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U.S. 17 Business through Wilmington joins Downtown with the Cape Fear Memorial Bridge (U.S. 17-76-421) and U.S. 17 leading away from the city at Ogden. The 8.01 mile long route follows 3rd Street north from the couplet of Wooster/Dawson Streets (U.S. 17/76) to Market Street, and Market Street east to U.S. 17 at Military Cutoff Road.

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Prior to 2006, U.S. 17 Business traveled just 1.86 miles through Downtown Wilmington along 3rd Street north and Market Street east to the couplet of 16th/17th Streets, which was the previous alignment of U.S. 17. With the relocation of U.S. 17 northward onto the Wilmington Bypass (I-140), U.S. 17 Business was extended east along former U.S. 17 on Market Street to the freeway end near Scotts Hill and west across the Cape Fear Memorial Bridge with U.S. 76-421 to Eagle Island.

Further changes along U.S. 17 Business were proposed by NCDOT in 2014. The state cited that Military Cutoff Road should be a numbered route, and included in a realignment of U.S. 17 back through the city of Wilmington.1 The American Association of State Highway and Transportation Officials (AASHTO) subsequently approved the renumbering on May 15, 2015. Although still not signed as of December 2017, the reroute of U.S. 17 replaced U.S. 17 Business across the Cape Fear Memorial Bridge and Market Street east of Military Cutoff Road.

3rd Street south to U.S. 17 Business

3rd Street branches south from U.S. 74/NC 133 (Martin Luther King, Jr. Parkway south to U.S. 17 Business in Downtown Wilmington. The ramps between Front Street and MLK Parkway are SR 1627.

N 3rd Street south at Brunswick Street and the Wilson Center at Cape Fear Community College.

Red Cross Street intersects N 3rd Street one block from the Union Station Building at Cape Fear Community College.

N 3rd Street south at Walnut Street in Downtown Wilmington.

N 3rd Street at Grace Street.

One block north of the New Hanover County Courthouse at Chestnut Street.

Princess Street parallels U.S. 17 Business (Market Street) one block to the north.

  1. I-140 Wilmington Bypass. North Carolina's New and Future Interstates (Bob Malme).

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