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U.S. 19 travels in a southwest to northeast orientation through the Appalachian Mountains of western North Carolina, with a brief foray into Asheville. The route generally is cosigned with others, including U.S. 129 north from Georgia to Topton, U.S. 64 between Ranger and Murphy, U.S. 74 from Ranger to Bryson City and again by Lake Junaluska, U.S. 276 between Dellwood and Lake Junaluska, U.S. 441 briefly through Cherokee, U.S. 23 between Clyde and Asheville, and I-26 and friends north from Asheville to Madison County.

U.S. 19 splits into Eastern and Western branches from Bald Creek, NC to Bluff City, Tennessee.

U.S. 19 North Carolina Guides

U.S. 19 splits into U.S. 19E north (east) to Spruce Pine and U.S. 19W north to Ramseytown and Sioux outside Bald Creek in Yancey County. Both routes travel 77 miles to Hillcrest, Tennessee. Photo taken 06/17/05.
U.S. 19E South
U.S. 19E continues southeast from the western terminus of North Carolina 194 at Ingalls. Hanging Rock Road stems west from the following intersection to Gouges Creek Road in Mitchell County; Gouges Creek Road returns to U.S. 19E east of Spruce Pine. Photo taken 06/17/05.
U.S. 19E widens to four lanes as it enters the Spruce Pine area. Bypassing the town center to the south, U.S. 19E merges with North Carolina 226 for a three quarter mile overlap. Spruce Pine is the largest community along U.S. 19E in North Carolina. Photo taken 06/17/05.
Descending toward the intersection with U.S. 19W north and Possum Trot Road south on U.S. 19E south. U.S. 19E & 19W combine into U.S. 19 from this point southward to Palmetto, Florida. Photo taken 06/17/05.
U.S. 19W winds northward 13 miles to Ramseytown and 16 miles to Sioux on the 19-mile drive to the Tennessee state line. The western branch of U.S. 19 merges with U.S. 23 and Interstate 26 at Ernestville. Photo taken 06/17/05.
U.S. 19W North
The first northbound shield for U.S. 19W posted after the split with U.S. 19E near Bald Creek. U.S. 19W arcs 0.4 miles to its original beginning at Old U.S. 19E. Photo taken 06/17/05.
U.S. 19W South
Approaching the southern terminus of U.S. 19W at U.S. 19 south and U.S. 19E north. U.S. 19 travels 10.8 miles west to a merge with Interstate 26 & U.S. 23 southward into Asheville. U.S. 19E heads east seven miles to the Yancey County seat of Burnsville. Photo taken 06/17/05.
U.S. 19W ends at U.S. 19 south (west), U.S. 19E north, and Possum Trot Road south. Like U.S. 19W, U.S. 19E also travels 77 miles on its northward trek to Hillcrest, Tennessee. The eastern branch of U.S. 19 loops east to Spruce Pine and Elizabethton, Tennessee. Photo taken 06/17/05.
U.S. 19 South
U.S. 19 southbound at its split from Alarka Road and merge with U.S. 74 at the west end of the Great Smoky Mountain Expressway. U.S. 19 joins U.S. 74 for 46 miles between Bryson City and Ranger in southwest Cherokee County. Photo taken 09/12/04.
U.S. 19 Business - Andrews
U.S. 19 Business (Main Street) northbound after its departure from U.S. 19-74-129 west of Andrews. The business loop travels 2.9 miles altogether on an east-west alignment through the heart of town. Photo taken 09/12/04.
Three sets of signals line Main Street in downtown Andrews at Chestnut Street, Locust Street, and SR-1388. Use SR-1388 northbound to reach the Andrews bypass of U.S. 19-74-129. Photo taken 09/12/04.
U.S. 19-74-129 shield assembly posted on Main Street eastbound near the terminus of U.S. 19 Business. U.S. 19-74-129 travel seven miles east to Topton where U.S. 129 parts ways. Photo taken 09/12/04.
U.S. 19 scenes
NC 194 concludes at U.S. 19E at Ingalls. NC 194 (Three Mile Highway) meanders 4.2 miles eastward, linking U.S. 19E with U.S. 221 near Blue Ridge Parkway. U.S. 221 and 19E do not meet otherwise. Photo taken 06/17/05.

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    09/12/04 by Carter Buchanan. 06/17/05 by AARoads.

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