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Upon entering Miami County, U.S. 24 is one mile away from the interchange with U.S. 31. U.S. 31 begins in Mobile, Alabama and travels north near Interstate 65 to Indianapolis and northward to Mackinaw City, Michigan. Altogether, the highway travels for 1,280 miles. Photo taken 04/13/10.
U.S. 31 travels for 266 miles across Indiana, beginning in Jeffersonville across the Ohio River from Louisville, Kentucky and heading north through the communities of Scottsburg, Seymour, Columbus, Franklin, Indianapolis, Kokomo, Rochester, Plymouth and South Bend before crossing into Michigan. Photo taken 04/13/10.
U.S. 24 has a cloverleaf interchange with U.S. 31 to the northwest of Peru. The interchange was built as a part of the project that made U.S. 24 four lanes from Logansport to Peru. Before 2000, U.S. 24 was a four lane highway to the east from a trumpet interchange. From there, U.S. 24 went south along U.S. 31 to a slip ramp that connected U.S. 31 with the two-lane U.S. 24. The trumpet interchange was converted into a cloverleaf when the new U.S. 24 expressway was built. From here, Kokomo is 20 miles to the south with Indianapolis 70 miles away. Photo taken 04/13/10.
Crossing over U.S. 31, a loop ramp takes travelers north toward the communities of Rochester (20 miles away) and South Bend (67 miles away). Photo taken 04/13/10.
East of the junction with U.S. 31, U.S. 24 is three miles away from the Miami County seat of Peru, 14 miles from Wabash and 59 miles from Fort Wayne. Photo taken 04/13/10.
The Miami County seat of Peru (population 11,417) is served by two stoplights off of U.S. 24, which bypasses the city to the north. The first stoplight is with Broadway/Old U.S. 31. Broadway heads south into Peru and follows the old alignment of U.S. 31 through town. Here, the highway is signed as Business U.S. 31. To the north, Old U.S. 31 heads north to the town of Mexico and north to the current U.S. 31 expressway. Photo taken 04/13/10.
A mile east of the junction with Broadway/Old U.S. 31, U.S. 24 reaches the intersection with Indiana 19 (Chili Avenue). Indiana 19 goes for 143 miles from Indiana 32 in Noblesville north through Tipton, Peru, Akron, Nappanee and Elkhart before ending at the Michigan border. The town of Chili is about eight miles to the north from U.S. 24 while Peru is just to the south along Chili Avenue. Photo taken 04/13/10.
East of the junction with Indiana 19, U.S. 24 is 13 miles from the Wabash County seat of Wabash and 31 miles from Huntington. Photo taken 04/13/10.
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East of Peru, U.S. 24 is a rural four-lane expressway, but the terrain changes slightly as it remains within the valley of the Wabash River, climbing up the valley's edge and into some flat agricultural fields to the immediate north. En route, the highway passes the small town of Erie, accessed via County Road 425 East. Photos taken 04/13/10.
U.S. 24 now enters Wabash County (population 32,888). Photo taken 04/13/10.
Upon entering Wabash County, U.S. 24 crosses the intersection with County Road 700 West. To the north, the county road heads to the town of Roann and to the south it goes to Richvalley. Photo taken 04/13/10.
The first few miles of U.S. 24 across Wabash County follow straight line to the east toward the county seat of Wabash. This view looks at the crossing over Kentner Creek. Photo taken 04/13/10.
U.S. 24 approaches the intersection with Indiana 115 north. Indiana 115 is a short, 3.7-mile highway that connects U.S. 24 with Indiana 15 to the north of Wabash. Photo taken 04/13/10.
Now at the junction with U.S. 24 and Indiana 115 north. Those heading to Silver Lake and Warsaw can use Indiana 115 to access Indiana 15 to the north of Wabash. Photo taken 04/13/10.
East of the junction with Indiana 115 north, Business U.S. 24 breaks off to the east from U.S. 24, with the present-day highway bypassing the city of Wabash to the north. Business U.S. 24 follows Stitt Street into Wabash (population 10,666) and connects with both Indiana 15 (Cass Street) and Indiana 13 (Wabash Street) before following Indiana 13 north back to the current U.S. 24. Wabash, the county seat for Wabash County, is best known for being the first electrically-lit city in the world. Photo taken 04/13/10.
East of the Business U.S. 24 (Stitt Street) intersection, U.S. 24 now approaches the junction with Indiana 15 (Cass Street). Indiana 15 goes for 95 miles from U.S. 35/Indiana 22 in Jonesboro within Grant County and heads north through Marion, Wabash, Warsaw and Goshen before crossing into Michigan. Photo taken 04/13/10.
Entering the intersection between U.S. 24 and Indiana 15 (Cass Street). Most of the shopping centers and fast food restaurants that serve Wabash reside around this intersection. Downtown Wabash is a mile to the south along Indiana 15 (Cass Street). To the north, the town of Silver Lake is 19 miles away and the Kosciusko County seat of Warsaw is 31 miles away. Photo taken 04/13/10.
East of Indiana 15 (Cass Street), U.S. 24 is 21 miles from Huntington and 46 miles from Fort Wayne. Photo taken 04/13/10.
U.S. 24 approaches the junction with County Road 200 West, called Alber Street to the south. Alber Street connects with Indiana 15 (Cass Street) to the south. Photo taken 04/13/10.
A view of the U.S. 24 bypass of Wabash to the east of Alber Street. The bypass continues in a northeast direction toward the intersection with Indiana 13 (Manchester Avenue). Photo taken 04/13/10.
U.S. 24 next approaches the junction with Indiana 13, which is a 138-mile highway that runs from Fortville at U.S. 36/Indiana 67 and heads north through Elwood, Wabash, North Manchester, Syracuse and Middlebury, ending at the Michigan state line. To the south, Indiana 13 and Business U.S. 24 follow Manchester Avenue to the south back toward Wabash. To the north, the town of North Manchester and Manchester College are about 12 miles away. Photo taken 04/13/10.
East of the junction with Indiana 13 (Manchester Avenue), U.S. 24 is 18 miles from Huntington and 43 miles from Fort Wayne. Photo taken 12/26/10.
Now following U.S. 24 to the east of Wabash. As with the stretch from Logansport to Peru, the stretch of U.S. 24 from Wabash to Huntington was finished in 2000 and the concrete highway still looks brand new ten years later (from the time of the pictures). For the first couple of miles, the new U.S. 24 is positioned just north of the older highway, which serves as a frontage road. Photo taken 12/26/10.
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U.S. 24 will turn toward the northeast at the junction with Indiana 524 east. Indiana 524 goes for only two miles from U.S. 24 east to the town of Lagro and the Salamonie River State Forest. Photos taken 12/26/10.
Indiana 524 turns off toward the east in the direction of Lagro. From U.S. 24 east to Lagro, Indiana 524 follows the original routing of U.S. 24 as it was bypassed around Lagro around 2000 when the new highway was completed. Photo taken 12/26/10.
East of the junction with Indiana 524 east, Huntington is 16 miles away with Huntington at 41 miles. Photo taken 12/26/10.
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U.S. 24 continues in an eastern path as it heads up and down the hills that are formed by small ravines from small streams that flow into the Wabash River. Despite the flat terrain of the northern part of Indiana, the area around the Wabash River has a bit of elevation, at least compared to the surrounding landscape. Photos taken 12/26/10.
U.S. 24 crosses into Huntington County (population 37,124) and starts to enter the Fort Wayne metropolitan area. Photo taken 12/26/10.


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