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U.S. 27BU/SR 1BU through Bainbridge in Southwest Georgia constitutes a 6.92 mile long route north and east from U.S. 27. The bannered route extends north from the diamond interchange joining U.S. 27 (Tallahassee Highway) with U.S. 84/SR 97 along the Bainbridge Bypass west. U.S. 27BU/SR 1BU overtake Scott Street north to U.S. 84BU/SR 38BU along Shotwell Street. The four routes combine west four blocks to Broad Street and Downtown Bainbridge.

U.S. 84BU/SR 38BU remains along Shotwell Street west to U.S. 27/84 at Old Quincy Road (former SR 97 Connector) while U.S. 27BU/SR 1BU line Broad Street north 0.36 miles to SR 311 (Calhoun Street). Broad Street was formerly also a part of SR 97 and SR 309; both were relocated away from Downtown in 2020.

Turning west onto Calhoun Street, U.S. 27BU/SR 1BU advance across the Flint River along Dothan Road. The four lane boulevard continues through an industrial area at West Bainbridge, briefly overlapping with SR 253. The business route concludes where U.S. 84 splits with U.S. 27 north from the Bainbridge Bypass.

U.S. 27 Business State Route 1 Business North
U.S. 27BU/SR 1BU (Dothan Road) intersect SR 253 (Newton Road) just north of the Flint River. The two overlap briefly west to Spring Creek Road. 05/02/09
U.S. 27BU proceeds west to U.S. 27/84 at the north end of the Bainbridge Bypass. SR 253 also meets the freeway just to the south. 05/02/09
U.S. 27 Business State Route 1 Business South
U.S. 27BU/SR 1BU separate from U.S. 27 south at the diamond interchange with U.S. 84/SR 38 west. 02/12/06
U.S. 27BU overtakes Dothan Road east from U.S. 84. U.S. 84 accompanies U.S. 27 on the freeway bypass around Bainbridge. 02/12/06
U.S. 27BU (Dothan Road) south at the northbound entrance ramp connecting U.S. 84 east with U.S. 27 to Colquitt. 02/12/06
U.S. 27BU/SR 1BU (Dothan Road) proceed 0.56 miles east from U.S. 27/84 to SR 253 (Spring Creek Road). SR 253 travels west from Bainbridge to Seminole State Park and Lake Seminole. 02/12/06
SR 253 combines with U.S. 27 Business for 0.38 miles through West Bainbridge. The state route continues north, paralleling the Flint River to SR 91 in western Baker County. 02/12/06
U.S. 27BU/SR 1BU (Dothan Road) cross the Flint River ahead of Downtown Bainbridge. 02/12/06
Transitioning onto Calhoun Street, U.S. 27BU approaches the south end of SR 311 and N Broad Street. SR 97/309 were rerouted out of Downtown by 2020. 02/12/06
SR 311 was extended 0.7 miles southwest from Vada Road over SR 97/309 to connect with U.S. 27BU at Broad Street. 02/12/06

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