U.S. 27 South
Immediately south of the Georgia state line at Darsey, U.S. 27 (Florida Georgia Highway) ties into both Darsey Calvary Road north and Gadsden County Road 157 (Concord Bainbridge Road) south. Darsey Calvary Road becomes Georgia 111 north en route to Reno and Cairo. 05/02/09
A welcome to Florida sign stands at the intersection with Darsey Calvary Road north to CR 157 (Concord Bainbridge Road) south. County Road 157 ventures 6.69 miles south through Concord to CR 153 ahead between Rich Bay and the Ochlockonee River. 12/31/06
Gadsden County Road 12B (Glades Road) heads east 1.84 miles from U.S. 27 (Florida Georgia Highway) to County Road 12 (Fairbanks Ferry Road), west of Concord. 05/02/09
County Road 159A (Coastal Lumber Road) provides a cutoff west from U.S. 27 to County Road 159 (Salem Road). 05/02/09
Southbound U.S. 27 at CR 159A west. CR 159A travels 1.44 miles to CR 159; CR 159 meanders northwest from Havana to Dogtown and the state line where Georgia 309 begins. 05/02/09
Continuing south, U.S. 27 (Florida Georgia Highway) travels through the settlement of Hinson on the outskirts of Havana. 12/31/06
All trucks along U.S. 27 are directed to use the left lane through the Havana town limits. 12/31/06
U.S. 27 formally enters the town of Havana between Washington Avenue and Country Club Drive. Havana was settled in 1902 after completion of the Georgia, Florida and Alabama Railroad line. The town grew as a center for shade tobacco, the staple crop of the area, leading to incorporation on December 5, 1906. 1,754 called the community home as of the 2010 census. 05/02/09
U.S. 27 winds southward through Havana along Main Street. Meeting the four lane route ahead is County Road 12 (5th Avenue East). 05/02/09
Gadsden County Road 12 (5th Avenue East) heads 10.59 miles east from Havana to Leon County Road 155 (Meridian Road) north of Lake Iamonia. A subsequent section of the county road extends the route east to U.S. 319 at Iamonia. 12/31/06
Approaching Downtown Havana, U.S. 27 (Main Street) narrows for three blocks between 6th and 9th Avenues. 05/02/09
The first traffic light along U.S. 27 south in Florida operates at 7th Avenue in the heart of Havana. 12/31/06
County Road 12A (9th Avenue East) west and State Road 12 (9th Avenue West) east come together at U.S. 27 at the next signal. 12/31/06
SR 12 concludes a 40.11 mile route east from SR 20 in Bristol at U.S. 27 (Main Street) in Havana. 12/31/06
Gadsden County Road 12A extends east from the end of SR 12, 3.16 miles to Gadsden County Road 157. 12/31/06
West from U.S. 27, SR 12 ventures 11.13 miles to combine with U.S. 90 within the county seat of Quincy. The two routes overlap west from there into Gretna. 05/02/09
U.S. 27 regains a median as it departs from the intersection with 9th Avenue. 05/02/09
State Road 159 constitutes a 0.45 mile cutoff linking U.S. 27 (Main Street) and SR 12 (9th Avenue West) on the west side of Havana. 12/31/06
U.S. 27 curves westward as it exits the town of Havana south of SR 159. 11/26/14
Leading away from Havana, drivers along U.S. 27 reach Downtown Tallahassee in 16 miles. Perry, where U.S. 27 splits with U.S. 19 south in Taylor County, represents a main destination city for U.S. 19, U.S. 27 and U.S. 98 throughout the region. 11/26/14
The southern branch of Gadsden County Road 159 stems southwest from U.S. 27, 12.72 miles to U.S. 90 and CR 268 at Midway. 11/26/14
CR 159 (Scotland Road) travels a rural route to Scotland, where it briefly overlaps with CR 270. 11/26/14
U.S. 27 kinks eastward from CR 159. 11/26/14
Gadsden County Road 270 (Shady Rest Road) arcs east from CR 159 and Scotland to end at U.S. 27. 11/26/14
The eastern branch of County Road 270 runs 6.51 miles west to SR 12 at Shady Rest. A second section links CR 65 and 161 north of Quincy. 05/02/09
Continuing southward from CR 270 on U.S. 27 toward the Ochlockonee River. 11/26/14
U.S. 27 dips to below 100 feet in elevation ahead of the Ochlockonee River. The Ochlockonee River originates a 206 mile course in Gordy, Georgia. The river's mouth is Ochlockonee Bay near Surf in Franklin County. 11/26/14
The Ochlockonee River separates Gadsden and Leon Counties southward from the Georgia state line to Bloxham on Lake Talquin. 11/26/14
A welcome to Leon County sign follows as U.S. 27 advances southward along Monroe Street toward the state capitol. 11/26/14
Meeting U.S. 27 (North Monroe Street) next is the north end of SR 263 (Capital Circle NW) and the northbound continuation of Leon County Road 0361 (Old Bainbridge Road). 11/26/14
State Road 263 (Capital Circle) encircles the west and southwest side of Tallahassee along a 15.08 mile route to State Road 363 (Woodville Highway). The at-grade beltway serves Tallahassee Regional Airport (TLH) in ten miles. 11/26/14
County Road 0361 follows Old Bainbridge Road north from U.S. 27 and SR 263 (Capital Circle NW) to the Gadsden County line, where County Road 153 takes over on the drive northwest to Havana. A second section of CR 0361 continues Old Bainbridge Road southeast 7.10 miles from Capital Circle to Brevard Street outside Downtown Tallahassee. 11/26/14
SR 263 runs southward from U.S. 27 directly to Intestate 10 (Exit 196) as a two lane roadway. Further south Capital Circle expands into a commercial arterial with six overall lanes as part of a bypass route to U.S. 319 south for Crawfordville and Wakulla County. 11/26/14
Entering the intersection with SR 263 (Capital Circle NE) south and Leon County Road 0361 (Old Bainbridge Road) north on U.S. 27 (North Monroe Street) south. CR 0361 splits from SR 263 south in a half mile as a residential through route southeast into the city limits of Tallahassee. 11/26/14
Leading southeast from SR 263, U.S. 27 (North Monroe Street) travels a causeway across western reaches of Lake Jackson. Downtown lies eight miles to the southeast. 05/02/09
Perkins Road links U.S. 27 with parallel Old Bainbridge Road (CR 0361) across from Faulk Drive east to the Lake Jackson Heights neighborhood. 05/02/09
Fred George Road (CR 0356) forms a multi-lane parkway southwest from U.S. 27 at Crowder Road to St. Louis Church Way. 05/02/09
Leon County Road 0356 lines Fred George Road 2.20 miles west from U.S. 27 to SR 263 (Capital Circle NW). A 0.25 mile branch of CR 0356 runs along St. Louis Church Way nearby as the old alignment of Fred George Road before the street was extended northeast to U.S. 27. 05/02/09
A six-ramp parclo interchange joins U.S. 27 (North Monroe Street) with Interstate 10. This exchange was reconfigured to improve the ramp curvature during the 2006-08 expansion project of I-10 through Tallahassee. 12/31/06
An array of traveler services line U.S. 27 within the vicinity of Interstate 10. This reassurance marker stands at Callaway Road just beyond the freeway. 05/02/09
A second signalized intersection quickly slows traffic along U.S. 27 (Monroe Street) southbound at Lake Shore Drive. Lake Shore Drive doubles as the unsigned route of Leon County Road 63A northward to Ford's Arm of Lake Jackson. CR 63A loops northward through residential areas before turning east to CR 155 (Meridian Road) near its over crossing of Interstate 10. 12/31/06
Monroe Street through north Tallahassee represents a typical Florida commercial arterial. Here U.S. 27 sinks toward the Tallahassee Mall with four overall lanes. 11/20/14
Sharer Road dog legs east and north by Sugar Creek Village Shopping Center from this signal on U.S. 27 to CR 63A (Lake Shore Drive North) near Lake Jackson. 11/20/14
Allen Road leads southward from Fulton and Sharer Roads to U.S. 27 (Monroe Street) at Tallahassee Mall. 11/20/14
Southbound motorists next encounter the signalized intersection with John Knox Road east and Monticello Drive south. Monticello Drive links U.S. 27 (Monroe Street) with Leon County Road 158 (Tharpe Street) near Levy Park. John Knox Road comprises a multi-lane arterial eastward from Tallahassee Mall to Trousdell Park and SR 155 (Meridian Road). 11/20/14
Martin Luther King, Jr. Boulevard north and Bradford Road west come together at the following signal along U.S. 27 south. MLK Boulevard south links U.S. 27 with Bronough Street south as an alternate route to Downtown. 11/20/14
Northwood Boulevard provides a cutoff west from U.S. 27 to MLK Boulevard at Northwood Centre shopping plaza. 11/20/14
Meeting U.S. 27 (Monroe Street) south next is Leon County Road 158 (Tharpe Street). CR 158 stems west along Tharpe Street 4.74 miles to SR 263 (Capital Circle Northwest). 11/20/14
Tharpe Street (County Road 158) west consists of a four lane arterial from Monroe Street to Godby High School at Ocala Road. Tharpe Street east continues a short distance to SR 155 (Meridian Road) as a former extension of CR 158. 11/20/14
Tallahassee's numbered avenues line up south of Tharpe Street and north of Brevard Street. U.S. 27 passes Lake Ella Park ahead of 7th Avenue as Monroe Street turns due south on the approach to Downtown Tallahassee. 11/20/14
Southbound U.S. 27 (Monroe Street) at 6th Avenue. Adams Street, one block to the west, separates east and west avenues through Midtown Tallahassee. 11/20/14
While U.S. 27 continues with commercialized frontage, nearby streets directly enter residential areas. Pictured here is the signalized intersection with 5th Avenue. 11/20/14
Third Avenue provides the movement from U.S. 27 (Monroe Street) south onto SR 61 (Thomasville Road) north. Thomasville Road leads northeast to Interstate 10 and U.S. 319 (Capital Circle NE) for Bradfordville and the growing northeastern suburbs. 11/20/14
SR 61 (Thomasville Road) south merges with U.S. 27 (Monroe Street) ahead of the short 1st Avenue. SR 63 ends here as SR 61 takes over as the state road companion of U.S. 27 to Apalachee Parkway (unsigned SR 20). 11/20/14
U.S. 27 southbound reassurance marker posted after 1st Avenue. SR 61 follows Monroe Street south to emerge as a solo route beyond Apalachee Parkway to Paul Russell Road (SR 363). 11/20/14
Monroe Street southbound at Virginia Street. Virginia Street heads east to the Meridian Street split with Miccosukee Road. Miccosukee Road doubles as County Road 146 northeast on its course to Tallahassee Memorial Hospital. 11/20/14
A reassurance marker for U.S. 27 south posted after U.S. 90 was taken down due to construction of a new hotel between Tennessee and Call Streets. The Tennyson condos rises along the east side of Monroe Street on this block. 11/20/14
Park Avenue comprises a divided parkway between Dr. Martin Luther King Jr. Boulevard and Meridian Street. A linear park between the two travel lanes encompasses seven separate parks. Park Avenue also serves a historic district that is home to the Knott House Museum, the Tallahassee Chamber of Commerce and the Leon Collins Public Library. 11/20/14
State Road 366 between U.S. 27 and SR 371 (Lake Bradford Road) was turned back to the city of Tallahassee after mid-2000s reconstruction of area roads surrounding Doak Campbell Stadium on the FSU Campus. The state road previous ran west along Jefferson and Pensacola Streets to Stadium Drive. Eastbound utilized St. Augustine Street one block to the south. 11/20/14
U.S. 27 South
One block removed from SR 61, U.S. 27 (Apalachee Parkway) intersects Calhoun Street. Calhoun Street south to Gaines Street (CR 1555) and north to Thomasville Road (SR 61) doubles as the 1.10 mile long CR 1559. 12/11/07
U.S. 27 (Apalachee Parkway) lowers around 80 feet in elevation from the state capitol to pass over both Gadsden Street (CR 1557) and Franklin Boulevard. 12/11/07
An on-ramp joins U.S. 27 south from adjacent Lafayette Street (CR 2196) ahead of a CSX Railroad overpass. A slip ramp follows onto the Apalachee Parkway eastbound service road, which lines U.S. 27 east to Governor's Square Mall. 12/11/07
Broward Street south and Myers Park Drive north at the following intersection. 12/11/07
Continuing east, U.S. 27 (Apalachee Parkway) enters the commercialized intersection with Magnolia Drive. Magnolia Drive arcs southwest to SR 61 (Monroe Street) as the former alignment of County Road 265. 12/11/07
Motorists bound for Magnolia Drive (old CR 265) south to Indian Head Acres, Country Club Park and Florida A & M University are directed onto the eastbound service road to make the turn. 12/11/07
The slip ramp for the Apalachee Parkway service road also serves the adjacent Parkway Center shopping center. Right turns at forthcoming Magnolia Road are otherwise prohibited. 12/11/07
North from U.S. 27, Magnolia Drive is a part of State Road 265 to Tallahassee Memorial Health Care Hospital. 12/11/07
SR 265 goes north for 1.43 miles to become County Road 151 along Centerville Road. 12/11/07
Advancing east, U.S. 27 (Apalachee Parkway) passes by Governor's Square Mall. 12/11/07
Parallel Lafayette Street (CR 2196) transitions into Old St. Augustine Road east to the south of Governor's Square Mall. 12/11/07
A signalized intersection joins U.S. 27 and an access road to adjacent Lafayette Street (SR 2196) west and Old St. Augustine Road east opposite the entrance to Governor's Square Mall. 12/11/07
Blair Stone Road crosses paths with U.S. 27 along the east side of the mall. The north-south boulevard was extended from Park Avenue north to Centerville Road (CR 151) in the mid 2000s. 12/11/07
South from U.S. 27 (Apalachee Parkway), Blair Stone Road carries the designation of Leon County Road 373, 1.34 miles to Orange Avenue. There CR 373 turns west along Orange Avenue to SR 61 and SR 373. 12/11/07
Richardson Road provides one of two routes to the Camelot Park subdivision between U.S. 27 and Park Avenue. 12/11/07
Executive Center Drive comprises a divided access road joining Apalachee Parkway with Koger Center office park on the south side of U.S. 27. 12/11/07
Richview Road heads north to Park Avenue as a residential through road. 12/11/07
Nearing the commercialized junction with U.S. 319 (Capital Circle) on U.S. 27 (Apalachee Parkway) south. U.S. 319 encircles the east side of Tallahassee from Crawfordville Highway (SR 61) to Thomasville Road (SR 61) along an at-grade beltway. 12/11/07
A 318 mile route from Eastpoint in Franklin County and Wadley, Georgia, U.S. 319 joins the capital city with Crawfordville and Wakulla to the south and Bradfordville and Thomasville, Georgia to the north. 12/11/07
Reassurance marker posted for U.S. 27 south after U.S. 319 (Capital Circle). 12/11/07
Sutor Road heads north from U.S. 27 to Trojan Trail and Lincoln High School. 12/11/07
Conner Boulevard arcs northwest from U.S. 27 to the Piney Z neighborhood and Tom Brown Park to become Park Avenue west of U.S. 319. 12/11/07
Progressing beyond the Tallahassee city limits, U.S. 27 gradually becomes more rural, passing by a handful of newer subdivisions and rural residential streets to the south of Lower Lake Lafayette. 12/11/07
Leon County Road 2197 (Williams Road) forms an L-shaped route south and east from U.S. 27 (Apalachee Parkway) to County Road 2195 (W.W. Kelly Road). 12/11/07
County Road 2195 (W.W. Kelly Road) north and County Road 1543 (Chaires Cross Road) south come together to end at U.S. 27 at Chaires Crossing. CR 1543 dog legs north to Chaires as part of a 5.20 mile route to U.S. 90. W.W. Kelly Road carries CR 2195 south 7.30 miles to Rose. 12/11/07
Old St. Augustine Road formerly ended at U.S. 27 just east of CR 2195 and 1543. The road was permanently closed between W.W. Kelly Road and this reassurance marker. 12/11/07
Speed limits increase to 65 miles per hour ahead of the St. Marks River along U.S. 27 (Apalachee Parkway) south. 12/11/07
0.7 miles east of the Jefferson County line, U.S. 27 crosses Burnt Mill Creek on bridges built in 1954 and 1964. 12/11/07
U.S. 27 rolls eastward from Burnt Mill Creek alongside a power line corridor. 12/11/07
Southbound travelers next approach the rural crossroads with SR 59. Interests to Interstate 10 can take SR 59 north to Exit 217. 12/11/07
State Road 59 follows a rural route north to Lloyd and U.S. 90 in eastern Leon County. 12/11/07
Heading south from U.S. 27, SR 59 angles eastward to Wacissa before turning back to the west along Aucilla Wildlife Management Area. The 25.81 mile route ends at U.S. 98 near Featherbed Bay. 12/11/07

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