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U.S. 17 South
J-turns connect U.S. 17 with Sidbury Road north and Scotts Hill Loop Road east near the New Hanover County line. Photo taken 12/31/17.
Interstate 140 separates from U.S. 17 (Market Street) south in one mile to bypass the north side of Wilmington west to Leland. Photo taken 11/11/06.
U.S. 17 crosses into New Hanover County ahead of milepost 65 and the community of Kirkland. Photo taken 12/31/17.
Interests to Carolina Beach, Kure Beach, Fort Fisher and the NC Aquarium are directed to remain along U.S. 17 (Market Street) south to connect with U.S. 421 via NC 132 (South College Road). Photo taken 12/31/17.
One half mile ahead of the trumpet interchange with the Wilmington Bypass on U.S. 17 southbound. U.S. 17 Business was extended east along Market Street following the 2006-completion of I-140 across the NE Cape Fear River. U.S. 17 was realigned through Wilmington officially in 2015, but still unsigned by early 2018. Photo taken 12/31/17.
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2 photos
Succeeding traffic lights operate at a U-turn for Futch Creek Road north to U.S. 17 south, and at the J-turn for Stephens Creek Road north and the Market Street south side frontage road. Photos taken 12/31/17.
U.S. 17 separates from I-140 west and spans the freeway southwest onto Market Street through Kirkland and Ogden. Photo taken 12/31/17.
Interstate 140 connects with I-40 near Castle Hayne, 5.08 miles to the west. I-40 leads north from there to Benson, where it meets I-95, and Raleigh. The Wilmington Bypass reconnects with U.S. 17 at Bishop, 25 miles to the southwest. Photo taken 12/31/17.
A reassurance marker for U.S. 17 stands along the ramp to Market Street south across Interstate 140. Photo taken 12/31/17.
Market Street transitions into a commercial arterial southwest from the exchange with Interstate 140. Photo taken 12/31/17.
Porters Neck Road intersects U.S. 17 (Market Street) northwest from a pair of golf course communities along Porters Neck. Photo taken 12/31/17.
U.S. 17 South U.S. 76 West
U.S. 17 south & 76 west overlap 4.16 miles west from U.S. 74 (Eastwood Road) to U.S. 117 & N.C. 132 (South College Road). The two routes bend northward beyond College Road toward Downtown Wilmington. Photo taken 06/01/05.
U.S. 421 spurs 21 miles south to Federal Point at Fort Fisher. U.S. 17 Business lines 3rd Street north eight blocks to Market Street at Downtown Wilmington. Photo taken 06/01/05.
U.S. 17 South U.S. 76 West U.S. 421 North
Wooster Street shifts onto an expressway west to the Cape Fear River Memorial Bridge. The lone shield assembly for U.S. 17-76-421 was posted just beyond 3rd Street. With completion of Martin Luther King, Jr. Parkway in September 2005, U.S. 74 was relocated northward onto the Parsley Street Bridge. Photo taken 06/01/05.
A loop ramp joins the Cape Fear River Memorial Bridge westbound from Front Street. The lift bridge has a vertical clearance of 135 feet over the river, and it can be raised on signal 24 hours a day, seven days a week. The water is approximately 40 feet deep here, allowing large ships to navigate the river.2 Photo taken 06/01/05.
U.S. 421 departs from U.S. 17/76 west at the ensuing interchange on Eagle Island to combine with U.S. 74 and NC 133 north.
This sign bridge was removed by November 2016. Photo taken 06/01/05.
This signal regulates traffic crossing the lift bridge. The Cape Fear Memorial Bridge opened to traffic on October 1, 1969. Photo taken 06/01/05.
Metal grading forms the road deck of the movable portion of the Cape Fear Memorial Bridge. Drivers are cautioned of potential slippery conditions during inclement weather. Photo taken 06/01/05.
Entering the trumpet interchange with U.S. 74 & N.C. 133 on U.S. 17-76-421. U.S. 421 follows a northeasterly trajectory from U.S. 74, paralleling I-40 between Wilmington and Greensboro, where the two routes meet. Beyond Greensboro, U.S. 421 generally trends west, exiting the Tarheel State northwest of Boone.
This sign was replaced by 2007 to reflect the addition of U.S. 74 east for U.S. 421 north. Photo taken 06/01/05.
Unlike U.S. 421, NC 133 is a local route that remains in the Wilmington area. NC 133 overlaps with U.S. 74 east across the Cape Fear River and west to Belville. The part of NC 133 between Martin Luther King, Jr. Parkway and College Road (NC 132) is the pre-2003 alignment of U.S. 117.
These overheads were replaced and their light fixtures removed by 2007. Photo taken 06/01/05.


Photo Credits:

  • 06/01/05 by AARoads.
  • 11/11/06 by AARoads and Justin Cozart.
  • 12/31/17 by AARoads.

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