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U.S. 23 North U.S. 74 East
U.S. 23 north & U.S. 74 eastbound proclamation sign and shield assembly for the Great Smoky Mountains Expressway posted after their merge at Exit 81A. U.S. 23 & 74 bypass the town of Sylva to the north. Photo taken 09/12/04.
Exits 83 and 85 serve the town of Sylva on the Great Smoky Mountain Expressway eastbound. U.S. 23 Business travels through the heart of town between Dillsboro and Exit 85 via Haywood Road, Mill Street, Main Street, and Asheville Highway. Photo taken 09/12/04.
Exit 83 provides access into downtown Sylva via Grindstaff Cove Road southbound. The road stems northward 0.5 miles as Maple Street to U.S. 23 & 74. Photo taken 09/12/04.
U.S. 23 north & 74 eastbound at the Exit 83 parclo interchange with Grindstaff Cove Road. Grindstaff Cove Road dead ends shortly north of the freeway with no outlet. Photo taken 09/12/04.
The aforementioned U.S. 23 Business returns to U.S. 23 via Asheville Highway and east Sylva. The loop provides access to NC 107 (E. Main Street) and West Carolina University to the southwest. NC 107 begins in Sylva and heads two miles south to NC 116 outside of Webster and four miles from there to Cullowhee and the Western Carolina University Campus. Photo taken 09/12/04.
The Great Smoky Mountain Expressway eastbound at the Exit 85 off-ramp to U.S. 23 Business south (Asheville Highway) and NC 107 (E. Main Street). 24 miles of NC 107 carry drivers south from Sylva to Forest Hills, East Laport, Tuckasegee, Glenviie, and Cashiers (U.S. 64). From there the state highway continues another eight miles to South Carolina 107. Photo taken 09/12/04.
Ten miles east of Sylva, U.S. 23 & 74 reach Blue Ridge Parkway. The two-lane controlled access highway passes over the Great Smoky Mountains Expressway in this scene at Balsam Gap. An access road links the two highways one quarter mile ahead. The parkway is not open to commercial vehicles and is maintained by the National Park Service. Photo taken 09/12/04.
U.S. 23 & 74 again upgrade to a full freeway outside the Haywood County community of Waynesville. The Great Smoky Mountains Expressway bypasses the town to the west between U.S. 23 Business (Balsam Road) and Lake Junaluska. Pictured here is the one-mile guide sign for the Exit 98 diamond interchange with U.S. 23 Business (unsigned here). Photo taken 09/12/04.
U.S. 23 Business appears on the Exit 98 guide sign at the U.S. 23 north & 74 eastbound off-ramp to Balsam Road. The loop travels through the heart of town via Balsam Road, Main Street, and Asheville Road before returning at Exit 104. Photo taken 09/12/04.
The second of three Waynesville exits joins U.S. 23 & 74 with Hazelwood Avenue at Exit 100. Hazelwood Avenue travels east from the freeway to Sulphur Springs Road, Hyatt Street, and Brown Avenue before ending at U.S. 23 Business (Balsam Road) south of downtown. Photo taken 09/12/04.
Exit 100 departs U.S. 23 north & 74 eastbound for Hazelwood Avenue. A split diamond interchange occurs between Hazelwood Avenue and nearby Elysinia Avenue to the north for the Great Smoky Mountain Expressway. Photo taken 09/12/04.
Next in line for U.S. 23 north & 74 eastbound is the Exit 102 parclo interchange with U.S. 276 (Dellwood Road). U.S. 276 comprises a surface arterial between downtown Waynesville and U.S. 19 east of Dellwood. The US highway ends ten miles to the north at Interstate 40 Exit 20 and Cove Creek. Photo taken 09/12/04.
Exit 102A leaves the Great Smoky Mountain Expressway for U.S. 276 (Dellwood Road) southbound into Waynesville. U.S. 276 is a two-state route between Cove Creek and Greenville, South Carolina. The highway sees Brevard signed as the second control city here for its routing through the Transylvania County seat at U.S. 64. Photo taken 09/12/04.
A loop ramp serves U.S. 276 (Dellwood Road) northbound via Exit 102B on U.S. 23 north & 74 eastbound. U.S. 276 merges with U.S. 19 south in two miles outside of Lake Junaluska. From there the two highways travel two miles to their split at Dellwood with U.S. 19 continuing westward another four miles to Maggie Valley. The Junaluska Assembly control point refers to Lake Junaluska Retreat and Conference Center. Photo taken 09/12/04.
U.S. 19 U.S. 23 North U.S. 74 East
U.S. 23 Business (Asheville Road) returns to U.S. 23 & 74 at Exit 104 north of Waynesville. Where the business loop ends, NC 209 begins and commences its northward journey to Lake Junaluska en route to Hot Springs. U.S. 19 northbound merges onto the Great Smoky Mountain Expressway ahead of the Exit 104 parclo interchange ahead. Photo taken 08/15/04.
U.S. 19/23 north and U.S. 74 eastbound between U.S. 23 Business & NC 209 and the West Jones Cove off-ramp (Exit 105). A pair of frontage roads coincide with the freeway between Exit 104 and Exit 105. Photo taken 08/15/04.
Exit 105 departs for West Jones Cove via the eastbound side frontage road (SR-1929). SR-1929 links U.S. 19-29-74 with Jones Cover Road to the west and Sohes Cover Road to the east. Photo taken 08/15/04.
U.S. 19 departs 1.5 miles after it joins the Great Smoky Mountain Expressway with U.S. 23 for Clyde, Canton, and Candler. The US route pair follow Carolina Boulevard into downtown Clyde and the New Clyde Highway into West Canton and Canton. Note that U.S. 64 Truck appears from obscurity for the U.S. 74 connection to Interstate 40. Photo taken 08/15/04.

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08/15/04, 09/12/04 by Carter Buchanan

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