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Traveling 140 miles, U.S. 25 enters the Palmetto State at North Augusta with U.S. 1, 78 and 278 across the 5th Street Bridge over the Savannah River. The route proceeds northeast to meet Interstate 20 adjacent to the east end of I-520. North from there, and along side South Carolina 121, U.S. 25 heads toward Trenton.

U.S. 25 joins the county seats of Edgefield, Greenfield and Greensboro. As the route approaches the Greenwood area, it expands into a four-lane highway. Greenwood sees a business loop for U.S. 25 as the mainline encircles the city along an arterial-bypass.

A third business loop for U.S. 25 existed in Greenville, where U.S. 25 Bypass stayed to the west along White Horse Road and the business route continued Augusta Road into central parts of the city. The Bypass route later became the U.S. 25 mainline, which exists as a commercial or industrial arterial through White Horse and Berea, built-up suburbs outside the Greenville city limits.

U.S. 25 and 276 come together briefly between two wye interchanges in the town of Travelers Rest. The collection point marks the separation for Upstate South Carolina travelers headed for Hendersonville, North Carolina via U.S. 25 north or Caesars Head and Brevard, NC via U.S. 276. U.S. 25 transitions into a four-lane divided highway for the majority of its remaining journey to the state line, where it upgrades into a full freeway to Interstate 26 at East Flat Rock.

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Cutout shields formerly posted along S.C. 10 (Maxwell Avenue) east ahead of its end at U.S. 25 Business & 178 Business (Main Street) in downtown Greenwood. These were taken down in 2004 and not replaced.
U.S. 25 shifted to an eastern bypass of Greenwood by 1969. 03/27/04
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2 photos
U.S. 25 shifted from a mountainous two lane route to a four-lane expressway leading south from Tuxedo, NC to Lima in 1973. The old roadway remains in service through Chestnut Springs, east of U.S. 25. Posted at the state line until 2011 was a vintage welcome sign for South Carolina along Old U.S. 25 as it enters Greenville County between Vance and Posey Mountains. 09/02/10

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