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U.S. 25 originates along Georgia's Golden Isles at U.S. 17 east of Downtown Brunswick. The first of several overlaps for U.S. 25 in the Peach State leads northwest along side U.S. 341 for 38.78 miles to U.S. 301 at Jesup.

U.S. 25 bypasses Jesup along side U.S. 301 from U.S. 341 (Golden Isles Parkway) to N 1st Street. AASHTO approved the realignment of U.S. 25 and U.S. 301 onto the 2.4 mile long controlled access highway on June 30, 1970. The two routes combine with U.S. 84 northeast to Ludowici, where they turn northwest to Glennville.

The 71.58 mile long concurrency with U.S. 301 leads U.S. 25 north to Claxton and Statesboro. The two split at U.S. 301 at U.S. 80 north of Downtown Statesboro while U.S. 25 Bypass and U.S. 301 Bypass encircle the west and east sides of the city respectively. Leaving Statesboro, U.S. 25 merges with U.S. 80 north for 6.53 miles.

The first independent section of U.S. 25 branches north from U.S. 80, 21.85 miles to SR 17 in Millen. Continuing from there, U.S. 25 travels to Waynesboro, where it splits with a 5.67 mile branch of U.S. 25 Bypass.

Entering Richmond County and the city of Augusta, U.S. 25 passes through the south suburbs to Interstate 520 (Bobby Jones Expressway). Transitioning into a commercial arterial, U.S. 25 follows Peach Orchard Road 2.6 miles north to a trumpet interchange with U.S. 1-78-278 (Gordon Highway). U.S. 25 overlaps with the three routes for 4.14 miles to the South Carolina state line across the Savannah River.

U.S. 25 U.S. 341 State Route 27 North

U.S. 25 combines with U.S. 341/SR 27 north along Bay Street two and a half blocks from Gloucester Street to Newcastle Street.
U.S. 25 U.S. 301 State Route 23 State Route 57 North

U.S. 25/301 split with SR 23/57 at SR 144 (Barnard Street) in Downtown Glenville. SR 73 accompanies the two highways along the ensuing stretch 38.43 miles north to Statesboro.
U.S. 25 U.S. 301 State Route 67 State Route 73 North

SR 67 combines with U.S. 25/301-SR 73 for 1.12 miles north along Main Street through Downtown Statesboro. SR 67 represents the counterpart of U.S. 25 north to SR 121 in Jenkins County. U.S. 25/80 overlap to the west while U.S. 301 continues north to Sylvania.

U.S. 25 U.S. 341 State Route 27 South

U.S. 25 splits with U.S. 341 south along Gloucester Street (SR 25 Connector) east 1.12 miles to U.S. 17. U.S. 341/SR 27 remains along Bay Street south to Prince Street, where they dog leg east to Newcastle Street en route to U.S. 17 in 1.99 miles.
U.S. 25 State Route 25 Connector South

U.S. 25/SR 25 Connector intersect Newcastle Street just east of U.S. 341 (Bay Street) in Downtown Brunswick.

Southbound reassurance shield posted at Norwich Street. Further north, Norwich Street is a part of U.S. 25/341 from a wye interchange with Newcastle Street to SR 303 (Blythe Island Highway).

The succeeding traffic light along U.S. 25/SR 25 Connector (Gloucester Street) southbound is at Martin Luther King, Jr. Boulevard.

U.S. 25 concludes at U.S. 17/SR 25 (Glyn Avenue) beside Howard Coffin Park and Marshes of Glynn Park. U.S. 17 runs along the east side of the Brunswick peninsula to the Sidney Lanier Bridge spanning the Intracoastal Waterway.

U.S. 17 connects with F.J. Torras Causeway east to St. Simons Island a short distance north of U.S. 25 en route to Darien.

    Connect with:
    Interstate 16
    Interstate 95
    Interstate 520 - Bobby Jones Expressway
    U.S. 1
    U.S. 17
    U.S. 78
    U.S. 80
    U.S. 84
    U.S. 341

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