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U.S. 19 North
U.S. 19 branches north from U.S. 41 at a wye interchange north of Memphis. Photo taken 12/21/14.
New signs installed in April 2014 included the mileage sign posted as U.S. 19 leads away from U.S. 41. The distance to St. Petersburg was revised to 19 miles while Clearwater and Perry were added.
Perry is the pre-Interstate system destination for U.S. 19 north at the Big Bend of Florida! Photo taken 12/21/14.
Crossing the H.E. Boyd Bridge, U.S. 19 spans northeastern reaches of Terra Ceia Bay at Sea Breeze Point. Photo taken 07/06/13.
Entering Terra Ceia Island, U.S. 19 angles northwest through the rural settlement of Terra Ceia. Photo taken 07/06/13.
Terra Ceia Road intersects U.S. 19 just south of the wye interchange with Interstate 275 north. Beyond the intersection, U.S. 19 defaults into the Sunshine Skyway toll plaza. Photo taken 12/21/14.
U.S. 19 merges onto Interstate 275 just shy of the Skyway toll plaza. Motorists headed for the Sunpass lane must weave to the left side. Photo taken 07/06/13.
Unnumbered interchanges lie both before and after the Sunshine Skyway to provide access to old U.S. 19 and the Skyway Fishing Pier. Photo taken 07/06/13.
Interstate 275 U.S. 19 North
Interstate 275 & U.S. 19 combine northward 12.5 miles across the Sunshine Skyway bridge and approaches. A set of shields for the two routes appears north of the Skyway South Fishing Pier and rest area. Photo taken 10/08/16.
I-275 & U.S. 19 curve northwest across Tampa Bay, meeting the North Skyway Fishing Pier and rest area in 4.5 miles. Photo taken 10/08/16.
Interstate 275 & U.S. 19 cross into the southwestern wedge of Hillsborough County midway across the Sunshine Skyway bridge. Photo taken 10/16/16.
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The Sunshine Skyway crests to a height of 431 feet above the main navigation channel of Tampa Bay. Photos taken 10/16/16.
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Lowering from the north tower, I-275 & U.S. 19 pass east of Tarpon Key along a causeway extending south from Maximo Point in St. Petersburg. Photo taken 11/05/13. Second photo taken 10/08/16. Third photo taken 10/16/16.
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A diamond interchange connects I-275 & U.S. 19 with the North Skyway Fishing Pier and rest area just into Pinellas County. Photos taken 10/08/16.
Continuing north along the Sunshine Skyway causeway, U.S. 19 advances 16 miles to Pinellas Park while I-275 reaches Tampa in 30 miles. Photo taken 10/08/16.
Exit 16 departs from I-275 & U.S. 19 north in one mile onto parallel Skyway Lane by Maximo Point. Photo taken 10/08/16.
Skyway Lane links I-275 & U.S. 19 north with Pinellas Point Drive east from Maximo Park. Photo taken 10/08/16.
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U.S. 19 splits with Interstate 275 north at a wye interchange (Exit 17) above Frenchman Creek in south St. Petersburg. Photos taken 10/16/16.
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U.S. 19 partitions with Interstate 275 north to join 34th Street South, a commercial arterial through central portions of St. Petersburg. The left exit takes motorists also to SR 682 (54th Avenue South) west to the Pinellas Bayway to Tierra Verde, Pass-A-Grille and St. Pete Beach. Photos taken 10/16/16.
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SR 682 travels 3.72 miles west from U.S. 19 and I-275 to SR 699 (Gulf Boulevard) in St. Pete Beach. The state road follows Pinellas Bayway, a series of bridges across Boca Ciega Bay and the Intracoastal Waterway, west from St. Petersburg. The span west of adjacent Eckerd College is tolled. Photos taken 03/11/15.
U.S. 19 North
34th Street S comprises a six-lane commercial arterial / boulevard throughout the city of St. Petersburg. Pictured here is a northbound reassurance marker posted by the Maximo neighborhood after SR 682. Photo taken 05/25/19.
46th Avenue South spurs west from this signal to the Broadwater neighborhood jutting out into Boca Ciega Bay. Photo taken 01/16/14.
38th Avenue South leads west to the Clam Bayou neighborhood and east below I-275 to 31st Street South. Photo taken 01/16/14.
Northbound U.S. 19 shield posted after 38th Avenue South. Photo taken 01/16/14.
26th Avenue South spurs west to the Perry Bayview community. East from the signal with U.S. 19, the avenue meets I-275 south at a half diamond interchange en route to the Highland Oaks and Lake Maggiore Shores neighborhoods. Photo taken 01/16/14.
22nd Avenue South provides access to I-275 north via a loop ramp just east of U.S. 19 (34th Street South). Photo taken 10/16/16.
22nd Avenue provides the through route west to the cities of Gulfport and South Pasadena as CR 138 to SR 693 (Pasadena Avenue). The avenue east continues to Midtown St. Petersburg and Tropical Shores along Tampa Bay. Photo taken 10/16/16.
Advancing northward along U.S. 19 (34th Street South) beyond 22nd Avenue South. Photo taken 10/16/16.
The ensuing traffic light controls movements between U.S. 19 and 18th Avenue South at southeastern reaches of the Childs Park neighborhood. Photo taken 10/16/16.
15th Avenue South stems west from the I-275 right of way through Childs Park and into the city of Gulfport. Photo taken 10/16/16.
11th Avenue South ties into U.S. 19 (34th Street South) at Gibbs High School and Pinellas Technical Education Center. Pinellas Trail passes over 34th Street South in the distance. Photo taken 10/16/16.
5th Avenue South straddles the Central Oak Park and Childs Park neighborhoods west of U.S. 19 to Westminster Heights at 55th Street South. East from 34th Street South, the four-lane boulevard extends to Stadium Drive, where it shifts to the south of I-175 by Tropicana Field (home of the MLB Tampa Bay Rays franchise). Photo taken 10/16/16.
U.S. 19 progresses north between the Palmetto Park and Central Oak Park communities to 1st Avenue South. Photo taken 10/16/16.
1st Avenue South compliments Central Avenue (Pinellas County Road 150) east through the Grand Central District to Downtown St. Petersburg. Photo taken 10/16/16.
Central Avenue (CR 150) leads east to the heart of Downtown St. Petersburg and west to Causeway Isles and Treasure Island Causeway across Boca Ciega Bay to SR 699 (Gulf Boulevard) on Treasure Island. Photo taken 10/16/16.
Flowing westbound in its entirely, 1st Avenue North mirrors Central Avenue west from Downtown to Methodist Town and U.S. 19 (34th Street North) here. The avenue ends at SR 693 at Pasadena in west St. Petersburg. Photo taken 01/16/14.
An array of retail, hotels and eateries line 34th Street North over the next several blocks as U.S. 19 travels by the Kenwood neighborhood. Photo taken 01/16/14.
Forthcoming 5th Avenue South doubles as U.S. 19 Alternate & SR 595 west to Tyrone Boulevard and east to Interstate 275. Once at I-275, U.S. 19A & SR 595 separate into a couplet of 4th Avenue South (east) and 5th Avenue South (west) to U.S. 92 (4th Street North). Photo taken 01/16/14.
A half diamond interchange provides northbound access to Interstate 275 from 5th Avenue South below the stack with I-375. Photo taken 01/16/14.
U.S. 19 Alternate follows the pre-1953 alignment of U.S. 19 leading west to Bay Pines and north through Seminole, Largo, Clearwater, Dunedin, Tarpon Springs and New Port Richey. The route extends east to U.S. 92 north of Downtown St. Petersburg as a remnant from when U.S. 19 ended there. SR 595 represents the hidden counterpart of the US route, though signs for it are posted along 5th Avenue South. Photo taken 01/16/14.
Continuing north on U.S. 19 (34th Street North) between 5th Avenue South and 6th Avenue South. Photo taken 10/07/15.
The next signal along 34th Street North operates at 9th Avenue North by the North Kenwood neighborhood. Photo taken 10/07/15.
U.S. 19 (34th Avenue North) north at 13th Avenue North. Photo taken 10/07/15.
Northbound at 17th Avenue North, which leads west from a shopping center on U.S. 19 into residential areas, Photo taken 10/07/15.
Forthcoming 22nd Avenue North meets Interstate 275 at a diamond interchange (Exit 24) 1.66 miles east of U.S. 19 (34th Street North). Photo taken 10/07/15.
22nd Avenue North (CR 690) varies between a four-lane commercial and residential arterial between the Tyrone Square Mall area and Crescent Lake. CR 690 follows 22nd Avenue North between 34th Street North and 9th Street North as a remnant of former Florida Secondary 690. Photo taken 10/07/15.
Confirming marker for U.S. 19 north posted after 22nd Avenue North (CR 690). Photo taken 10/07/15.
Advancing north, U.S. 19 (34th Street North) meets 30th Avenue North at the succeeding traffic light. Photo taken 10/07/15.
U.S. 19 reassurance shield posted after 30th Avenue North. Photo taken 10/07/15.
38th Avenue North (CR 138) provides a direct route to Interstate 275, located one mile to the east. 38th Avenue North extends west as a main arterial to U.S. 19 Alternate (Tyrone Boulevard) ahead of Bay Pines and the Gulf Beaches. Photo taken 10/07/15.
U.S. 19 (34th Street North) ascends over a CSX Railroad line between 38th Avenue North (CR 184) and Joe's Creek Industrial Park at 44th Avenue North. Photo taken 10/07/15.
U.S. 19 leaves the St. Petersburg city limits and enter unincorporated Lealman at the CSX Railroad bridge. Photo taken 10/07/15.
U.S. 19 (34th Street North) returns to grade level and next meets 54th Avenue North (CR 202). 54th Avenue North ventures east to a parclo interchange with I-275 at the Grovemont neighborhood of north St. Petersburg. Westward, Pinellas County Road 202 runs to Park Street (CR 1) off Cross Bayou. Photo taken 11/07/15.
58th Avenue North serves a number of manufactured home communities both west and east of the signal with U.S. 19 (34th Street North). Photo taken 07/11/11.
62nd Avenue North represents the southern boundary of the Pinellas Park city limits at U.S. 19 (34th Street North). The four-lane boulevard heads east to U.S. 92 (4th St North) in St. Petersburg and west through Kenneth City to SR 693 (66th Street North). Photo taken 10/07/15.
The next signalized intersection along U.S. 19 (34th Street North) north is with 66th Avenue North. 66th Avenue provides a short connector to Haines Road (CR 691) south from U.S. 19 south. Haines Road north merges with U.S. 19 ahead. Photo taken 03/22/16.
A guide sign for the single point urban interchange (SPUI) with SR 694 (Gandy Boulevard east / Park Boulevard west) precedes the intersection with 70th Avenue Nort. 70th Avenue North serves Park Place shopping center to the west. Photo taken 03/22/16.
SR 694 shield posted ahead of the SPUI with Park and Gandy Boulevards. The ramps with SR 694 are generally congested during the day, especially in the eastbound direction. Park Boulevard comprises a six-lane commercial arterial throughout Pinellas Park. Gandy Boulevard continues the state road east as a controlled access expressway to U.S. 92 (4th Avenue North). Photo taken 10/07/15.
SR 694 travels a short distance east Interstate 275 at Exit 28, where it upgrades to a freeway en route to U.S. 92 at 4th Street North. U.S. 92 overtakes Gandy Boulevard east to the Gandy Bridge and South Tampa. The state road west concludes at SR 693 (66th Street North), but used to extend further as a secondary route to Anona and Indian Rocks Beach. Photo taken 03/22/16.
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Many Interstate 275 shields posted within Pinellas County during the early to mid 2000s included the state name. This assembly was installed in June 2003.
I-275 sees a directional cloverleaf interchange with SR 694 (Gandy Boulevard) midway between U.S. 19 and U.S. 92 & SR 686 (Roosevelt Boulevard) at the Gateway area in north St. Petersburg. Photos taken 03/22/16.
SR 694 (Park Boulevard) spans U.S. 19 at their exchange. County Road 694 extends Park Boulevard west from SR 693 (66th Street North) in 2.7 miles to Indian Shores. Photo taken 10/07/15.
Progressing north, U.S. 19 maintains commercialized frontage to the interchange with County Road 611 at Freedom Lake Park. Photo taken 10/07/15.
Northbound mileage sign highlighting the distances to Largo and Clearwater. U.S. 19 skims eastern reaches of both cities, well away from Downtown Clearwater, the Pinellas County seat. Photo taken 10/07/15.
Mainlands Boulevard provides one of three access points to the densely packed Mainlands of Tamarac manufactured home community east of U.S. 19. The signal here is the final one along U.S. 19 north for the next 12.7 miles. Photo taken 10/07/15.
One half mile south of the parclo interchange with County Road 611 (49th Street North) along U.S. 19 north in Pinellas Park. Photo taken 10/07/15.
49th Street North comprises a six-lane arterial leading north to St. Petersburg-Clearwater International Airport (PIE) at SR 686 (Roosevelt Boulevard). Photo taken 10/07/15.
U.S. 19 north at the CR 611 (49th Street North) northbound off-ramp. CR 611 represents a busy north-south corridor from west St. Petersburg and Gulfport to East Lake in northern Pinellas County. Much of the route consists of a four to six-lane arterial with the exception of a freeway section at the Bayside Bridge between SR 686 and SR 60. Photo taken 10/07/15.
Nearing the loop ramp for County Road 611 (49th Street North) south on U.S. 19 north. 49th Street North narrows into an older commercial arterial through Pinellas Park and the Kenneth City vicinity. Photo taken 10/07/15.
County Road 611 continues south to Boca Ciega Bay in Gulfport, carrying four lanes all the way to 22nd Avenue South (CR 138). Pinellas Park City Hall lies just off of CR 611 north of SR 694 (Park Boulevard). Photo taken 10/07/15.


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