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U.S. 19 south
Leaving the commercialized intersection with SR 586 (Curlew Road) on U.S. 19 south. An single point urban interchange (SPUI) is planned st SR 586 as part of the freeway upgrade to U.S. 19 southward to Evans Road. Photo taken 03/11/15.
Downtown Clearwater is a six-mile drive to the southwest. Downtown St. Petersburg lies 20 miles to the south via U.S. 19 and U.S. 19 Alternate. Photo taken 03/11/15.
Upgrades to U.S. 19 southward will add a frontage road system to the ones at Evans Road. A slip ramp ahead of Boy Scout Road will serve local interests, including those to Republic Drive west while the at-grade intersection with Hammock Pine Boulevard here will be eliminated. Photo taken 03/11/15.
Now east of Dunedin, U.S. 19 upgrades into a freeway leading south to Pinellas Park. The aforementioned frontage road system commences at Evans Road, a local road connecting U.S. 19 with CR 501 (Belcher Road). Photo taken 03/11/15.
SR 580 (Main Street) meets U.S. 19 at a SPUI utilizing the adjacent frontage roads. The east-west highway travels overall between U.S. 19 Alternate (Broadway) in Downtown Dunedin and U.S. 92 (Dale Mabry Highway) in Tampa. Locally the state road serves the Countryside and Enterprise areas. Photo taken 03/11/15.
Southbound U.S. 19 at the ramp departure to SR 580 (Main Street) at Countryside. SR 580 east leads drivers to Oldsmar and Town 'N Country in Hillsborough County. Photo taken 08/24/13.
Utilizing the southbound side frontage road, drivers bound or Countryside Boulevard to Belcher Road (CR 501) south or Enterprise Road should remain on the service road to its intersections with both surface roads. Photo taken 01/02/06.
The U.S. 19 freeway mainline meanwhile sweeps southeast by Westfield Countryside Mall to pass over Countryside Boulevard. Photo taken 03/11/15.
The finishing touches on the freeway upgrade of U.S. 19 at Enterprise Road were made in spring 2015. Photo taken 01/14/16.
A single southbound off-ramp serves both Sunset Point Road (CR 576) and NE Coachman Road (SR 590) due to their close proximity to one another. A similar scenario plays out with U.S. 19 south for both Drew Street and SR 60 (Gulf to Bay Boulevard). Photo taken 01/14/16.
Enterprise Road loops northwest from the adjacent service road to SR 580. The road is now discontinuous east across U.S. 19 en route to Safety Harbor. Photo taken 03/11/15.
A slip ramp departs next for the adjacent frontage road south by 1st Avenue North in Clearwater. Passing above in this scene is Duke Energy Trail, a multi-use bicycle and pedestrian path. Photo taken 01/14/16.
The Frontage Road exit serves a number of businesses and apartments otherwise inaccessible due to the U.S. 19 freeway. The ensuing off-ramp joins the service road ahead of Sunset Point Road (CR 576) west to U.S. 19 Alternate (Edgewater Drive) off Clearwater Harbor. Photo taken 01/14/16.
A slip ramp provides return access to U.S. 19 south from the Enterprise Road area just ahead of the exit for Sunset Point Road (CR 576) east to Safety Harbor. Photo taken 01/14/16.
An auxiliary lane leads drivers southward to the frontage road ramp to Sunset Point Road and SR 590 (NE Coachman Road). SR 590 exists in two sections: An east-west segment connects U.S. 19 with Safety Harbor and U.S. 19 Alternate (Myrtle Avenue) in Downtown Clearwater. A north-south portion straddles the waters of Safety Harbor from Enterprise Road to SR 580 along Phillippe Parkway. The section through Downtown Safety Harbor was turned over to city maintenance. Photo taken 01/14/16.
All traffic bound for either CR 576 (Sunset Point Road) or SR 590 (NE Coachman Road) in Clearwater departs U.S. 19 south in unison. Photo taken 01/14/16.
Six lanes of U.S. 19 ascend over Sunset Point Road in this scene. Ramps tie into southbound and from northbound along this stretch. Photo taken 03/11/15.
The frontage road advances south to SR 590 (NE Coachman Road) beyond the CR 576 on-ramp. SR 590 angles southwest along NE Coachman Road to overtake Drew Street west from CR 528. Photo taken 01/14/16.
Passing over SR 590, motorists along U.S. 19 south next reach the Drew Street (CR 528) and SR 60 (Gulf to Bay Boulevard) off-ramp in 0.75 miles. Photo taken 01/14/16.
Interchange sequence signs are posted consistently along the U.S. 19 freeway through Pinellas County. Photo taken 01/14/16.
SR 60 connects Downtown Clearwater with the city of Tampa via Courtney Campbell Causeway. The state road ends along Memorial Causeway linking the Clearwater central business district with Clearwater Beach. Photo taken 08/24/13.
A mileage sign appears as drivers merge onto U.S. 19 south from SR 590. Pinellas Park lies 12 miles ahead while St. Petersburg is now 17 miles away. Photo taken 10/01/16.
The forthcoming exit serves Drew Street (CR 528) west to SR 580 near Skycrest in Clearwater and CR 611 (McMullen-Booth Road) and Bayshore Boulevard in Safety Harbor. Photo taken 10/01/16.
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2 photos
Two lanes part ways with U.S. 19 south for Drew Street (CR 528) and SR 60 (Gulf to Bay Boulevard). Gulf to Bay Boulevard comprises a busy arterial route east to Courtney Campbell Causeway across Old Tampa Bay and west to Court Street on the south side of Downtown Clearwater. Photo taken 11/15/16. Second photo taken 10/01/16.
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2 photos
Passing through the single point interchange with Drew Street along the south side frontage road leading toward SR 60 (Gulf to Bay Boulevard). Photos taken 10/01/16.
Approaching the SR 60 (Gulf to Bay Boulevard) underpass, where an off-ramp branches away from U.S. 19 for Harn Boulevard west and Seville Boulevard east. Photo taken 11/15/16.
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3 photos
3 photos
The original SPUI between U.S. 19 and SR 60 was reconstructed from 2011-2015. This expanded U.S. 19 to six overall lanes with full outside shoulders and partial inside shoulders. Photos taken 10/01/16.
Harn Boulevard stems west from the U.S. 19 frontage roads into the Morningside community to Belcher Road. Seville Boulevard serves Clearwater Mall shopping center and a pair of apartment complexes west of Old Tampa Bay. Photo taken 11/15/16.
An on-ramp ties onto U.S. 19 south after Seville Boulevard and just ahead of the slip ramp for Nursery Road (CR 474) and Belleair Road (CR 464) west. Both east-west roads used to intersect U.S. 19 at traffic lights. Photo taken 11/15/16.
Nursery and Belleair Roads parallel one another by one quarter mile west from U.S. 19. Nursery Road ends as a subdivision road west of Highland Avenue while Belleair Road extends west to U.S. 19 Alternate outside the town limits of Belleair. Photo taken 11/15/16.
A slip ramp joins U.S. 19 south from Belleair Road just beyond Largo Inlet and Allen Creek. The succeeding exit departs in a quarter mile for Whitney Road east to High Point. Photo taken 11/15/16.
A half diamond interchange connects U.S. 19 south with the frontage road system ahead of Whitney Road east. Photo taken 11/15/16.
U.S. 19 passes over Whitney Road ahead of the slip ramp for SR 686. SR 686 (Roosevelt Boulevard) east provides a direct route to St. Petersburg-Clearwater International Airport (PIE). Westward, the state road follows East Bay Drive toward Largo city hall and Belleair Beach as CR 416 (West Bay Drive). Photo taken 11/15/16.
Drivers bound for SR 686 near High Point part ways with U.S. 19 south. Photo taken 11/15/16.
SR 686 travels overall between U.S. 19 Alternate (Seminole Boulevard) and U.S. 92 & SR 687 (4th Street North) at Gandy Boulevard (SR 694 west) in north St. Petersburg. Photo taken 11/15/16.
Progressing south from the SPUI with SR 686, U.S. 19 nears the southbound beginning of SR 693 (66th Street North). SR 693 follows 66th Street south through the heart of Pinellas Park to the city of South Pasadena.
Succeeding guide signs to CR 296 were replaced during 2016. Photo taken 08/24/13.
Two lanes leave U.S. 19 south for SR 693 (66th Street North) via a wye interchange. SR 693 represents a busy north-south commercial corridor through Pinellas Park and Kenneth City. The state road also represents the southernmost toll free crossing onto the Gulf barrier islands, utilizing Corey Causeway across the Intracoastal Waterway to St. Pete Beach. Photo taken 08/24/13.
SR 688 (Ulmerton Road) crosses paths with U.S. 19 at a busy SPUI in east Pinellas Park. The east-west arterial was widened between 2007-08 to eight lanes between SR 693 (66th Street North) and Pinellas County Road 611 (49th Street North). The state road ends at Intestate 275 by Feather Sound in St. Petersburg. Photo taken 08/24/13.
A supplemental sign references the west end of SR 688 at Indian Rocks Beach. SR 688 lines Ulmerton Road west to Walsingham Road by Anona. The state road west of Oakhurst Road to Indian Rocks Beach was originally Florida Secondary 694. Photo taken 08/24/13.
A slip ramp carries drivers onto the southbound frontage road ahead of SR 688 (Ulmerton Road). SR 688 travels 13.33 miles overall between Interstate 275 (Exit 31) and Gulf Boulevard (SR 699 south / CR 183 north) at Indian Rocks Beach. Photo taken 03/11/15.
U.S. 19 was upgraded to freeway standards from SR 688 south to CR 296 in 2008. A SPUI replaced an at-grade intersection with upcoming Bryan Dairy Road. Photo taken 08/24/13.
Sign bridge posted at the U.S. 19 south frontage road intersection with SR 688 (Ulmerton Road). SR 688 east to Interstate 275 leads drivers directly onto the Howard Frankland Bridge north into Tampa. SR 688 west constitutes a busy commercial arterial through Pinellas Park and Largo. Photo taken 10/22/07.
Southbound reassurance marker posted for U.S. 19 at the 126th Avenue North under crossing. Photo taken 03/11/15.
Interchange sequence sign posted a quarter mile ahead of County Road 296 (Bryan Dairy Road). The U.S. 19 freeway ends ahead of County Road 611 technically, but the stretch is free from traffic lights. Photo taken 08/24/13.
County Road 296 originates west of Seminole in an unincorporated area. The county road crosses Lake Seminole and swings northward onto Bryan Dairy Road, which eventually upgrades to an expressway to U.S. 19.
East from U.S. 19 to I-275, County Road 296 will be replaced by the Gateway Express / State Road 690, a high-speed toll road. Plans for the elevated roadway includes flyovers at U.S. 19. The five-year construction for the Gateway Express project commenced in March 2018. Photo taken 08/24/13.
U.S. 19 ventures southeast to a half diamond interchange with 110th Avenue North. A six-ramp parclo interchange follows with CR 611 (49th Street North). Photo taken 08/24/13.
110th Avenue North serves Northfield Manor and other subdivisions to the west and a large series of industrial parks to the east. Photo taken 08/24/13.
County Road 611 stretches nearly the length of Pinellas County from the Pasco County line by East Lake south to 22nd Avenue South (CR 138) at the city of Gulfport. South from the Bayside Bridge over Old Tampa Bay, the county road doubles as 49th Street North through Pinellas Park. Photo taken 03/22/16.
49th Street North constitutes a commercial boulevard south from U.S. 19 through central Pinellas Park to the Disston Heights neighborhood of west St. Petersburg. Photo taken 03/22/16.
A slip ramp ties into U.S. 19 south from 110th Avenue North. County Road 611 replaced Florida Secondary 691 as a route north to Roosevelt Boulevard and south into St. Petersburg. Photo taken 03/22/16.
The Downtown St. Petersburg skyline comes into view along the southern horizon at the loop ramp for CR 611 (49th Street North) north. CR 611 forms an industrial arterial north to St. Pete-Clearwater International Airport (PIE) ahead of the Bayside Bridge freeway. Photo taken 03/22/16.


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