light by Brunswick Novant Medical Center. Opened in 2016, the $107 million complex replaced Brunswick Community Hospital, located three miles further south along U.S. 17.3 12/31/17
Groundbreaking for Novant Medical Center took place on January 23, 2008. Subsequent work included a $3 million conversion of U.S. 17 to a superstreet by the 100-acre site.3 12/31/17
Benton Road loops northeast from this signal with U.S. 17 back to U.S. 17 Business near Bolivia. 12/31/17
Crossing Royal Oak Swamp, U.S. 17 enters the unincorporated community of Supply. The two spans here were built in 1991. 12/31/17
The succeeding intersection joins U.S. 17 south with NC 211 southeast to St. James and north to the town of Bolton. 12/31/17
Traveling 166 miles overall, NC 211 joins Southport and the Brunswick County beaches with Lumberton to the north. The state route extends northwest to Candor. 12/31/17
Several fast food restaurants and a service station line U.S. 17 at the cross roads with NC 211 in Supply. 12/31/17
U.S. 17 bee lines west southwest 5.61 miles to U.S. 17 Business at the town of Shallotte. Travelers will reach Myrtle Beach in 44 miles. 12/31/17
Mt. Pisgah (SR 1130) provides a cutoff south from U.S. 17 to NC 130 for the barrier island town of Holden Beach. SR 1130 converges with NC 130 in 4.0 miles. 12/31/17
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2 photos
U.S. 17 Business (Main Street) angles southwest from U.S. 17 through Shallotte. The business loop links U.S. 17 with NC 130 (Smith Avenue) south in less than a mile. The state route leads east to Holden Beach from Main Street by the Shallotte Crossing retail complex. 12/31/17
Shifting northward, U.S. 17 bypasses Shallotte along a controlled access expressway. The town limits spread along Smith Road to U.S. 17, where traffic lights were added in2 017. 12/31/17
A parclo B2 interchange joins U.S. 17 with NC 130 one mile south of Smith Avenue. 12/31/17
NC 130 overlaps with U.S. 17 Business (Main Street) for 1.09 miles, then turns northwest across the Shallotte River, 0.96 miles to U.S. 17. 12/31/17
The Brunswick County Visitor Center and rest area lies within the southeast quadrant of the exchange joining U.S. 17 and NC 130 (Whiteville Road). 12/31/17
Traffic headed south into Shallotte or north to Whiteville via NC 130 loops away from U.S. 17 southbound. The state route totals 103 miles from Holden Beach to Maxton. 12/31/17
Advancing west, U.S. 17 Business (Main Street) returns to U.S. 17 at Old Shallotte Road. The bannered route was created in August 1992 when U.S. 17 was rerouted around Shallotte.1 12/31/17
Reassurance marker posted west of U.S. 17 Business and south of Russtown along U.S. 17 southbound. 12/31/17
Ocean Isle Beach Road (SR 1184) stems south from U.S. 17 to NC 179 and NC 904 at Odell Williamson Municipal Airport (60J). NC 904 (Causeway Drive) spans the Intracoastal Waterway south from a roundabout with SR 1184 and NC 179 to the barrier island town of Ocean Isle Beach. 12/31/17
Union School Road north links U.S. 17 with parallel Old Shallotte Road. 12/31/17
NC 904 dog legs west from Ocean Isle Beach alongside NC 179 to eastern reaches of Sunset Beach. NC 179 continues west along Old Georgetown Road to Calabash while NC 904 follows Seaside Road north to the Ocean Ridge Plantation golf course development and U.S. 17 at Grissettown. 12/31/17
Leading away from U.S. 17 and Grissettown, NC 904 initially travels north to the community of Longwood before turning west across the Waccamaw River and its adjacent wetlands. The rural highway reaches Taber City in 28 miles. 12/31/17
Seven miles of U.S. 17 remain in North Carolina west of NC 904 (Longwood Road). 12/31/17
Thomasboro Road weaves southward through suburban areas on the outskirts of Carolina Shores and Calabash to NC 179 (Beach Drive). Pea Landing Road ties into the U.S. 17 intersection with Thomasboro Road from the north. 12/31/17
U.S. 17 curves southward at Hickman Road and the Brunswick Plantation & Golf Resort development toward the town of Carolina Shores and the state line. 12/31/17
Superstreet construction in 2017 converted the intersections along U.S. 17 with Shingletree Road north and Persimmon Road south to use J-turns. 12/31/17
Persimmon Road stems southeast from U.S. 17 through Carolina Shores to NC 179 at Calabash. 12/31/17
Reassurance marker posted after Persimmon Road. 12/31/17
Calabash Road south and Country Club Drive north come together at the last traffic light in North Carolina. U.S. 17 runs along the Carolina Shores town line from this point southwest by the Carolina Shores Gulf & Country Club community. 12/31/17
Myrtle Beach lies another 25 miles to the southwest, followed by Charleston, South Carolina in another 100 miles. 12/31/17
Crossing into Horry County, South Carolina along U.S. 17 southbound. 12/31/17

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